Today should be a book of the month day but for on reason or another this last month as flown by and I haven’t been able to read as much as I would like. However I have been able to do some really fun things during the month of October that have kept me busy and my soul happy! November is set to slow down some, thankfully, right before the busy holiday season and I am really looking forward to getting some extra time to cozy up and read.

So rather than reviewing a new book today I wanted to write about a couple of moments that humbled me so much and made me feel so special!

Around the middle of the month I had a notification pop up on my Word Press app, which is what I use to monitor interactions on my blog, notifying me that my blog had been linked. As my blog is still growing I was really surprise but excited to see where I had been linked. To my humbled surprise this beautiful young lady Sophie Rose  had created an entire post highlighting one of my recent tutorials using the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe vault collection. I was so blown away and honored!

I initially created this blog to have a creative outlet and to just have fun. I have hoped that one day I would reach someone and inspire them just as I have been inspired by so many other’s in my life but I never expected for it to mean so much when my little reach did inspire someone! I have always tired to lead my life that if you see someone without a smile give them yours. And I truly hope that’s what I can do with this blog! Thank you Sophie so much for taking the time not only to read my crazy shenanigans but also to be so kind to recognize me for that!

Go give this beautiful lady some love and check out her tutorials as well!

Not long after this a dear friend who I had helped out with her wedding gave me the kindest gift as a thank you! The card she wrote brought me to tears, it meant so much to read her words of appreciation and for her to later tell me she tried to channel her inner “Courtney Attitude” in a particular situation. I just giggled but also was so humbled to think that I inspired her to have the confidence to stand up and be the loud voice that was needed at a different wedding she was apart of.

When people tell me those kinds of things or let me know how I have helped them or inspired them I can’t help but get a little teary eyed because I never thought in a million years I could make a difference in the world. I always, always hoped I could but when it really happens I’m awe struck! My heart is so full from helping others and trying my best to make a difference!

I have mentioned in a past post that I had had the opportunity to go through leadership training and a lot of it is bases on a TED Talk video from Drew Dudley  which I will link here. I cannot recommend watching this video enough! And if you get nothing else from this post than to watch this video then I feel accomplished for the day!

I feel these simple moments in life that we don’t think are making a large impact even when they are can create a ripple effect of kindness. Kindness is free and imagine how our world would be if we all were a little more kind to one another!

When it comes to these moments I am taken aback by how many lives one person can touch and how big of a difference on person can make!

Stay humble and kind my friends!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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2 thoughts on “Humbled

  1. I know what you mean. I still get mushy inside when people tell me how much I encourage them. It’s beautiful. I’m glad God is helping to make an impact. Like you say, when someone isn’t smiling give them yours. I like that quote

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