Where do I even begin. The last few weeks have been really challenging to find my creative energy. I have felt blocked and bogged down. I can’t tell you if it’s a creative block, a mental block, a lack of inspiration…maybe it’s all of the above.

Anyhow this block has kept me from writing and really expressing anything. And I don’t like the idea that I have been MIA for so long. I feel like I am letting myself down and letting my faithful followers down.

Disappearing from Instagram, Facebook and the blog has been a struggle for me. I have wanted to dive back in head first putting out new and fun content but I honestly have been struggling to put into words what I want to say and what I want to accomplish.

I’m sure many of you have been in this exact moment. Blankly staring at the pile of paperwork, the blank screen, the blank page, the empty whatever wondering how and what you want to fill it with. It’s a struggle and quite frankly gives me anxiety knowing that I can’t quite straighten out the jumbled ball of thoughts running through my head! And that in itself was scary to me because I’m not normally a consistently anxious person. I feel like I’m usually a really easy going and optimistic person but now I have seen the other side and I just say I’m not a fan!

It’s cumbersome to feel like you are stuck in one place and spinning out of control but it’s finding the keys to reel the anxiety back in and return to the  homeostasis I am used to. I am working on accepting when I miss a day I wanted to post. I am working on scheduling myself out time to thoughtfully complete my tasks. I’m making to-do lists and I’m taking time to really do the things I enjoy!

The facade of perfect is one I struggle with. I want things to be perfect in my own way but I forget about the time and work that I sometimes need to put in that I haven’t. I also fall into the comparison trap more than I would like to admit which makes it even harder to accept when I haven’t met a goal I have set for myself. But from here on out I want to be more intentional with my goals and I want to be more forgiving when I haven’t made it where I want to be just yet.

The funny thing about goals is that they are on going and ever changing. They expand and contract as we breath life into them. The funny thing about life and the steps we take is that most often with every step forward we take there was one or two that we had to step back into in order to rocket ourselves even farther forward.

The last few weeks have been those one or two steps back and now I am ready to work harder toward all of my goals. Now is the time for the rocketing forward and giving every goal I have set for myself this year the attention it deserves!

Remember if you are blocked or bogged down it’s only temporary and the best is yet to come!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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