Colour Pop Haul : November 2018

I think this could almost be a monthly post on it’s own given how much I love Colour Pop, how affordable they are and how often then have some amazing sales! But if I got a box every month my husband may question my sanity!

This most recent haul was the first time I truly could say I was purchasing make up for a good cause because Colour Pop partnered with Make-A-Wish to grant a wish to a young lady named Delilah. She had the opportunity to create a collection three lippies and four super shock shadows. The best part is a portion of all of the sales from this collection goes back to Make-A-Wish.

I mean when would be  better time to purchase come new lippies and shadows than when some of the money goes to a great cause!

I also picked up a few other things that I was in need of- so lets dive in!

The lip bundle was called Strength.

It came with two glosses and an ultra satin lip.

Starting with the bottom swatch we have New Day which a really beautiful clear gloss with gold glitter flip. The thing I love the most about their glitter glosses is that there is no grit to them they are all smooth and not stick even. This one I have loved putting in the center of my lips on top of a matte liquid lip to give the impression that my lips are fuller and I absolutely love it!

The middle shade is called Wish. This isn’t a color I would normally buy for myself just because it’s a warm light caramel color. On my skin tone it’s looks kind of like a muddy brown but I figure it will for sure put me out of my comfort zone and be something fun to try for the fall season!

The top gloss shade is called JJ which I believe is to honor Delilah’s sister who was with her through her entire journey being sick. This is probably my favorite of all the lippies just because it’s the most wearable. I also love that this is a my lips but better kind of gloss. It’s got just enough pigment to give the slightest wash of color and make my lips look super glossy!


Now for these stunning Super Shock Shadow’s! This quad was called Journey.

Each of these shade is so beautiful and fun! They all have amazing sparkle and shine to them and I am impressed with how wearable all of these shades are!

Starting from the top swatch we have DJ. This one is Delilah’s initials and she really wanted to have them as apart of the collection. This shade is a very vibrant copper shade! It’s stunning all over the lid and has so much sparkle and shine I absolutely love this for fall!

Next we have the shade Cherish. This is one of my favorites from the set. It is this beautiful light bronze shade with tones of silver glitter in it. This is stunning on the lid and makes such a statement! I fell in love with it when I applied this. Definitely a show stopping shade!

The third shade there is this stunning and adventurous shade called Warrior. This has a black base with teal pigment as well as lots of teal glitter mixed in as well. I love that this is made to represent the warrior in all those who are battling childhood cancer. This shade is great for creating deep blue smokey eyes and adds that pop of sparkle!

The last shade in the quad is called Okay. This is my other favorite shade because it’s the perfect gold shade for my skin tone. It’s got a softness to it with a tone of silver glitter that just makes my lids pop! This has been my go to shade recently for all over the lid with many of my looks! I also love the message Delilah had when naming this shade when she was in pain or going through hard times that she would tell herself that she would be OK!

Along with this amazing collection I also picked up a few other things to try out!

I picked up the Brow Boss Gel in the shade Light Brown. I was a little afraid that blonde would be to light for my brows just because my natural hair color is actual more of a dishwater blonde so it’s got a lot of natural darkness to it. I really like this brow gel however because it holds my brows in place and really makes for an easy morning routine. I still define the edges of my brows with a pencil but then I just run this through and I’m done. Super easy and I love it!

I also got another shade of the No Filter Concealer. I wanted to get another shade darker than the one I currently have just because it seemed to be still  a little too light for me. This is the shade 8 which is more of a yellow undertone which I don’t entire mind because it’s light enough you can’t see the major yellow undertone. I have been enjoying using this and mixing it with the shade 6 I currently have. This concealer is one of my favorites!

It was a smaller haul this time but one I really love and I hope you enjoyed too! They currently have a sale going and it’s taking all of my will power not to make un order! Anyone else have this problem?? Leave me a comment and let me know if you have gotten any of Colour Pop’s recent launches!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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