Hi I’m Courtney!

Hi there and Welcome! My name is Courtney Erickson.img_3039

I live in Eastern Washington in a rural farming town. Being born and raised in a small town I appreciate quiet living but my little family is still close enough to the big town amenities.

I recently became a mother to a sweet baby girl Claire. This has been the biggest and hardest adventure I have embarked on but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Bossy, bitch, opinionated, bull headed, and outspoken are common terms used to describe me but I take them all as a compliment toward my confidence. It’s hard to grow up in today’s world with a strong sense of confidence and self worth, but I’ll tell ya my momma sure did a great job!

I am looking forward to sharing my adventures with you in this crazy thing called life! Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook or through the contact page to collaborate and share all about the crazy adventures of life!


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