Run Fat Girl Run

One of my big goals for 2018 is to become more physically active and to loose weight. Seems like I always want this to be my new year “resolution” and I never seem to accomplish any of it. But looking back I don’t think I have actually gone about it in the right way. I have jumped in to quickly…made the foolish mistakes of hurting myself because I wasn’t mastering form and the biggest mistake I have made is giving up on myself. And I knew better than to give up on myself. I knew better than to be so hard on myself and I knew better than to try and push myself too far too fast but none the less that is the mistake I made. And that is what I want to change this year!

No don’t let the title of this post fool you! I don’t run unless its from a monster or toward the ice cream truck. But I am making a promise to myself to work toward becoming more physically active. I think by making this my goal I am setting myself up for success because as long as I am doing physical activity that will help me more than anything!

So here is my plan of action!

Creating a work out calendar!


In my free I took the opportunity to print out my own workout calendar and hand write in all of the different work outs. I know this might seem time consuming and tedious but I find that if I put the effort into making something as simple as the calendar then in my mind I will attempt to put the effort into sticking to the schedule! So for the first 6ish months of this year I am going to try out 3 rounds of PIYO by Beach Body.


I found this on one of those late night infomercials that make us all buy things. You know the ones I am talking about! Any how I was drawn in to this new workout from Beach Body because of one simple aspect– Low Impact! I never thought that this would be so intriguing to me but given that I am not nearly in the shape I want to be or should be for that matter, starting small and with modified low impact moves sounded like the perfect beginning for me! I am excited to start this journey.

The program is Monday through Sunday weeks with rest day’s on Friday’s. I personally would have liked to have rest days on Saturday’s given I do more things on the weekend and have a Monday – Friday work schedule but I will adjust to this! This is a combination of yoga and Pilates so it’s going to help increase core strength and flexibility.

I am excited to start this program. In high school I tried a little bit of yoga and wasn’t very good at it but I’m hoping that with this program I can not only get better but also learn more about isolated area’s on my body and those specific muscle groups and how to work them.

One thing I have done to help me stick with this new regimen is to give myself a reward each week that I am active. And learning form my past I have made it non-food rewards. The first 8 weeks rewards are:

  • pedicure
  • manicure
  • new book
  • new makeup item
  • new shoes
  • movie date night
  • bath bombs
  • new work out outfit

And each of these rewards will help me get to the over all goal of being happier and healthier me!


I’m hoping to keep up on my progress here and to also keep a journal so that I am keeping myself accountable!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


Fitness Friday: August 4th, 2017

I have been really struggling the last few weeks to stay on track with eating right and staying some what active. In fact to be straight up honest I just haven’t tried at all! With wedding’s and anniversaries and weekends away it’s been hard to meal prep and to stay on top of things.

Now I’m not going to make any more excuses because quite frankly that’s all they are-EXCUSES!


I am going to work harder!

I am going to get stronger!

I am going to be a better me!

I want to take anniversary photos next year and feel better about how I look!

I’m not doing this for anyone but me!

This is what I am going to do to make ME happy!

So here’s to a getting back on track!

Here’s to starting again!!

Who is with me!!!


Fitness Friday : June 23rd, 2017

Welcome to Fitness Friday!

This week we are going to talk about the one healthy choice you make for yourself.

This week my choice was to take a salad for lunch every day this week!

Believe it or not making a salad for every day of the week really brings out your creative juices because you have to think of new and improved ways of taking boring and bland to the next level and adding new and different toppings!

My favorite toppings are onions, cranrasins and chicken! We cook chicken most nights of the week so I take half of my chicken from the night before and use it for my salad the next day. The fun part about this is my husband is always trying new marinades and different seasonings, so this gives my salad a little something different each day as well. I add onions for crunch and the cranrasins give the bit of sweet I crave!


img_6128This is my salad from the other day: Spinach, deer steak (super lean protein) onions, cheese, and a salsa ranch dressing just to jazz it up.

With dressings I will only use one to one and a half serving sizes because usually that it plenty and that way my calorie count isn’t out of control.

I hope you enjoyed this first Fitness Friday! Let me know in the comments what one choice you are making for yourself each week! One small choice can change a whole lot!

Keep an eye out for what’s up around the curve!

I won’t accept defeat…only change

I’m here to be real and honest in my journey to a better version of me.

So let me get this out of the way first! I am OVERWEIGHT! That is why I started this is because I am trying to better every part of me and I’m sick of feeling the way I do! With that being said PLEASE DO NOT judge me!!

I started my day one with a work out and I could only get through half of it. I was sore and winded and my back was aching! But I pushed through! I did my abs on the next day and I went into Day three with a vengeance…..well that wasn’t a good idea at all…..

I ended up severely straining my lower back muscles and spending the last few days barely able to walk and brought to my knees any time I stood up straight….

I was miserable and because of this I wasn’t able to finish  my first full week of my 12 week plan…I was disappointed in myself and disappointed I couldn’t stick with something I wanted to hard to stick with!

I had a whole system set up that for every 5 consecutive day’s I stuck with something I got a non food related reward to change my mindset and perspective. And I was so bummed I couldn’t make the first 5 days happen.

But then  CLICK!!!!

I had a total thought make over! I wasn’t skimping out on my workout plan I was merely just experiencing a bump in the road.

SO  WHAT if my first week didn’t go as planned…when does it ever

SO WHAT if I missed a couple of days….due to my own dumb fault

SO WHAT if I have to keep going longer than my 12 weeks…we all know I want to keep going beyond that!

SO WHAT!!!!!!!

That is why I won’t be accepting defeat but only change!

Change in myself

Change in my workout plan

Change in my attitude

Change in my who mind body and soul

I need to build up my strength and I need to find a way to get there so that I don’t hurt myself again.

So we are changing it up!

We are trying something new!

I will not let my mind defeat me this time! I am stronger than I think and stronger than I know!!!

So here we go! Into a new week and into continuing on my journey to a better and more well rounded me!!!

Day One!

This is the start. The start I needed to get things going and to try and make my life better in more ways than one!

There are so many cliché quotes I could paste across this but that’s not really what I am here to do! I want to be honest and to really show you the true me in all my entirety no matter how scary it might be!

Today marks a start to an endless journey that I hope will push me beyond the comfort zone I have fallen into and to push me to achieve and strive for more for myself!

So you may ask how day one went…well let me give you a bit of a run down!

Started off being woken up by my cats knocking over my ironing board….I being home alone thought I was about to get murdered….in broad daylight….I can be paranoid at times! This all happened 5 minutes BEFRORE my alarm goes off!!!! REALLY!!?? Yep that is what Monday started like for me. Oh well though I have made a goal and a commitment to myself that I am going to make this my Day One! My Starting Point!!

So I changed my clothes, put on a bra and got to my work out! I have made myself a schedule to start out and stick to so that I can make sure I am improving each and every week and working toward my end goal!!!

I start my workout and guess what!!!! My chunky butt got so winded in the first 15 minutes I could barely breathe and decided to stop. But I did get that 15 minutes in!

So the question is do I kick myself for not finishing the dance video?!?!?!?! Or should I be proud of the fact that I am making a choice to make my life better and to work harder???

The decision is yours.

But I’ll tell you I was pretty damn proud of myself for pushing for those 15 minutes and pushing to sweat and start working harder! Because after all we have to start somewhere!

Now remember today is Monday….and not just Monday but Monday the 1st…..I work in the banking world and for anyone else who does this they understand what this means! Prepare for battle! Put on your war paint, your relax fit pants and your most comfortable shoes because this day is about to OWN you!

Well before I even get to work I remember…oh ya I didn’t pack my lunch….missed step #1…..then I realize, oh ya I didn’t grab breakfast….then crap, I didn’t leave a check to pay rent….shoot, I didn’t make coffee either! You may ask what I did with the rest of my morning after just 15 minutes of working out well let me tell you….I was watching Peoples Court because that show is hilarious and I now know everything I could possibly need if I’m ever in small claims court!

Well I make it to work and guess what…my out of shape self now has a back ache….and YES after 15 mins of cardio workout I gave myself a back ache! Judge me if you’d like but I have to make a start and this is it!!!!

So through the pain and fake laughs at the number of times people admire the pet rock collection we have I have made it through my day! I get home check the mail and all is right with my world for the night! Not!!!! I forgot to stop and pick up my husbands 4-wheeler tire from getting fixed….

So what is the moral of this incredibly whinny and wonderful story I just told you………

No matter what you get thrown at you in a day you must make a start and work hard sometimes harder than ever to make it better than what it seems! Can you quit…sure but the question is should you quit??


Keep pushing and striving for better! Make your Day One and get on it! Get started on a better you no matter what!


Your cliché quote for the day….

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