Wedding Wednesday : October 2018

And we are back with another Wedding Wednesday for October!

This month I wanted to give my input on the top 4 things you should DIY and the top 4 things to spend the money on when planning your wedding. Weddings are so expensive any more so it may seem more cost effective and easier to have a full DIY wedding but speaking from experience it’s not as easy as it sounds. And sometimes it’s not worth the hassle.

Top 4 Things To DIY

1. Invitations

When it comes to invitations I find it crazy the amount of money couples spend on all of these extra details that no one really needs! I was a firm believer in doing these myself because it really isn’t that hard to create a really cute invitation with publisher and then to get it printed at Costco, Wal-Mart, or Walgreens. If you wanted a tutorial on making your own invitations let me know and one of these day’s I could put something together for you all. You also can create your own RSVP cards in publisher. The biggest thing is to find or take images you can use for a background and then go from there! Trust me it’s a much cheaper option!

2. Programs

Another item you can make in publisher is your day of programs that you set on seats or on the tables that highlight the order of events and the important things like bridal party and parents and what not. This one again is something you just need a back ground photo and access to publisher. I personally just fit the scale of the document for a 5×7 photo and then printed them out as photo’s that way I could keep one for our wedding album. I really think this is fun and is also a nice keep sake for your guests.

3. Flowers

This might be an area where other disagree with me but I personally think it’s more cost effective and fun to order loose flowers and to create your own bouquets and flower arrangements. Florist’s are increasingly more and more expensive and it’s really not necessary to spend outrageous amounts of money on flowers. I personally ordered my flowers from Costco and spent a whole afternoon bonding with my bridesmaids and just hanging out putting together arrangements and bouquets. This is such an easy way to save money and to put the extra toward something that isn’t as easy to DIY.

4. Painted Signs

I will be the first to admit I’m not the most artistic person or the most talented when it comes to cute and fun hand writing but I know how to fake it! I made all of the hand “painted” signs that were personal to my husband. The direction signs where really easy because those didn’t need to be super clean and neat they just needed to be able to be seen. As for some of the other ones I like to create the cool font I like in a word document and then cut them out or create stencils with them. It does sound time consuming yes but it can be a nice mental relaxer when you just sit down and put your mind to it! I also love when there are minor imperfections because you’ll always remember that you made those and how special they were for the big day!

Top 4 Things to Spend The Money On

 1.  Catering

This is one thing I have seen over and over again with the weddings I have helped with and been to is that if you try to do the food for you wedding yourself no matter how in expensive it may seem or how planned out you are it’s almost every time means someone that is important or vital to the bridal party or family is helping with the food and missing out on all of the fun and festivities. It is so much easier to hire a caterer or to have someone that isn’t a vital member of the wedding do the food. It makes everything go much smoother and then you aren’t worried about it! Trust me on this one catering or having someone do your food will be worth it in the long run!

2. Cake Topper

A cake topper might seem like the most simple of things but in all honesty it really is a cute memento and keep sake from the big day. I personal have only seen one DIY topper and it just didn’t work out well! With Etsy now there are so many options for getting fun and creative cake toppers and it’s so much fun to have that nice keep sake to either hand down or display.

3. Simple Décor

One thing I always recommend is only spending money on table décor for the head table. No one else is going to remember you center pieces so don’t waste your time but spend the money on those personalized details! It really will make it that much more fun when it comes to photo’s and items to keep that you then can hang in your house after the fact! Again this might seem like something so minimal to spend money on but it really does make a difference than trying to DIY every piece of décor.

4. Guest Favors

If you really want to get favors for you guests, spend the money on them! Don’t waste your time putting coffee beans, sprinkles, mints, or birdseed in little mesh bags! It’s not worth it! It’s tedious, time consuming and at times frustrating! There are so many actually useful and fun things you can get any more these day’s just spend the money!


Remember these are just my opinion on things to DIY or spend the money on. I know that a couple of these item’s might seem to contradict each other (hand painted signs, simple décor) but the difference to me is just the time that is spend on each on and how different they really are. Again these are just my opinions from not only what I have experienced but also what I have seen.

As we wind down on the year I hope you have really enjoyed this Wedding Wednesday Series and if you would like to see more going forward into the next year leave me a comment and let me know!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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