Colour Pop Haul : July 2019

Boy this has been a long time coming!!! I have not ordered from Colour Pop in….well gosh I don’t know how long! But I am so excited to show you what I have hauled this time! Get ready….because I don’t think your ready…ok maybe you’re ready….

Lets dive into this haul!



The first things I got were just a couple of restocks I have been in need. Colour Pop has been go to foundation and concealer for since they launched it! I have been using the same shades for the most part but this summer I actually have gotten some more sun so I had to order the next shade up! (And for my pasty white self that is saying something!) But I seriously love how this wears and how this applies. If you haven’t tried the Colour Pop face products you NEED to! Also did I mention they are extremely affordable!

P.S. I’m in foundation shade Fair 30/35 and concealer shade Fair 06


The next product I finally got was the BYOP or the Build Your Own Palette! I was super excited to get this as I have been eyeballing getting one of these for months now and just haven’t bit the bullet until now! They were running a deal on these and I couldn’t pass it up. This is the 12 eye and three cheek option. As you can see I’ve ventured out into getting some more adventurous shades as I really want to start playing with color more. These eye shadows are some of my favorites and I’m excited to add more to my collection.

Face Shades:

Bronzer- Afternoon Delight , Blush- Why Hello, Highlight- Angle Food

Eye Shadow Shades (Top Row Left to Right):

Cutoffs, Mr. Sandman, Silver Lining, Going Steady, Sleeper, Round House

Eye Shadow Shades (Middle Row Left to Right):

Beam Me Up, Baseline, Piece of Cake, Backstage, Heavenly, Formation

I’m really looking forward to getting a chance to play with some different colors for me and really getting outside of my comfort zone.

A recent launch for Colour Pop is these So Juicy plumping glosses. This one is in the shade Make is Savvy.  Like I have stated in the past I have been all over the gloss craze that is currently going on and I’m excited to try this one out. When I swatched on my hand this had some amazing shine!

They also have some of my all time favorite lipsticks so I picked up the shade Alyssa from the Kathleen Lights collaboration. This is a really pretty mauve pink and a perfect every day color.

Last but not least I decided to give their Ultra Blotted Lips a try. These are a lighter formula that give a subtle wash of color over the lips and wear for a long period of time. I got the shades Ojai There (top) and Swing Away (bottom). Both are really fun shades for the summer and having worn these a few times now I really enjoy the formula. It’s long lasting with out being drying and has the perfect popsicle lip effect. I think I may try out a few more of this formula in the future.

And that concludes my Colour Pop haul for this month. It was so nice to get some new items and I’m really excited to play with some color! Let me know in the comments if you would want to see an eye look in the near future!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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