Fall Favorites 2018

This time of year is probably my most favorite! The weather, the activities, the holiday’s. There is just so much fun to be had in the fall that I thought I would start another new seasonal post going over my favorites for that season!

I think I have complied a good list here of all the items I have been loving and using like crazy this season!


First up we have this body cream from Bath and Body Works. This particular scent was from last years fall launch and I didn’t get around to using it until year. This is the Spiced Pumpkin Cider. I absolutely love these body creams! I use them on my hands almost every day. I keep this particular tube on my desk at work and every morning like a ritual when I sit down at my computer to start working I put some on my hands! It has especially come in handy as the weather has started to get colder because our building temperature isn’t quite adjusted yet so it really helps me warm up my hands with some friction while rubbing my hands together!



Sticking with the Bath and Body Works theme I have started to light candles more now as the weather has been changing. This Blueberry Maple Pancakes candle is to die for!!! My best friend who works for Bath and Body Works told me I had to have it and she was completely right! It makes my house smell so deliciously sweet! My husband is a huge fan as well! The nice thing is these usually last me quite some time as well! As the holiday’s approach I am going to start lighting something with cinnamon in it just so it smells like the holiday’s but this has been so much fun to burn! Another candle they have that I don’t have a photo of is their Hot Coco candle! It’s the first candle with a chocolate scent that I actually feel smells like chocolate and it’s amazing!



And of course coffee is a favorite! Even though this is a year round one for me I do have some favorite flavors and I actually prefer to drink coffee hot during the fall and winter. I do get in touch with my “basic” self and enjoy the classic pumpkin spice latte but I recently have loved getting my PSL with white chocolate in it as well! It’s probably my favorite! Now during the week I make coffee at home and these two creamers have been at the top of my list! The white chocolate raspberry is an old favorite for me but I the butter toffee was a new one and it’s quickly becoming my fall go to!




Another drink I have been addicted too the last few months is ginger ale! I have been trying to drink less dark soda and less soda in general so I have been gravitating toward ginger ale! This has literally been my go to drink of choice other than water and coffee! It’s probably unhealthy how much I have been drinking but it’s seriously been my go to!








So does any one remember growing up and any sweatshirt you got had to have a hood? Like absolutely had to have a hood? And if it didn’t you looked like the weird kid wearing your parents sweatshirt or something that came from the thrift store…which when I was in middle school and high school was not the cool place to shop…



I hated anything without a hood! Refused to wear it in fact. So where am I heading with all of this… Well as an adult I have fallen in love with hoodless sweatshirts! I seriously love them! Maybe it’s because they come with much cooler designs and patterns but in truth I can’t stop wearing them on a comfy Sunday or a day at the grocery store! Pull over sweaters have seriously been a staple part of my wardrobe this fall and I see my self adding a couple more and making these a permanent addition!




Now moving on to make up! You know this wouldn’t be a favorites post with out some make up! I wanted to share my favorite fall lipsticks that I have been using non-stop! Colour Pop, as we all know, has some of my favorite liquid lipsticks and two from them I have been loving is First of All  (which is sadly out of stock right now) and an Oh Darlin’, which I believe was a collaboration with an influencer (I cannot remember who) and they no longer have…but the color is beautiful! If you check the Colour Pop website for dark liquid lipsticks you won’t be disappointed! The other traditional lipstick was a steal of a find at TJ Maxx! I was shopping with a friend and couldn’t believe I got this for only $8! This is normally a $21 lipstick! And yes of course I checked to make sure that it wasn’t used before I purchased it! This particular one is the Too Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick in Love Is A Battlefield. This was such a great find and the color has been so much fun to wear. I will say this kind of lipstick works best with a lip liner.  The final lipstick I have been swooning over for my more mild day’s is Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lovesick. I got this in my Boxy Charm for October and it’s been my favorite to use on day’s when I’m not in the mood for a bold lip!

Of course I couldn’t leave out my favorite go to eye shadow palettes for the fall. Obviously the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Ring the Alarm Palette just screams fall and is so stunning to create all kinds of looks with! I also recently pulled out my Fame palette from Colour Pop which is a cool tone palette and it’s been really fun to play with especially when pairing it with some darker lip options! And now looking at the two palettes I have picked together I just have to giggle because these are pretty much polar opposite but they both create some stunning looks!

The final item I have been loving this fall has been my Crock Pot! img_2650

This is one of my favorite ways to cook as the weather changes and cools off! Not only is cooking in the crock pot easy it’s usually some of my favorite recipes! The easiest recipe that is a home run in my house is Crock Pot Salsa Ranch Chicken Pasta. My husband absolutely loves this meal and it usually can last us some time depending on how much I make. I also love to make roasts and any kind of comfort food! If you have favorite recipe’s please share in the comments! I am all about crock pot cooking this fall!


Well I hope you enjoyed my fall favorites! What are some of your fall favorites? Leave me a comment down with your favorites so I can check them out!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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2 thoughts on “Fall Favorites 2018

  1. I love your blog about fall favorite things. I have seen a few of them and each one varies widely. I, too. love coffee and the flavors, ginger ale (and there is a cranberry ginger ale that comes out sometime in November/December. I keep an eye out for it).

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