Take Off The Mask


A day of fantasy, dress up, pretending and all out fun! I love each year to see what everyone comes up with for costume idea’s and I love watching all of the colorful, dark and mysterious make up tutorials that flood social media! But the thing is when I look at Halloween it has me thinking on a deeper level.

With social media playing such a large role in our lives these day’s it’s hard to be unique and it’s hard to be original because we are all trying to embody the people we follow based on the highlight reel of their lives that we see.

And I truly feel that we forget that most all social media accounts are merely just a highlight reel. We forget that we usually only see the good things. We forget that we don’t need to be privy to the bad things and we forget that no one is perfect.

You might be asking how this relates to Halloween…just hang on I’m getting to that.

When we forget that perfection is not attainable and we try to put on a mask. We pretend that everything is perfect even when just under the surface everything feels like it’s falling apart. This mask covers up the truth and the more things fall apart the more this mask starts to look like a reflection of the person you follow who has it all together.

You want to imitate their perfect life because somehow if you try to live just like that then yours will be ok. Everything will be perfect again.

But the truth of the matter is you cannot hide behind that mask for very long. The mask is only covering you up. It’s not allowing you in your truest, most raw self to just be through the perfect and imperfect moments.

So again how does this relate to Halloween…?

Halloween is the one might a year we all can play dress up and be someone we want to be. We can put on a mask and play the part. We can change how we look at ourselves for once!

But the most important thing to remember is that when November 1st rolls around remember to take that mask off. Let your truest and most raw self show! Because that is what people want to get to know. They want to see the realness. We don’t need actual glitter to sparkle every day we just have to be willing to see our inner sparkle.

So remember to take off that mask you have been hiding behind. Remember that only you can change your perspective. And you must first see your own inner sparkle before others will see you shine!

No one is perfect and even though we all share a highlight reel that’s exactly what it is the highlights of our lives that we want other to see. And even though we don’t always share the hard parts of life with others we must remember that it’s ok to crumble and fall. The important thing is we must also stand back up, dust off and find that inner sparkle!

Because we are all mean to sparkle bright!

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