Colour Pop Haul : September 2018

Yes you are seeing that correctly! I placed another order on

They were running a special with buy one get one free Super Shock Shadow’s with also new shades! How could I not make an order!? Especially when free shipping only takes $30! Lets get into what I ordered!


I should mention I also picked up a couple of items that were on last call clearance. I will touch on those first!

Pressed Powder Highlight in Taffy

Like I said this was in the last call section and was on sale. I couldn’t resist picking this up with the beautiful peachy pink color and the soft golden shimmer. I wasn’t sure how this would show up on my skin but thought if anything it would be a nice blush topper. To my surprise I actually can use it as a highlighter very lightly and without it looking crazy! This has be beautiful during the summer and looks great on top of blush as well.

Ultra Satin Lip in Canoodle

Such a pretty, pretty shade. This is just dark enough to not be an everyday shade for me but it’s the prefect transition shade into the fall and dark lips. The satin formula is one of my favorites and wears so nicely and comfortably. I am just now starting to break this out and wear this as I transition into the fall make up.

Now for the some Super Shock Shadows!

All of these were new shades and I think a couple of them were limited edition but I can’t remember-I will link the ones I can!

Force Behavior- Ultra Glitter

This one must have been limited edition or sold out because I cannot find it on the website. It is a very pretty neutral glitter shade with a soft rosey/champagne hue and lots of gold and champagne glitter! A staple in any collection!

Fringe-Ultra Glitter

This is another stunning lid shade that has that pretty soft champagne gold color. I love these for an all over the lid color and really just adding sparkle to any look. This one is just a stunning everyday for me!

Polly- Ultra Glitter

This one is still in stock! Finally! This is a stunning pink shade and my swatch really doesn’t do it justice! I love the peachy pink color and there is a lot of pink and gold glitter in this one as well. This reminds me a lot of an older shade that I have in my collection that I can’t think of the name on. A really beautiful pink shade!

Paisley – Ultra Glitter

This is a more sheer formula. The color is an golden ivory with champagne and pink glitter. I really like this shade because it adds a lot shimmer and glitter with out too much pigment which is nice to add on top of other shadows. This is also really nice for a highlight as well.

Twitterpated- Ultra Glitter

This was probably one of the shades I was most excited for because it’s everything I love to put on my eyes! This is that perfect pink and gold shade that makes your lids a nice soft rose gold hue. I have been using this so much since I got it and I absolutely love how stunning this comes off on the eyes! This is a must for any collection!

6 AM- Metalic

This one I believe was limited edition and out side of my comfort zone quite a bit. I’m not normally a bright orange wearer but this is really pretty. When I saw it online I was drawn to it because of the golden flip it had and I think this will be really beautiful for the fall and then again to bring in a pop of color in the spring time!

Ladybird – Ultra Glitter

I am in love with this shade! And to top it off they sent me two by accident so I won’t run out any time soon! This is a stunning ivory shade with lots of silver glitter in it and makes it the most perfect bright pop of shimmer on the lids. It’s one of those shades that I will be using a lot of!

Six In The City- Ultra Metallic

I believe this was another limited edition shade that doesn’t show up on the website any more but I absolutely love it! The swatch photo doesn’t show how truly metallic this shade it but it’s a very pretty rosey pink with gold flip to it. This one is similar to Twitterpated but more on the metallic side rather than the glitter side. This is another one of my favorites! This one did get sent to me separately from the other shadows because the original shade that was sent out to me was the wrong one which I will put photo’s of below. The nice thing was Colour Pop was on it and sent me out the correct shade right away which I appreciated! So I basically got 2 additional free shadows which I’m not complaining about and the additional shade which I don’t know the actual name of is super fun and will be definitely something that puts me out of my comfort zone!

I think I will use this during the holiday’s and love it!

That wraps up my ColourPop haul for September! I am excited to see what they come out with for the fall season and I know I will most likely be submitting another order soon because I am running low on my foundation because it’s become my everyday foundation.

I hope you enjoy this and let me know if you have gotten anything recently from ColourPop!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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