Ipsy Review : October 2018

For those of you who don’t know about this subscription bag it is  $10 and contain 5 deluxe size samples (and sometimes full size products)  each month.

Ipsy starts with a beauty quiz that asks you questions about different things you like as well as your different features (i.e. Blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin). Each month you also can review the products your received; so if you love something you let them know and if you hate something you let them know.

Lets get into this months bag!


This months bag is adorable with the slightly embossed mask in the red pleather. I really love it and think it’ll be so much fun to pack with me for the holidays.

Tarte Cosmetic’s; Shape Tape Contour Concealer; Shade- 12N

I was so excited when I saw the spoilers had come out for this month’s bag and I was getting Tarte Shape Tape! I have wanted to try this for so long but haven’t taken the plunge to spend the full price on a tube but now after trying it I really think I will. I now understand what all the hype is about! Even though this isn’t the best shade for me I’m still able to make it work and I’m so impressed. The consistency isn’t super thick and isn’t terribly thin and it also blends out amazingly! I love how well it wears through the day and I was impressed by the fact that when I went to wipe off the swatch on my hand it took some work for it to come off fully! A total win for this months bag!



SL Miss Glam; L50 Sparkle Eye Blender

As I have repeated so many times in the past I absolutely love getting brushes in my subscriptions and SL Miss Glam Brushes are some of my favorites! First off they are absolutely adorable in presentation and secondly they are amazing quality! I firmly believe having great tools will help you accomplish great looks!





Yensa; Tone Up Primer Essential Glow

With glowy primers I am always a little cautious because I do have oily skin and it makes me nervous that I’ll end up a grease ball at the end of the day but that wasn’t the case with this primer! It actually was really nice and gave my skin a simple and healthy glow. I really like this but I don’t know that I would purchase it in the full size just because I don’t think anything can replace my Too Faced Peach Primer!




The Olive Garden; Aphordite; Olive Oil Face Mask

This is an interesting face mask. It reminds me of a very basic and simple mask that helps to clean pores and leaves you face feeling really smooth. It has a great fresh scent that is very mild and the consistency reminds me almost of a creamy soap or like a cream cleanser. I do really like how easy this is and how mild it seemed to be on my skin. As we all know skin care products are hard to review unless you have been testing them out for a period of time but I think it’s fun to try out these kinds of samples!


City Color Cosmetics; Glow Pro Stellar Highlighter; Shade-Nebula

This is a fun highlighter to get in the bag this month given that it’s the month of Halloween and this would go great with any of those fun costume type makeup looks but that’s about it! This highlight does have a lot of blue glitter in it and I’m not the biggest fan of glittery highlights especially when it’s a different color. As you can see this is super blinding and is going to be fun to include in a Halloween look! After all we are talking about being trolls for Halloween at work!


And just like that another month of Ipsy has come and gone! It’s crazy to think but coming up in December I will have been subscribed to Ipsy for two whole years! Crazy I tell ya! But I love how inexpensive this one is and all of the fun items we get to try each month!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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