Yes, Oh Yas! : September 2018

Yes, Oh Yas! is a new monthly subscription box ! They offer 3-7 full size products each month for $14.99 plus $3.99 shipping. This box allows you to discover new make up and beauty brands.

Yes, Oh Yas! actually reached out to me to become an affiliate for their subscription box.  They did give me a code to share with you all for 10% off you first box.


I will always keep my opinions on the products honest, true and my own.

So lets get into this months box!



This month was themed “Believe in Unicorns”! All based on Naked Cosmetics palette.

Naked Cosmetics Holographic Highlighter                                   Retail Price $39.99

A fun palette yes. Worth the price tag no. And actually the price on the card in the box was listed as less than this so that’s a good start to this box! I do think this is a fun palette but this isn’t practical. I think it’ll be fun to create looks for Halloween which is coming up and festival season but that’s over. One thing that did surprise me was on line the photos of this palette made it seem a lot bigger than it actually is. I was thinking these were really big pan sizes and a good amount of product for the price but I was mistaken. The formula on these is really nice and the shades are very blinding-great highlights. I just don’t think this is realistic.

Chella Beauty; Matte Lipstick; Shade Wodrous Wine                                        Retail Price $20

Holy MINT! This lip pencil has such a potent mint scent it’s so difficult to look past it and see that this is a nice and smooth formula and a really beautiful color! I like that this comes off as more of a lip stain than a lipstick. It does hold up for most of the day and I really like how thin the formula is for an ever day lipstick. This color is the perfect fall color as well but I really don’t think this pencil is worth $20…I mean really you still have to sharpen it. I really don’t like Chella Products and I’m hoping all subscriptions will stop using them!



Aesthetica Pro Brush Series; 3-Piece Eyeliner, Brow and Spoolie Set                           Retail Price $45

This set came in a different box for me a couple months ago and these are really nice brushes! I don’t think they are $45 kind of brushes but I do really like them. I don’t normally do gel liner but I do enjoy playing around with it so I find this to be fun. The spoolie is the brush I get the most use out of. From brushing through my brows to sweeping away mascara that when where it’s not supposed to the spoolie really does the trick. As for the brow brush I don’t use a brow pomade so I end up using this with eyeshadow trying out fun and goofy eye looks!


Glo Stix; Semi- Matte Liquid Lipstick; Shade Honey Bun                            Retail Price $18

This is a beautiful liquid lip! It has a really nice  mousey consistency but it applies beautifully. I’m not the biggest fan of the applicator because it’s a longer and stiffer doefoot. But other than that I really like this lipstick. It can stain a little just because it is a darker color but it wears just about the same as many of my other liquid lips. It wears off throughout the day mainly in the center with eating and drinking but that’s normal to me. I like this product but I wouldn’t write home about it or go out and purchase another one any time soon.


And with that I conclude my Yes, Oh YAS! box for the month. It wasn’t my favorite box but it did have some good items and the over al value came in much more accurate this month with a value of


This is actually more than what they advertised and that’s because the price listed for the highlighter palette was incorrect. I still cannot figure out if they just aren’t doing the research to make sure their value and pricing is correct or if they are getting the information from the brands. Either way from month to month it has so much variation! I am holding off an giving you my link again until I can be sure they have figured this out. The link listed above is direct to the website and I do not make any money off of it or the code that they gave me. The code is strictly just for you to save some money on your first box. I hope you enjoyed this month’s box! They have already sneaked the palette for next month and I am super excited to give it a try so keep an eye out for next month!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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