SL Miss Glam- New Brush Book

One of my favorite beauty brands and beauty brand owner is SL Miss Glam owned by Stephanie Lewis based out of Canada! She is just a ray of sunlight and every time she posts it’s always so full of fun, life, and glitter!

Most recently she came out with a new collection called the Petite Designer Collection and I couldn’t resist getting my hands on the adorable and beautiful Coffee Latte Brush Book! 

I mean how cute is this…!?


I also have the Pink Glam Brush Book from her line and the size comparison is very evident. This one is much more compact even with the same size brushes and I really appreciate how this is easier to travel with!

The actual brushes themselves are adorable! The pattern on the book also matches the pattern on the handle of the brushes and actual bristles of the brushes are the prettiest pink and blue! I just love this collection!



I also love that each place in the book has a nice protective flap to keep the brushes safe while in the book. The other sweet touch in each of these books are the quotes that are on the underside of each flap! They always have something fun or inspiring listed on them. These particular quotes are all in relation to coffee and lattes! My favorite! I also love that these are funny quotes that Stephanie uses all the time in her video’s and social media platforms.


With each brush book there are a lot of face brushes. For me this is nice because face brushes are usually the most expensive and it’s nice for me to have options of different face brushes to use in order to see what I like for applying different products.


The selection for eye brushes isn’t as many as the face brushes but the ones she does include in the books are really nice for creating just about any go to every day look. I wouldn’t use these for a detailed or intricate look but these are definitely enough to get me through any trip I might be taking!


I love that the fan brushes come in a nice plastic holder just so that they stay protected through any kind of travel!


But really how cute are these brushes with all of the pink and blue and coffee décor on them! I’m in love! This is such and incredible set to travel with!


Please let me know if you want to see more of a break down with each individual brush in the set! I didn’t get a chance to really get nice photo’s of all of the different brushes in the set but the group shots turned out incredibly! I really love the SL Miss Glam brand and all of the adorable products she sells! One thing I’m still needing to get is the Sparkle Every Day make up bag which I have been eyeballing for some time but just haven’t taken the time to get!

I hope you enjoy this short little review! Again let me know if you want to see a break down of each brush!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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