Posh Mark Haul : September 2018

I am so excited to bring up another Posh Mark haul for you all! If you haven’t had a chance to check our Posh Mark you need to! It’s an incredible sight to find all kinds of great deals on! Over the last couple months I have found a few of these great deals and wanted to share with you all again! I’ll also leave the link to my 1st Posh Mark haul here– so you can check out about how it works and all of that good stuff!

This month I got another two sets of shoes!

First up are these Steve Madden’s! Yes that’s right I got another pair of Steve Madden shoes at a fraction of the price! These were never worn. They were significantly discounted do to a chunk out of inside right heel. It’s about a dime size chunk but when you are wearing them you would have to point it our for someone to notice. I got these adorable shoes for $30.49 including shipping. Incredible right! The thing I love about Posh Mark is you can find those pieces you need for an outfit at a great price. I bought these because I have a really cute camel colored vest that would match so well with these for the fall season! I’m just so excited to have another pair of Steve Madden’s!

The second set of shoes I got this round are these super cute and simple navy blue Lauren Conrad heels. I got these for $21.99 including discounted shipping. I have been looking for a cute pair of navy heels for a few outfits that really needed matching shoes! I normally wear black but sometimes it’s just throws off the whole look so I have been trying to find some cute navy shoes. These are the ones I stumbled upon first and I really like them. The heel is slightly higher than I normally go for but I do really like them. The toes strap fits comfortably as does the ankle strap.

When I have an outfit idea in my head I always try to find great pieces to make it come true. This shirt I was getting to go under my camel vest with the Steve Madden pumps listed about. Now when I saw it online I loved it…when I put it on I’m not totally sold just yet but I think it’s a matter of getting it to sit right on my shoulders. I was draw a lot to the bell sleeves which I am totally a fan of and that are really trending right now. This top is Eloquii and  was new, never worn with tags still and I only paid $20 including shipping. Another steal that I am so proud of! I do like the stretch this top has and the bright white but getting the right fit will be an adjustment.

This next top I bought was a dress coat. I was looking at different blazers and sweaters and stumbled upon this adorable pink dress coat from Dress Barn. I loved the black piping along the front and the fit of the shorter sleeve. This jacket is really nice to put on top of any of my work outfit. And I really like how comfortable it is! I got this jacket for $12.99 including discounted shipping which was a win in my book! I really love finding all of these fun pieces to add to my wardrobe and create fun outfits!


And with that I conclude my second Posh Mark Haul! I am hoping one day soon I can share with you an awesome designer bag as I have had my eye on a few of them! Like I said above if you haven’t had a chance to check out Posh Mark  you really should! It’s an incredible site to get some amazing deals!

Until the next haul!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye on what might be up around the curve!

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