Jaclyn Hill x Morphe : Ring The Alarm Palette

I’m so excited for Part 2 of this series of tutorials using the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault collection palettes. This Friday I am going to be doing a look with the Ring the Alarm palette.


This palette is a warm tone girls dream! I personally never though of myself as a warm tone lover just because I used to be so afraid to work with oranges or orangey browns but I find that with each new palette I get the more I’m in love with using beautiful warm shades!

Lets get into todays look!

                                    Before                                         After

This look turned out so beautiful and it’s one of my favorites!


As always you want to start with a nice prepped eye area. This day I actually did my whole face make up first. For the most part I do start with my face first and then move on to my eyes.

The first shade I went in with was Rush. This is a great transition shade because it’s not overly bright and it brings a lot of warmth to the crease. I was a little afraid that this might come out to orange but I really, really love how it turns out in the crease.

Next up is the shade Mugshot. This shade doesn’t look much different than Rush but in fact it is deeper. I love to add this into the crease as well as on the otter corner just to start building that color up there for darker colors later.

This next shade is probably my favorite shade amongst all of these palettes! It’s called Framed. It’s the perfect deep reddish, cranberry color that I die for! I am in love with it and it blends beautifully in the crease! I feel like a color like this is essential to all of my eye looks and really makes my green eyes pop! It’s really one of my favorites!

Now for the lid shade! This shade is stunning! I do apply all of the shimmer shades wet just because for me it really gives that full metallic look and applies like a dream on the lids! This shade is called Lolli. It is the most beautiful rose shade with lots of gold in it. This is the type of shade I would totally cover my body in every day if it were acceptable… When wetted it comes out like liquid rose gold on my lid and I’m living for it!

The last thing I like to do is making sure that my lids are blended well I like to go back in along the edge of the lid shade with Framed just to make sure it’s blended and then I go in with Secret on a definer brush along my outer corner lash line on both the top and the bottom. It just helps to define that outer area and gives my eye a nice smokey look.


And with that the look is complete!





I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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