Boxy Charm : October 2018

Boxy Charm is $21 a month for 4-5 full size products. The box is always guaranteed to a value of $100 or more each month. They offer a wide range of brands from emerging to well known. There is a beauty quiz you can take similar to Ipsy to go over your skin tone, skin type, hair color, eye color, so on and so forth. They also offer a user friendly website to allow you to review the items in your box.


Let’s get into this months box!


This months theme is Alter Ego! There were a lot of good products this month!

Pur The Complexion Authority; Midnight Masquerade Palette          Retail Price $38

This palette is absolutely gorgeous! I’m not the biggest fan of the shade selection but this is very fun and on trend for fall with all of these jewel tones. I personally would have loved to get one or two more matte shade rather than a mirror. The formula is however very buttery and pigmented. The “bronzer” shade is way to shimmery for me to use as an actual bronzer but it does look pretty as an eye shadow as does the deep berry shade blush. The only issue I have when using them as an eyeshadow is there is a lot of fallout. Other than that this palette is really nice and the highlighter is stunning!

IT Cosmetics – Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara                   Retail Price $24

I think I just found my new favorite mascara! First off it has the brush I like! And secondly the formula is fantastic! It’s not super liquidy and it’s also not super thick. It’s actually the perfect consistency! This really defines my lashes and gives me so much length it’s really becoming one of my favorites.



Dermovia – Lace A Peel Black Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Mask  Retail Price $30

This face mask is pretty awesome! I have always wanted to try one of these with the cool mask that covers your whole face and then wraps up around your ears and beyond. I’m going to try and convince my husband to try it with me because it came with two masks but we will see! I am really looking forward to how this works with my skin! But really cool none the less!



Kat Von D; Everlasting Liquid Lipstick; Shade-Lovesick                                  Retail Price $20

I think this was probably the item I was most excited for in the box this month! I had gotten a sample of this exact lipstick, shade and everything, and I used about half of the sample size and then lost the lipstick! I was super disappointed and just never could bring myself to buy the full size. So when this was the shade I was getting in my box I was so incredibly excited! I love everything about it! the formula is comfortable and long lasting. It also dries down really matte without being overly dry! I just love everything about it and this shade is such and everyday shade for me! In Love!



Farmacy Beauty – Green Clean                  Retail Price $34

I have always wanted to try a cleansing balm just because I think they are fun and I used to use the Ponds Cold Cream back in the day as a cleansing cream so this was a great addition to the box for me.  I love the fresh clean smell of it! There is a slightly strange texture when using this but I really do like it. This is truly more of a balm rather than a cream like I have used in the past but it’s just and adjustment getting used to it! However I do like how easily it cuts through my make up and takes it off. This is a nice prep step before cleansing.

And that concludes the October Boxy Charm. There were some really great products in this months box! And the value is always top notch! This months box was valued at:


Again this box is only $21 a month! You just can’t beat the overall value on this box! I’m so looking forward to the coming months and the next Boxy Luxe coming in December!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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