Boxy Charm : September 2018

Boxy Charm is $21 a month for 4-5 full size products. The box is always guaranteed to a value of $100 or more each month. They offer a wide range of brands from emerging to well known. There is a beauty quiz you can take similar to Ipsy to go over your skin tone, skin type, hair color, eye color, so on and so forth. They also offer a user friendly website to allow you to review the items in your box.

This month was completely different for Boxy Charm! They launched what’s called Boxy Luxe! This is an additional $28.99 every quarter and on top of the $21. Then every quarter we get to this upgraded box with 3 of the main products from the regular box plus 8 additional full size products!!! A total of 11 products and the estimated value is supposed to be over $300 I believe.

Now when this upgraded box launched it was terrible! The site crashed right away and the email they were supposed to send out at 9 am EST. was delayed and it was just a nightmere. A lot of subscribers were really upset but I found that if I just get trying and checking back that after two hours I finally got through and got my confirmation! I was so excited! P.S. I live on the west coast and I was up at 6 am trying to make sure I got in on this and finally just before 8 am I got in! Dedication…or crazy…you decided!

Now for the products!




This was a bonus so to speak! Every Boxy Luxe subscriber got this adorable tote back! And believe it or not it’s a really nice quality tote. It’s not like the cheap kind of bags it’s very sturdy and a nice size as well.


Pretty Vulgar; Nightingale Smokey Eyeshadow Palette                        Retail Price $35

Pretty Vulgar has just adorable products and packaging. I love that she shadows are in the shape of the bird cage. They are also really high quality shadows! When I swatched these on my arm I was surprised at how pigmented and smooth they were! They also apply to the eyes beautifully! This kind of palette is more outside of my comfort zone with the dark and deep shades for the smokey eye’s but I love it! I have used it  few times since I got it and I think it’s stunning on the eyes!

Tarte Cosmetics; Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette                               Retail Price $45

This palette was the first sneak peak and made me the most excited for the Boxy Luxe! I have always wanted to try this out and I was so excited for it! And for good reason this face palette is stunning! The shades are creamy, buttery and apply smoothly! I haven’t used the highlight shades as much as I have used the bronzer shades but I really love the variety! There is a more pink under tone light powder and a more yellow undertone light powder, as well as two shimmer bronzers and two matte bronzers. They apply beautifully to the skin and I love the smell of tart palettes! Yes I said smell. If you ever notice they all seem to have a vanilla scent to them!

Juice Beauty; Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer                       Retail Price $70

This stuff is amazing! It’s thick and really sinks into my skin! I also love that is has a full cap pump (I didn’t take a photo of) because it allows you to not get too much and it’s really hygienic. I was so surprised to see a high quality skin care product in the box and I really love this cream! I have been using at night because I ran out of my other night mask I like and this has made my skin feel soft and supple every morning.


Luxie; 732- Airbrush Foundation Brush        Retail Price $38

There are days when I ask myself, do I really need another brush? And then I laugh and say I need to stop being so negative! I love this brush! It’s super luxe feeling when you use it! I haven’t used it for foundation yet but I did us it to lightly try out a contour and WOW did it back on the color! Luxie has super high quality. Now that being said I really don’t think this brush is worth this price tag. There are so many other high quality options for foundation brushes out there you really don’t need this one.



Alamar Cosmetics- Ojitos Brush Set      Retail Price $18

And look at that! More brushes!!! I love little sets like this. They are great for quick looks or for traveling. I love that Boxy Charm is working with indi-brands like Alamar! It really does say a lot about the company! These are really nice brushes and the shader brush is amazing for packing color on the lid! I have been using it non-stop since I got it! Great little eye brush set!


Smashbox- Limited Edition Photo Finish Primer Water                              Retail Price $32

Another awesome product I was so looking forward to trying! I have loved using this! I actually do notice that I don’t get super oiling in the afternoon which is surprising to me but I love it! The only thing I’m sad about is the scent I got…I got Serene Greens which stinks. Ok, ok, ok, it’s not that bad but I really don’t like the cucumber veggie smell. I really wish I would have gotten the coconut one but at least I got a chance to give this product a go!

Laura Geller- Baked Blush -N- Brighten                                               Retail Price $28

A beautiful blush! This blush is stunning! Not to mention it’s the perfect color for me! It has a beautiful pinky/peachy color with some shimmer to it! It applies really nicely to the face and I love that I can build it up if I want too. The only thing is it has a lot of kick back when I dip my brush in but I find that to be normal with baked products.

Hank & Henry- Liquid Lipstick; Shade- Petal Pusher                            Retail Price $17

I couldn’t find this lipstick on the Hank & Henry website to link. This is a really nice liquid lip. The formula doesn’t dry down super matte but it is very comfortable! I really like the shade as well. It’s the perfect transition shade from summer to fall. I also think the packaging is adorable looking like a bullet lipstick but is actually a liquid.

Sol De Janiero; Inpanema Sunset Glow Oil                                           Retail Price $35

In looking at this product online I wasn’t sure that I would like it just because it looked so dark in the packaging. But once I put a bit on the back of my hand and spread it around I was so surprised at how stunning it applied! As you can see on the back of my hand there is so much glow! I cannot wait to use this in the coming summer to apply all over my body! I also want to mention that this product is HUGE! I was not expecting this to be such a generous size but none the less it’s amazing! A great value!



R+Co – Death Valley Dry Shampoo- Travel Size Retail Price $17

Even though this isn’t a full size item it is still a really great size! I have only used this a couple of times but it works well as a dry shampoo! There is a slight fragrance to it but nothing too over powering! I am excited to take this with me in the coming weekends when I am out of town!




The Vintage Cosmetic Company- Dolly Bow Make-Up Head Band          Retail Price $4.99

How stinkin’ cute is this head band! I was so excited to get this in the box! I always need something to keep my hair out of my face and this was the perfect solution! I also love that it’s pink with poka-dots!




And with that I we come to the end of the first Boxy Luxe box! I am so impressed! I feel that this was so worth the money and the wait time! Now for the over all value of the box


I mean wow!!! So totally worth it! I cannot wait to see what the next Boxy Luxe holds in December! What was your favorite product from your Boxy Charm this month? Did you get in on the Boxy Luxe? Leave me a comment!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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