Poshmark Haul!

If you haven’t heard of Poshmark you are a lucky soul because once you download the app and start shopping it’s addicting and the deals are amazing! Poshmark is a community of people who are buying and selling the latest and greatest fashions. I had seen a lot of adds for them and what finally made me log in and give it a go was when I watched a YouTube video talking about their experience shopping on Poshmark and all of the great deals they got! I though well I’ll give it a look just to see if I can find anything firstly in my size and secondly worth getting.

Boy was I surprised to find all different styles, all different sizes and all kinds of amazing deals! I had to really rein myself in and limit to what I purchased other wise I could have spent a lot of money in just the first week! But the nice thing is you can “heart” or “like” items and keep track of them for price drops or the seller can send you special offers on that item. That is how I have purchase most of my items was when I received an offer from the seller for discounted shipping and a lower price! It also allows you counter offer back or even make offers on items to the seller which is really nice. There is a base rate of shipping for $6.49 unless the seller offers a discount.

Let me show you the items I got and then we will talk about the shipping process and the over all experience I’ve had so far!


This is a blue fitted dress from Torrid that I got for $16.99 (including shipping). Can you believe that deal?! I mean how adorable is this dress! Now I’m not usually a big fan of getting fitted dresses but I am really working on my body confidence and I really love the color blocking and how it creates a slimming look! The black belt around the waist also helps to give me more shape! This dress was in like new condition and only had one small snag that I noticed the second time I wore it but that isn’t super visible or noticeable.






This is another dress from Torrid ( I really like to search for the Torrid brand because I know I like the fit of that brand of clothes.) This dress I absolutely fell in love with when I saw it and I knew I just had to have it! I still did way for the seller to offer a deal on it with discounted shipping. So I got this dress for $21.49 (including shipping). I did end up paying the full price on shipping but the awesome young lady I bought this from found a small stain on the lining when she was getting it ready to ship and let me offer a lower price which I was super appreciative of! The stain is on the inside that no one but me would see and isn’t even that bad so I was really thankful for her honesty and transparency with this purchase!





And surprise another piece from Torrid! This is a fun and sassy Sequin Peplum Tube Top. I got this for $26.99, again a total bargain! (Please don’t mind my closed eyes in the first photo-taking my own pictures can be a struggle some days haha) This top is so much fun! I am hopping to find a fun bright pair of pants to go with it to wear for a fun night out! This top has a full zipper in the back making it easy to get on and off and not struggling (which can happen when your a big girl). The only concern I have with this top when I wear it is how low cut it seems to me but that’s an insecurity I’m just going to have to get past because this is too damn cute not to wear!

The three pieces I have already received were so fast! I mean within 2 days it was in the mail to me and the shipping is really fast as well. I think the longest I have had to wait was 3 days. Currently I also have two other orders I have made that I am waiting to ship. One said that she would be putting in the mail today while the other I have yet to hear from. This is the first time I have had a small issue with a seller so I think it just might be a one off situation where the seller might not be actively watching their items. The nice thing with Poshmark is they send a reminder to the seller that the item has been purchased and need to ship it out. They also allow you to cancel the order if it hasn’t shipped within 3-5 business days! I think this is awesome for situations like this one.

Now the only downside to Poshmark is that you cannot return items to the seller if they are the wrong size so you do risk something not fitting if the size listed doesn’t run true. I have been pretty lucky so far with these in my size but I also know what size I wear at Torrid so it make it much easier! But the bonus to this is you can always turn around and resell the item to get your money back!

Overall I think Poshmark is awesome! It’s a fantastic community of people who share a love of fashion! I keep my eyes out for great deals and can’t wait to show you another haul soon!

Let me know if you all use Poshmark! What deals have you gotten on there?


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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Good Will Finds : Thrifty Thursday

This past weekend my best friend and I adventured to Good Will to do some shopping and to see what deals and steals we could find! I was really surprised that I walked out spending $34.76 and with 5 new dresses for the spring and summer!

When going to second hand stores I never know what I will find that will be in my size or even fit me but I was really excited I found these steals that were not only right up my ally but also perfect for everyday wear and for work as well.

Now I want to start by saying that this is my first type of blog like this and my amazing husband helped me take the photo’s- they aren’t the best but this is a work in progress and I really want to expand my blog a lot more so here goes nothing!


I took a risk buying this dress given that it didn’t have a tag with a size on it and given the material I wasn’t sure how much wiggle room I really had. But it ended up fitting just about perfectly! I didn’t even have to use the zipper in the back just slipped it on over my head.  The only thing I had trouble with this dress was the V neck front. As you can see in the photo my tank top was peaking out and I wasn’t a big fan of that. However the bust area on the dress has enough wiggle room that I could pull it some closed a little higher and put a safety pin in to keep my cleavage from falling out.

After wearing this for a day at work with just the safety pin to hold the bust area more closed together I think I may hand stitch it so that I am not constantly fighting with a safety pin. I am really excited to wear this dress for the spring and summer time as it is really nice and light and airy with a nice flow and really is a beautiful color! I also appreciate the little bit of rushing around the waist that also cinches in and gives a more flattering look. img_0378

This next dress is for sure an old style probably from the late 80’s early 90’s but the fun thing about fashion is that certain things always come back in style and if you know how to accessorize you can make anything current! I didn’t pair this with anything just yet because I feel with the floral print and the tiered ruffle bottom and flowy sleeves this dress can speak for itself! The only struggle I have with this one is that the dress itself is very sheer and see through. I have on a white skirt slip and a white undershirt for the photo but I think a black full dress slip would look nice or even a pop of color like the red or gold in the flowers. The other thing I really want to pair with this dress is a belt around the middle or a sash of some sort to help give myself a bit more shape. Over all though I really love this dress and how it fits!


This was another risky buy for me because on the hanger this dress looked a lot smaller than it actually is. This dress has a lot of nice stretch to it and is designed with these piping type seams that also allow for stretch and give a flattering shape to the dress. I really loved the colors on this one as well and with the busy design I find it more flattering for my shape and size. The pink, white and navy also fit nicely into my current wardrobe so this will be a nice piece to have for the spring and summer. I also really like the length on this dress. It hits just below my knee which I enjoy because it’s long enough to cover everything but not so long that I feel like I am hiding from the sun. The material on this dress is also really nice because it’s a knit type fabric that also has some weight to it so it makes for a nice hang on this dress as well.

img_0376This was one of the first dresses I found that I really liked and was for sure in my size. When I held it up on the hanger I didn’t notice that there was a slight narrowing at the bottom of the dress giving more room at the hips. For me this is not a flattering shape but I think if I try with a different under garment that this will look smoother and have a nicer shape on me. I really like the patter on this dress and being in black and white it’s very easy to pair with some bright pops of color for accessories. This is very much a summer dress and not one I would wear to work. I really like the material which also a knit type material that has a nice feel and hang to it. This is a maxi dress so it does all the way to the floor and I normally am not drawn to dresses like this but for $5 I couldn’t really pass this one up. I’m hoping that as I start working to loose inches that this dress will start to hang a lot nicer and look more flattering on my body type.


Last but not least is the piece I was most excited about to add to my work wardrobe! This was a two piece suite that probably made it’s debut in the late 80’s or early 90’s but leave it to me to find this bright bundle of fun that is so much my personality I can’t handle it! As soon as I saw the jacket on this two piece set I knew I need to try it on to see how it fit in the arms and just like that I found my favorite find of the day! When I got home I tried on the skirt and with this type of material and cute of a pencil skirt it didn’t fit nicely on me so I will hold off on wearing this in total as a set to work until I feel more comfortable in the skirt. The jacket however is just a statement piece on it’s own! The large floral patter with the pastel pinks, purples and yellows just jump out and scream spring and summer! Both pieces are full polyester fabric so no stretch and very structured. This is also a dry clean only outfit so that is another thing I’m not totally fond of but I think with how cute this is I can handle getting it dry cleaned when I need to!

I loved doing this shopping and looking for those thrifty finds! It’s like a treasure hunt you just don’t know what you will find and I absolutely love the thrill of it. I think I might try to do this once a month and see what I can find.

Let me know if you would be interested in a Thrifty Thursday series here on my blog!

I am really excited to post this just because it’s something new for my blog and it’s taken a lot for me to be comfortable posting full body photo’s of myself just because like anyone I have insecurities with my looks. I hope you enjoy this!

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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