Goals For 2020

A new year means some new goals!

It took me some time to get these written down and really put my thoughts in order and down on paper. With all of the changes I have faced this last year and how different each aspect is from merely just a year ago, I had to really recenter and refocus on what my priorities are now when it came to my goals.

Becoming a mom this year really put a new light into my life and opened my eyes to really narrowing down what is important and where I want to put my efforts this coming year! For this year I kept my goals less specific so that I could really give myself grace in what success will look like and what my life will be as the first year as a new mom.

2020 Goals

Finding Balance. 

The last two months about since my sweet little girl was born has been hard. And I’m not talking the kind of oh I don’t like doing this hard, it was the earth moving hard. I don’t think anything can prepare you for the first few weeks of motherhood, but I digress ( a post for another day). One thing that I have struggled with is finding the time each day or even each week, for that matter, to take even just five minutes for myself to decompress. I know for everyone’s well being I need to work on making that time and communicating with my husband to help me make that time for me as well. I also will be heading back to work in the middle of March and that is when the balance will really become important to make sure I have plenty of time for my little family. Finding and maintaining balance will be first and foremost to me this year.

Being Consistent. 

If I learned anything from 2019, consistency is key. Consistent in my actions, consistent in my habits, consistent in my thoughts and consistency with my priorities. I lost myself some in the last year with the struggles of sickness and exhaustion in early pregnancy, getting dragged through the mud at work because of another person’s opinion and working through the first weeks of being a mom. I struggled with being consistent with anything, my mental headspace, my goals, this blog, the plans I would make. Lots of things fell by the wayside and I found it challenging to get back to who I knew I was. And I want to change that for this year.


One goal from last year that carried over was to work on my personal and professional growth and leadership. I want to continue reading new books every opportunity that I have and working toward a leadership role at work as well as still striving to eventually put on a leadership seminar. After hitting an all-time low in the middle of 2019 and coming back better than I could have hoped I am looking to keep my growth and mental state level, balanced and consistent.

Though these are broad goals I feel they are going to be a challenge all in on their own to achieve. I am looking forward to the excitement of this new life this year has to bring with my growing family.

What are your goals for the coming year? No matter how big or how small you feel your goal is, tell me in the comments below!

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