Yes, Oh YAS! Loyalty Box!

As I have written about for over a year now I have been subscribed to the Yes, Oh Yas! subscription. It has been hit or miss but I know it is a growing subscription so I try to take it as it goes.

About halfway through this year they came out with a new loyalty program that if you completed a full year of the subscription they would send you a box for free filled with all kinds of goodies with a retail value said to be between $200-$400. I had sent in an email last month asking about it and when I was writing my November unboxing I hadn’t yet received a shipping notification but I was super excited when a couple days later it had shipped and it showed up at my house just before I left for vacation! It’s taken me a minute to get this up just from being gone but I am excited to share these items with you!

So let’s dive into my loyalty box!


The first thing that caught my eye was these adorable sunglasses laying at the top of the box! I mean how cute are these! I personally love to have  a much more reflective lens on my sunglasses but I think these fun. There is a sass statement to be made when wearing these glasses and I’m all for it! The only down side is I don’t know what brand these are or how much they retail for.

Next up I got these really beautiful, long necklaces. I’m not always a necklace wearer on a daily basis but for different dressing up outfits I like to play with different jewelry. These both are simply and understated pieces I am super excited to add to my collection. I also missed the brand name on these but I’m excited to see how I can pair these with my wardrobe.



I swear to you I have so many bags in my collection it’s kind of ridiculous! But I do love having options for small carry bags. I have one like this already from a previous Yes, Oh Yas! box and I really like that this is more of a squared out bag rather than the traditional zipper pouch type bag. I love to use this in my purse for lipstick because it makes it so much easier to pack around and not have to worry about anything exploding in my purse.




These subscriptions really know the way to my heart with brushes! I love the fact that I don’t really even have to purchase many on my own because I get so many to choose from in my subscriptions! This is a really nice foundation brush from Crown Brushes. I have started to use foundation brushes more to help with applying my foundation prior to blending things out with a beauty blender. It’s been my new favorite way of doing my foundation!

Next up we have this stunning lipstick from Glo Stix Cosmetics. Lipsticks are my weakness and I love each one I get! I’m lucky however and already have this shade so I will be putting this aside to pass along. This is a great formula and a really beautiful deeper wine shade. I have used my tube of this non-stop this fall and winter season and I absolutely love it!



Another fun lip product is this iridescent lip gloss from Bella Pierre Cosmetics. I wasn’t too sure about this just given the outward appearance of it made me think of make up I used to have when I was a kid but it’s nothing like that! The applicator is actually a doe-foot that goes into the tube making for easier more precise application. The shade is really fun to put in the center of the lips or to experiment with to spice up a night time look. I don’t know how much I will use this but it is really fun to play with!

Recently in all of my subscriptions I have gotten quite a few new skin care items to try out and I am living for it! I’m not one to spend a fortune on skin care unless I know I like it (we all know it can add up) so getting these items really gets me excited! This is a really nice hydrating mist. I haven’t used it much but the few times I have over these winter months it’s been really nice to help keep my skin from turning into the Sahara desert. I really want to use this more and get a better feel for it over the next month so I have added it to my top desk container.

The last item I got in the loyalty box was this really neat Bella Pierre Cosmetic’s highlight and contour stick! I have always wanted to try something like this but just haven’t taken the time to research one worth my money. Getting this was awesome to try out! When I first opened this I was slightly nervous that the contour shade would be far too warm for me but I have used this a couple of times and it blends out beautifully on the skin! I was amazed at how natural it looked and how easy it was to use! The cream highlight on the other end of the stick isn’t something I’m totally sold on but I’m going to keep trying it out.

I wanted to keep this pretty short and brief and I hope I did. I love that this box has such a variety of items in it and that they sent this out completely free for staying with them for 1 full year!

I do love my Yes, Oh Yas! subscription but I’m just not sure about the overall value of the boxes. I feel like they are either getting misinformation from the companies they are getting products from or they are inflating their prices to make the box look like it has more value. I don’t know what is going on but either way I think they still have some work to do. They also need to keep better track of who they partner with on Instagram! But that’s  a story for another time!

Anyhow I hope you enjoyed and come back next time!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye our for what might be up around the curve!

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