I’m Back!


I just wanted to put out a big hello to all of my new followers! Thank you for taking time to check out the Curvy E Chronicles!

My name is Courtney! I’m from a small town in Washington State and I have a love for all things food, adventure, beauty and SPARKLE!

I am so excited to say that I am about to start one of the biggest adventure yet! If you follow me on Instagram you may already know this but if you don’t just keep reading to hear all about the most amazing adventure to come!

I do want to apologize for taking such a hiatus from the blog and from my social media accounts. The last few months have been a roller coaster of emotions and taking everything one day at at time. Most often just getting through the work day was hard enough and even though I would have some down time to sit and write I couldn’t muster the energy to be creative or to even be consistent. I haven’t even played with the new make up products I have received through my subscriptions over the last few months. Which is saying something!

This has been one of the more trying times of my life but also one of the most beautiful, interesting and crazy experiences.

I am so excited to share with all of you that….


My husband and I are expecting our first baby coming in the first part of November!

We are so overjoyed and cannot wait for this incredible adventure that is laying out ahead of us! After almost three years of marriage we couldn’t be more excited to grow our family!


Our little back of Skittles is growing like crazy and by the time this is posted we will have ourselves a little mango! I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by! We will also find out if we are having a little boy or girl in the coming week and I couldn’t be more impatient! But however impatient I may be I know that this will be one of the best surprises we could ask for.

I have been away from writing and blogging for some time due to being sick and totally exhausted! Most days I would get home from work take a nap, eat dinner and then head off to bed. Basically a living zombie. The nausea kicked my butt for months and only recently has let up and in the middle of all of that my allergies were causing me to have a terrible cough which did not help anything! Add in being so completely tired in all of that and I barely had the capacity to do a load of laundry. My husband has been great through this hard part, picking up the slack and making dinner. I am so lucky to have him be so supportive and helpful when I’m not feeling my best. One thing I have told myself over and over again is that this is all worth it and that we are so incredibly blessed!

Now you know the big news and why I’ve been away for so long. But I’m working on getting my posting schedule set with some fun content! I cannot wait to share this amazing journey and all the highs and lows that come with it!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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