TJ Maxx Haul : November 2018

Yes I know I have a problem…shhh don’t tell my husband!

It’s coming up on that time of year where all of the holiday decorations are out and even though I am strongly against decorating before the day after Thanksgiving I am finally starting to accept that there are holiday decorations out in all of the stores!

So why did I go shopping to begin with you may ask…well I got a give card and decided what the heck, why not! So lets dive into what I got!



To start I got a new note book to start the year off right with my budget! I think I am going to look at some different budgeting options on how to get some of our debts paid down faster and moving forward from there. I’m really looking forward to the next year and getting our savings built up to look at buying a house.


The next stationary item I picked up was this beautiful desk calendar! I had gotten one of these last year and I love all of the floral and how pretty it is so I was excited when I found one similar for this coming year!


This is also nice for me to keep track of bigger calendar events that we have coming up so I don’t forget about weekend when I’m gone or days when I have evening plans scheduled.




Because I had a gift card I finally felt like I could splurge and pick up one of these awesome acrylic drawers for my make up desk! These are usually any where from $25-$40 and I normally can’t justify spending that. I think I can find other things at the dollar store but then I never do and I just make due with what I have. So I was pretty excited to pick up this 6 drawer organizer!



Believe it or not these were one of the three items I initially had on my list to pick up-the other two things being sunglasses and a budget note book (I didn’t get sunglasses). But I thought this was a good grab as well. This is a set of four wine glasses for only $8. They are nice and sturdy, with a thicker stem. I don’t drink wine often but when we have people over I like to have some just so that we are prepared!



When I saw these mugs I absolutely couldn’t resist! I have been obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with the red buffalo plaid. So of course I brought them home! And if I remember right these were like the last two on the rack so you better bet I snatched them up in that busy store and claimed them! The hardest thing about TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods is that you never know if something will be there when you go back, so you want to grab it while it’s there especially if there is only one or two (this is probably why I have a problem when I go shopping there).  I always tend to try and grab things when I see them just because they always have new and different things chances of finding the exact item even a week later are slim! Which brings me to my next purchase…

I got this adorable cheese plate and knife! I have place mats for my table that have almost this same exact theme so of course I HAD to get this! Do I plan to serve cheese, never. Will this look adorable on the table during Thanksgiving and Christmas, absolutely! I think I could use this as a butter dish too, now that I think about it. Any way I use it it’s just adorable!

And now we are headed into the holiday items I picked up!

I thought this was absolutely adorable and given that we are going to try and entertain more at our house I though this could be needed and used. This is a wine bottle stopper to help keep the bottle closed and fresh after you have opened it. I like having this so the excuse to drink the whole bottle isn’t there haha! Plus it’s an adorable red bow, I mean how cute is that!

To add to my now growing collection of new wine glasses I found these adorable holiday themed glasses with these white, sparkly trees and red cardinals! I have a red theme in my kitchen as it is so these make the perfect holiday addition! I only got four for now because I’m hoping eventually I can find some other designs.


And for more holiday fun I picked up these cute tumbler glasses! During the holiday’s my husband likes to get one nice bottle of whiskey so I think it’s fun to have some fun glasses to drink out of.


TJ Maxx has some of the cutest décor out at the moment and if I had no spending limit and all the money in the world I would redecorate my entire house if I could. But sadly I cannot do willy, nilly, wild spending like I would love to! HAHA! Maybe one day!

I hope you enjoyed this TJ Maxx haul! What are some of the favorite things you have picked up recently from TJ Maxx, Home Goods or Marshalls??? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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