Vegas Vacation

Here’s my day two vlog!! I truly hope you enjoy these videos! Today we visited the Miracle Mile Mall at Planet Hollywood and I got to visit the Morphe Store and Quay Australia where I may have gotten some new things!! This has been so much fun with it only day two. Enjoy!! ThankContinue reading “Vegas Vacation”

Viva Las Vegas : 2018

It’s that time of year again! I’m headed off to the land of bright lights and no sleep,        Sin City! I’m so excited to be venturing off again this year for 9 days! As each year comes and goes there are always fun differences each time. This year my mom gets to spend the fullContinue reading “Viva Las Vegas : 2018”

Fall Bucket List 2018

Recently I was scrolling through some new blog posts from some fellow bloggers I follow and I came across this cute and fun idea of a Fall Bucket List! Thank you to Hub City Girl for this fun, fall inspired post and for the wonderful idea! I have linked her blog above so check her out andContinue reading “Fall Bucket List 2018”

Curvy E Chronicles: Year 1

I can’t believe it’s already been one year since I started the Curvy E Chronicles. A lot has changed in just one year. We have grown to almost 100 followers. I have fallen off of the healthier, happier me wagon more times than I care to admit. We have added new series! We have had 1617Continue reading “Curvy E Chronicles: Year 1”

A Week In Sin City

Vacation!!! It was finally that time of year and boy was it so much fun!!! And to spend a week in Las Vegas no less!!!! Yes I was very happy to come home but I was more happy about all of the new places and things I got to see this time around while IContinue reading “A Week In Sin City”