Hi I’m Courtney!

Hi there and Welcome! My name is Courtney Erickson.img_7215

I was born and raised in the state of Washington, surrounded by trees and hay fields, horses and dogs, fresh air and open skies! I loved growing up in a small town and I can say that now that I have moved away and do everything I can to get back to it!

Strong willed, bull headed and outspoken are common terms used to describe me but I take them all as a compliment toward my confidence. It’s hard to grow up in today’s world with a strong sense of confidence and self worth, but I’ll tell ya my momma sure did a great job!

I spend my time volunteering in the rodeo community, helping out with local youth programs from the town I grew up in as well as in the town I live, crocheting in my quiet time and hiking with my husband and our furbabies Copper and Colt.

I’ll keep this short and sweet because if you follow along for any length of time  you will find out all about me and what I like to do!

Thanks for stopping in and saying Hello!