Wedding Wednesday : November 2018

I cannot believe that we are already coming up on the end of the year so fast and that we the Wedding Wednesday series will be winding down!

This month I put together a few DIY hairstyles that any bride can take and adapt for her big day! Or if you’re a bridesmaid in charge of your own hair these are a few ideas for you! After going through and taking photos I have decided to split this up into two separate posts; one for my How To Pin Curls and then our usual Wedding Wednesday. If you want to know how I get the perfect curls and base to start all of these hairstyles visit the link here for my pin curl tutorial!

Small disclaimer here-I am not a professional when it comes to doing hair and by no means do I think I am a professional. I have just found ways that work well for my hair and want to share with you all! Also taking photos of the back of your own head is the biggest challenge! Please no judgement on my terrible back of head photos!

The first style I have here is a simple all down, vintage Hollywood, side swept look. I added a barrette just to add some pizzazz. This is actually very similar to how I wore my hair just because I wanted it to be long and simple.

This is probably the easiest hairstyle to achieve when you start with a good base from you pin curls. I just sweep the section on the short side of my part back and place two bobbi pins in a cross to hold it in place. From there I added in the barrette and smoothed everything else over for that classic vintage Hollywood look.

The next style is another simple one. Even though it looks complicated I find this one to be easy and fun because you get to play around with how it’s held in place. This one requires quite a few bobbi pins so I would have a stack at the ready.

To start I section off a small amount at the crown of my head and give it some slight volume.

From here you will take the remaining hair left out and start to twist, scrunch, and pin everything into place.

I love how oh can tweak this look any way you want by simply adjusting your pins. You can also move this up higher for more of a up do as well. My favorite thing about this look is that it looks like you put in a tone of effort and it really is so simple. TIP: One thing to remember while placing your pins is to make X’s. This helps them to secure against each other while also creating a more secure hold.

The last style I put together is a modification of one I had found on Pinterest years ago that I can’t find the link for any more. This one has some twisting and wrapping in it that turns out very elegant! I wish I would have had a pretty comb to add to the look but I couldn’t find one in my mess of a beauty room.

You will start the same as the last style with the crown piece pinned back with some volume.

Next, section off the front sides to add in later.

From there you’ll take small sections from the edge of your now section off pieces and twist them.

After you have twisted you’ll want to fluff up the twist or add some volume by pulling at some areas on the twist while holding it tight with your other hand to create volume. From here you’ll wrap the twist around the back of your head over the two pins already holding the volume at the crown and place it with a pin on the opposite side of your head. You’ll do this alternating sides and pinning on the opposite side from the start of the twist. TIP: When pinning twists push pins toward the center of your head.

This is what two twists look like! I usually like to continue until I Shevardnadze about three twists on each side. From here you can leave your ends our long and curly or you can pin everything up; similar to the previous look; to make this a true updo. For the final two twists you’ll take the front two pieces that were sectioned off in the beginning and twist them back to each opposite side of the head and place over the top of the first initial twists.

This is the final look. I struggled hiding all of my bobbi pins as you can see but the idea is to hide them.

I hope that these simple looks are helpful for those struggling and needing ideas on how to create a simple and beautiful look. Remember to check out my pin curl tutorial here, for a good starting base prior to creating your style.

Thank you for stopping g by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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