Yes, Oh Yas! : January 2019

Yes, Oh Yas! is a new monthly subscription box ! They offer 3-7 full size products each month for $14.99 plus shipping. This box allows you to discover new make up and beauty brands.

So lets dive into this month products!

img_3417They for sure started off great with another palette for the month of January! I don’t know if they will keep the “a palette every month” going but it would be really cool if they did!

Crown Pro; 10 Color OMG Eye Shadow Collection                              Retail Price $10

Speaking of the palette a month this is a super fun and colorful palette! I have like crowns brushes but haven’t received one of their palettes so this was a fun one to try out! The thing I really enjoy about this is that there is such a range of shades. On the one end you have your neutral tones and on the other end are the more bright and colorful but also including a black to create a nice smoky eye. I haven’t had a chance to really play with this palette yet but when I swatched the shades they were soft, smooth and swatched really well! I’m hoping to use this this weekend for an outing I’m headed to and see how it preforms on the eye. For 10 this might really be a great and fun travel palette option.

Beauty Creations Cosmetics; Long Wear Matte Lip Gloss in Kiss Me              Retail Price $5

In past boxes I have received this same product in various shades and I giggle every time that they call it a matte lip gloss….oxymoron much! Any how I really like these lip colors the only down side is that they are extremely sticky! Even once they have dried down your lips will stick together. However if you get the corresponding gloss (the actual clear gloss topper) to go with it all of the tack goes away. Pure crazy if you ask me! Anyhow, I am in love with this shade! Its the perfect every day shade for me and I have been loving using this!

Inmo Cosmetic’s; Universe Star Highlighter in Twilight                              Retail Price $10

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a highlighter given the pigment it has but I think it would make a beautiful blush topper! The shimmer is really there and the pigment is there too. This isn’t full of glitter either. The formula is smooth and buttery and reminds me of a more powdery version of the Colour Pop Super Shock Shadows. I don’t know how often I will use this product but it is really pretty and seems to be really good quality.

Appeal Cosmetics; Pigment in Charcoal                                                         Retail Price $21

Pigments are always so much fun because there are so many different things that  you can use them for. I love getting and trying new and different pigment shades because I find them fun to really bring out the artistic side of me. This shade for sure is a different one for me as I’m not normally someone who leans toward dark colors but I think this will make for some amazing smoky eye looks. I love the blue shimmer this has in it as well. The swatch photo doesn’t do it justice but this is a really beautiful pigment.


NCLA Beauty; Hollywood Glam        Retail Price $16

I personally don’t like getting nail polishes in my subscriptions just because I don’t use them. I will however regift this. The gold glitter is really pretty and I think would be a lot of fun. This shade comes in a two pack on the website so I took the full price and divided by two to get the price. I’m not sure if at one point these were sold separate but I could only find the duo.  And the price is pretty standard with their other nail lacquers.

And that rounds out the box for this month! I feel like we got some great products and I really enjoyed the box for January. One change I did see on the product card in the box this month was they have changed it up to now reflect the over all savings you get by having this box. This makes me wonder if they have been getting massive complaints about how off they are with their valuing. There is also a line at the bottom of the card stating to review their FAQ for information for value information. I did visit the FAQ section and the very last question is in regards to value but it is interesting how they have deflected it but I feel like they are finally starting to straighten out their values.

For this month the stated value was $70 and my calculated value is $62. Calculated savings was 78.5% and my calculated savings is 75.8%. This is the overall value of the products in comparison to what we pay each month which is $14.99 not including shipping. I would say this is still a good savings and keeps the box relevant. I appreciate that they are doing more to be more accurate with the value for the subscribers!

I know last month really had me reconsidering keeping this box but I do want to give it another chance given they are working on changing! I have seen a couple of the sneak peeks for February and we are getting another palette and it looks to be another awesome month so until next month!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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