Pin Curl How To-Tutorial

In working on my most recent Wedding Wednesday post I found that I needed to break up pieces of it into two separate posts!

I bring to you my Pin Curl tutorial!

To start you’ll need some tools:

I love to use Lottabody Setting Lotion which you can get at any Sally Beauty supply or on Amazon. This big bottle has lasted me so long because you dilute it with water before using! You will also need “duck bill” clips or setting clips to hold the curls. I have a few different sizes and I got all of mine at Walmart.

You will also need a curling iron or wand. I personally like a wand and a 1/2 in size barrel works best for me. I find that with the wand I have more control when holding my curls before I go to clip/pin them.

Now for the hair! To start you want to spray the setting lotion on to your ends and disperse throughout your hair. This setting lotion will make your hair very wet so I like to spray sections and then take a brush to each section and brush it through until the section dries out; which doesn’t take long. This helps work the product in.

Once you have product all in your hair you’ll want to create sections. I personally like to work in three sections. Top/ crown and sides.

From here we will work section by section. I start with my left side section first just because I am right handed and this one is easier to get don’t first.


In each section you’ll now create straight lines across to make smaller sections and then work with about one inch of hair to create your curl. When I start to wrap my curls around the wand I like to wrap back and down. This helps to create the most volume at the scalp and a nice uniformity to each curl.

I hold the curl for 5-10 seconds depending on how hot the iron is and then let it fall into my hand. At this point the curl is already formed you just need to shape it back on it self around your fingers and pin it into place.

I work in horizontal sections all the way through my left side starting at the bottom and working up and then move over to my right side.

Now when you get to the top section you’ll end up working with bigger horizontal sections of hair. Also when working through the top you’ll want to focus your wrapping close to the root. This helps to create natural volume at the top of the crown.

Once I have completed my who head I let it sit for as long as I can but I usually recommend at least 20 minutes. I also take this time to put a misting of light hold hairspray all over my head.

The whole idea behind pin curls or set curls is so that the curl sets up in that shape. When your hair is heated up it is playable and easy to mold. If you want it so hold the shape you have just put into it you need to let it cool down in that shape. So by pinning the curls they set or cool down in that shape.


When you take your hair down I like to stick to the three sections again. With the sides I take them down and then spray them again with a light hold hairspray.

Then when I get to the top I like to do some teasing to add in more volume. In the pictures it looks like a lot more than it really is because there is natural volume due to my set curls. When I go into style, after I have let down my curls, I take my teasing brush over the area to smooth it over.

I really love doing my pin curls for special occasions including for weddings which you can find on this months Wedding Wednesday which you can read here.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and think of it next time you are in need of trying out a more elegant hair style!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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DIY At Home Gel Polish Tutorial

I know I am so late with this but it’s finally time I show you how I put to work all of the goodies that I got in my Amazon Haul!

It has been so much fun being able to do my own nails at home and to have them look just as nice as if I had went to the salon! I have been doing this mainly on my natural nails but I also have gotten some plastic tips that I like to file down and fit to my nails so that I look almost like I have acrylic’s on but they are much easier to remove and cost a lot less!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional nail tech. I bought all of my items from Amazon and after watching quite a few YouTube video’s I feel like I have gotten the hang of doing my own nails. What works for me may not work for you but this is simply to show you how I do my nails at home.

Now for the tutorial!

Normally this time of year I would be doing some fun vampy color with a gold or champagne glitter but I had a wedding I was going to and wanted to keep my nails a little more simple. For this I chose to use my Aimeili gel polish in #018 Sparkle Grapefruit and #019 Cake Pop.

I love the soft pink and the subtle glitter that both of these polishes offer and really make for an elegant and clean set of nails.

To start you will want to have clean dry nails. Here I have already shaped my nails img_2154because they are already short and stubby as it is just from ripping and tearing because they have been weak and brittle from having acrylic on for so long. I started out pretty long but they slowly have been getting shorter and shorter because they have been breaking. I am so close to having them fully grown out from when I had acrylic’s on last and then I’m hoping they will strengthen up and be long, pretty and natural. So all in all what I’m trying to say is, don’t judge my stubby little nails!




Next you’ll want to use a file and remove the shinny layer from the nails. By filing the nails you are roughing up the surface so that the polish has something to grip to. With this you want to be really careful not to go to far because then you can cause damage to your nail plate. I just try to make sure I have scuffed up the whole area on my nail. After I have scuffed them up I also like to use a small amount of acetone on a cotton ball and wipe any excess dust or debris off my nails.


From here we move into the base coat. With gel polish the color is sandwiched betweenimg_2156 the base and top coat. IMPORTANT: when applying any gel polish: base, color or top coat you want to make sure that it’s in THIN even coats. The biggest thing I learned with doing this is that you can always add more thin coats to make the nail opaque. If you start with a thick uneven coat it will cure wrong and bubble and become a hot mess. I actually made this mistake one of the first few times I was applying polish and it looked terrible! I ended up taking off my polish a few days later and starting over.




When I cure my base coat and all of my color coats there after I usually do 30 seconds under the light. Any tutorial you follow will tell you to follow the instructions on the polish but when you have a UV/LED light it’s hard to determine which is actually which! But I have found for me with these polished 30 seconds on base coat and following color coats seems to work really well!





Now for color. When I was saying thin coats above I wasn’t kidding! this is the first coat of pink that I applied and cured for 30 seconds.





This photo is the difference between coat 3 and coat 2. My pinky and ring finger have a third coat applied while my middle and index finger only have the second coat. You can see the difference in opacity. I ended up doing four coats in total with this light pink to get the color I wanted.




This next photo is after I added the final coat of color which was the glitter- 018 Sparkle Grapefruit. This glitter is very subtle and adds a really nice sparkle to the nails without being a full on glitter! (Please excuse my terrible application! I was looking light and was trying to multi task)

One thing you should remember to do as well is always clean off any polish that you get on your cuticles because it can lead to the polish starting to lift and peel prematurely. I am a very bad example of this. (This is me rushing through my nails because I waited to the last minute to do them and get photos for this post.)



Finally it’s time for top coat! The Aimeili Top Coat is a no wipe top coat which means that you don’t have the sticky layer that is left over once you have cured the top coat. I really like this because it means I am ready to go and don’t have an additional step to preform. I also really like this because I can do my own version of chrome nails with some of the pigments I have. Also with the top coat you want to make sure that you get a nice even layer and try to wipe off as much of the excess off of your cuticle as possible because again if you cure with it extending onto your skin this could lead to lifting and peeling or premature chipping of your polish.

And with that I have a nice fresh set of gel nails that I’ve done all by myself!




I waited until the next day to get nice photos in the day light of how these turned out. My nail shape is all sorts of crazy just because of having brittle nails but I really love the simplicity of this pretty pink with glitter! I really love being able to do my own nails and I can’t wait for my nails to be fully healthy again so that I can get them to grow longer and stronger and be fore fun to paint!

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY. Remember all of the products I use are linked in my Amazon Haul post. And again I am not a professional. I only do this for fun and like the fact that I am saving money by doing my own nails at home! Let me know if you want to see a post on how I use nail tips for a more acrylic look!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye on what might be up around the curve!

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Amazon Haul : August 2018

For my anniversary present this year I talked my husband into letting me get a starter kit to do my own gel nails at home! So I want to share with you all what I got!

I ordered everything from Amazon so that’s why I have titled this as an Amazon haul. The thing I love is that we have Amazon Prime so I got almost everything within 2 days.

This has been so much fun for me to play with and start doing my own nails and actually have them turn out nice! In this post I will show you everything I got and then in a coming soon post I will show you how I use everything!

Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional! I just like to do this for fun so that I can save some money in the long run and change my nail polish when I want to.

Let’s dive right in!

SUNUV 24 W UV Light LED Nail Dryer Curing Lamp in Pink


I got this lamp just to start out because it wasn’t really expensive and was the Amazon Choice and had prime! It’s been working great for me and I really have been loving how easy this whole process is.

Current Price $25.99 (I purchased at $35.99)

Onyx Professional Soak Off Coconut Scented Shellac and Gel Nail Polish Remover

img_1829I found this through watching many different YouTube video’s on at home and DIY nail tutorials. And I loved the idea of the fact that it has a slight coconut scent to it as you use it which is much less harsh than regular acetone.

Current Price $24.99 ( I purchased at $21.49)

Onwon 10pc Professional Plastic Acrylic Nail Art Soak Off Cap’s in Pink

img_1828 I got these thinking they would be helpful when removing my gel polish and I’m not totally convinced they are really worth it but for now I do like that I don’t need to work with tinfoil too much just because as weird as it may sound working with tinfoil can make my teeth hurt (anyone with fillings understands what I’m talking about).

Current Price $5.96

2 Sets 100 Tips Fan Shape White and Transparent Plastic Nail Art Tip Display


Pictured here are only the tips I have used with the different colors I have on the clear tips. I figured I would save the white tips for when I get more colors and what not. These sets come with the nice ring to hold them all together as well. I have found these to be super helpful when I want to know what a color actually looks like vs. what it looks like on or in the bottle.

Current Price $6.69

Gellen Top and Base Coat & Aimeili No Wipe Top Coat and Base

Two sets of top and base coat might seem excessive but I got two different brands of polish so I thought I needed the top and base to go with each brand well that’s not the case I can work with any top or base as long as it’s cured right and it’ll work just fine. I was really happy thought that I got the no wipe top coat from Aimeili because then I can try out doing my own chrome nails with some of the old pigments I have!

I also got the Gellen in a bundle with some other polish so I got a better deal than the 9.99

Current Price: Gellen-$9.99 and Aimeili-$10.99

Gellen Gel Nail Color-Assorted colors and bundles


These are actually mini size bottles. Which for me isn’t a big deal because I really don’t for see myself going through an entire bottle even if it is a mini. These colors came in two different sets. One I got as a set of four and the other as a set of six. Gellen offers a nice option for these sets so you can get a number of different colors at a discounted rate. Both of these sets are very neutral colors and one glitter which I love!

Prices range from $12.99-17.99 for the sets

Aimeili Soak Off Gel Polish- Various Colors

Of course I couldn’t just do with a few different colors! I had to get a bunch! These are a different brand but these are full size bottles of color and I really like the shade options and range. Some of the glitters are less opaque than I was expecting but all are really nice shades. These I ended up purchasing mostly individually but I did get one set of 6 because it was more cost effective and I ended up getting two additional shades that I can always use later on.

Prices range from $6.99-$23.99


Again I want to state that I am NOT a professional! I only got this set to get started and to give it a try in hopes that it will save me money in the long run and I will say it is pretty easy and there are lots of tutorials on YouTube to help if you ever have questions!

This whole lot of stuff cost me about $200. Yes that is a lot of money up front but the benefit is you will save money in the long run. Think about how much it costs to get your nails done professionally it’s anywhere from $35-$45 with a tip so you add that up and in three months you have paid for this whole set. Now the reason that this is so much too is because of all of the different color polishes I bought. You don’t have to start out with that many by any means. I’m just obsessive and want as many options a possible! So in order to get started with one or two polishes this whole thing would cost less than $100! I really recommend purchasing items separately or in smaller “kits” as some times the starter kits are more expensive than when you break it down.

I’m hoping that in the next month I can put together a tutorial to post as well, so keep an eye out for that!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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