Morphe Haul Pt.2 : September 2018

Alright who is ready for Part 2 of our Morphe Haul?

So to my surprise just after Jaclyn Hill and Morphe announced the launch of the Vault collection palettes they also came out with the Master Collection Brush set!


Yes my heart skipped a beat and I almost passed out!

Yes I probably don’t need any more brushes and yes this might seem excessive to add to my collection but I honestly couldn’t resist! These brushes are beautiful and honestly this just helps so I’m not having to wash brushes every week!

So for this collection there were three options:

  • The Master Collection – 24 brushes for $165
  • The Master Face Collection- 5 face brushes for $58
  • The Master Eye Collection- 8 eye brushes for $48

There was also the option to buy the glitter carrying cases separately. But as you can imagine these sold out quickly as the quantity was limited.

I got the full collection along with a few other items on my wish list. So lets dive right in!


Can we just have a moment for this brush holder?…

If you are a sparkle lover like I am then you are having my same reaction! This set is incredible!

They also came in really nice and protected packaging.


Now lets take a look at the brushes!


We’ll start with the face brushes as these are the bigger brushes and have the most difference to them.



JH 01

This first brush is a huge powder brush! I love how fluffy this one is and how soft it feels. This brush is similar to one that they have in the Elite collection. I love to use this for dusting powder all over my face, dusting off excess powder or blending all of my powders on my face together. These big fat brushes are some of my favorites!




JH 02

I’m pretty sure I have a similar brush from Morphe like this one but it’s still a fantastic bronzer brush. The nice thing about this one is that not only is it slightly tapered it also is big and diffuses bronzer nicely around the face.




JH 03

I love that this set came with a foundation brush- even though it’s similar to the Morphe M439 this one is a little bit longer bristles. I normally am not the type to apply my foundation with a brush but this one is really nice to use for foundation.




JH 04

I love to use this brush for blush! It’s got a nice angle to it on the end that makes it really nice for sweeping color onto the cheeks.




JH 05

This brush is one that Jaclyn put a lot of time and effort into developing and she say’s it’s the perfect contour brush. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet for that but it is a really nice brush, soft and compact. In the photo it looks more compact just because I have just taken it out of the package and I hadn’t had a chance to fluff it out. I am excited to give this a go.



JH 06

Now this brush is a different one for me. I need to re-watch Jaclyn’s video to remember the exact use for this one but I’m not sure what exactly I will use it for just yet. This is a really nice brush with a flexible tapered end to it.




JH 07

Boujie! This brush is what I like to call the boujie brush because it’s made specifically to sweep away back from under the eyes. Now I’m sure it can be used for anything else but for what it was created for  I just giggle at because that’s just an extra brush that isn’t totally necessary. But I’ll use it anyway!



JH 08

This cute little thing is the smaller version of the JH 03 foundation brush and is really nice for blending out concealer if your looking for a brush to do that. I personally love using a sponge but this is a really nice option as well!




JH 09

AHHH! The coveted highlighter brush! This is the exact brush as the Morphe M510, just labeled in her collection. And honestly when a brush is as great as this there’s not need to change it! I would have been shocked if she hadn’t added this one to her collection! I am so in love with this highlighting brush this is the 3rd one I will own.



JH 10

A unique brush for sure this one is really nice for cleaning up contour with loose powder, contour the nose, and as Jaclyn uses it to help keep eyeshadow where you want it without ruining your foundation!





All of these face brushes are really high quality and easy to use. I love adding face brushes to my collection from sets like these because most often it’s far more expensive to buy them individually or on their own than it is to buy the full set.

Now for the eye brushes!


With these I can break them into three groups-blending, pencil and definer brushes.

Top L-JH30 and JH31 below; Top R-JH32; Bottom L-JH33; Bottom R-JH34 and JH 35 below.

The blending brushes are probably my favorite. Jaclyn is a really big fan of natural hair when it comes to blending out eyeshadow and I have found that these brushes really pack on pigment and make for a beautiful blown out smoky eye. Each of these provides a different job but I really love each of them. I really like that some of these are made with longer bristles because it makes for a super blown out look!

Top L- JH36; Top R-JH37; Center-JH38; Bottom L-JH39; Bottom R-JH40

This group of pencil brushes offered some additions to my collection that I haven’t tried before. Jaclyn uses these a lot to either be precise or to smoke out the lower lash line. I personally haven’t been very adventurous with my bottom lash line just because it’s not a technique that I am particularly comfortable with but my goal with these new tools is try it out more often and really see what I can do to accomplish a fun blown out smoky eye look! That and now I can start adding more pops of color on my lower lash line!

Left- JH41; Top R-JH42; Bottom R- JH 43

The final three brushes in the eye brushes are what I would like to call the definers of the set. The JH 41 is created very similar to the Mac 242 which is a cult favorite for packing shadow on the lid, and I do have to say it’s super nice and really packs the color on! The JH 42 is a really small flat shader that is super nice for highlighting the inner corners or highlight the brow bone. The petite nature of this brush really makes it fit nicely in the inner corners and all of those tight places for detail work. The final brush in the collection is the JH43 which is a flat definer brush. This one is really nice for adding color the lash line both upper and lower or making any kind of defined line.

Over all this collection would be great for any one who is looking for a high quality set of brushes that will take care of every aspect of the make up journey. I know I will get use out of each and every one of these brushes and I am excited to continue to use this whole set! I highly recommend Morphe brushes as they are really nice and this set not only covers everything but is super pretty to look at!

Now while I was making an order I decided to add a few extra items I had been wanting to try so I thought I would share those extras with you all!

I have heard rave reviews about these sponges so I decided to finally give them a try. These sponges are only $7 each which is a big difference from the $20 for a beauty blender. I have been using these since I got them and I love them! They get pretty big with water and make for super easy make up application! I have loved using both of them! I have found the darker one is my favorite for foundation because it allows for more surface coverage! But I really love both of these and they don’t seem to soak up a lot of product. I will be buying more of these in the future!



Another item I have wanted to try out for some time is one of their brush cleaning solids partly because I’ve wanted to see how well it works and partly because I am out of my Sigma brush cleaner. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and really give this a shot but it smells amazing! It has the most soft sweet coconut smell that I have been loving!




And of course the final item I got was another continuous setting spray mist. I absolutely love this stuff ! If you haven’t tried it yet now is as good a time as any to jump on the ban wagon! It’s incredible!




And with that I conclude my Morphe Haul Pt. 2. I really love this brush collection and everything I got in in this shipment! I always love adding to my collection and getting high quality items that I know will last! I hope you enjoyed this part two of my haul!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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