Thankful 30 : November 2018

It’s still so surprising that Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I feel like this whole year has just flown by! When it comes to this time of year you can see across many different social media platforms that people are taking the time each day to say what they are thankful for. I love this trend!

But my question is why do we wait until the 30 days in the month of November to be thankful and recognize those people, places or things? Why don’t we do this every single day of our lives?

One thing I am going to start doing is keeping a thankful journal next to my bed so that every morning when I wake up I can write down what I am thankful for and start my day off on the right foot. And write down what I’m thankful for at the end of each night so that I remember to always be thankful for the little things!

However given that it is November and Thanksgiving is tomorrow I thought I would share my Thankful 30.

30 things I am thankful for not only this month but all year long and everyday of my life. One for each day of the month…even though the month isn’t not over I’ll share what I plan to be thankful for!

  1. The people I meet and help everyday at work. Even when I’m having a rough day they always manage to help me smile!
  2. Friday’s at 5:30
  3. Great friends to spend time catching up with
  4. My husband understands my shopping habit
  5. Coffee on a busy Monday
  6. Daylight Savings-Even though it’s getting dark sooner the Holiday’s are coming
  7. Speaking about something I am passionate about at work.
  8. The crisp air, cooling things down
  9. My best friend being willing to go shopping with me and get dinner on short notice.
  10. Good memories made with great people
  11. My brother who is currently serving in the United States Air Force. My dad who is retired Air Force. Thank-you to both of you for protecting the freedom we have each and every day!
  12. Friends with incredible talents they share with the world. Thanks Haley for making my hair look amazing!
  13. Busy day’s at work that end with a nice long bubble bath at home.
  14. Quiet snuggles with my two dogs.
  15. Drinking wine and champagne to celebrate a good friend saying yes to her dress!
  16. Car trips with my amazing mother!
  17. Connections and friends I have made through my rodeo queen adventures.
  18. Sunday shopping trips with my mom!
  19. My coworkers who keep things fun and always interesting every day
  20. The roof over my head
  21. The love I receive everyday from the amazing man in my life
  22. That my family can come together in my home and share an delicious meal
  23. My husband and I both have amazing jobs that support our shopping habit
  24. We are able to host friends and family and make so many memories
  25. Spending the day with my loving husband and creating a new tradition of cutting out down our Christmas tree!
  26. One more work week before I am headed out of town for vacation
  27. The air in my lungs
  28. Remembering to smile every day
  29. Payday!
  30. Remembering to Let Go and Let God.


What are you thankful for this season? What traditions do you have for the holidays that you are looking forward to?

Remember to be thankful not just during the month of November but everyday! We have so many things to be thankful for!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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