Book of the Month : July 2018

 I hope you all are loving book of the month as much as I am! I have found it so nice to take some time away and get caught up on some much needed reading!

The book this month is one I found in the sale bin at Barnes and Noble. The light blue cover and title stuck out to me the most.

This month’s book of the month is Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

I didn’t know that this book is a series of short essay’s from Mindy about her career in television, her love life and the different struggles she faced to make it where she has. The best part of this book to me is the feeling while reading is that you are just purely having a conversation with Mindy.

There are so many funny references and jokes and just so much realness throughout the whole book I found it hard to put it down. One of the chapters even goes through a typical day in her life with photo’s included. And let me just say she is a busy woman!

The bits I loved most about this book is that throughout the whole of it she talks about how she overcomes stereotypes of being a minority woman that doesn’t fit the typical Hollywood type yet she has worked hard, busted her butt and gained the confidence to get to where she is now! She has faced adversity and people telling her no but with help from friends and confidence she has overcome and become not only a successful writer but also the star of her own TV show The Mindy Project.

In the final chapter titled “Why Not Me?”, Mindy talks about how she found her confidence and how it has helped her and for other young women to believe in themselves and to push to follow their dreams you can make it too.

I really enjoy this witting and spunky book of essays! I find it fun and so real! I hope you get a chance to check it out and let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Where Did June Go?

This month has been slipping by! It’s been one busy week after another with work and I have been struggling to keep up with my posting schedule. I’m hopping to jump back into it all this week and refocus on this and make my posting much more consistent.

But in the mean time Curvy E Chronicles has hit


and I am so incredibly humbled and blown away! Thank you for taking the time to read through all of my scattered thoughts and all of the crazy antics I have listed here! I am so incredibly grateful for all of the love and support on this little adventure and I really hope to see this grow into something bigger and better as time goes on!

I will be getting back to a regular posting schedule soon and I am working on organizing my home office better so that I can work on it more at home as well!


Again I am soooooo thankful for all of you who take part in the Curvy E Chronicles!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

Book of the Month : June 2018


I really am loving being able to do this new series that is also so beneficial to me and my mental health! After all the Curvy E Chronicles is about a journey to a happier, healthier me!

This month’s book is Kind is the New Classy by Candace Cameron Bure.


A friend of mine posted a photo of the cover of this book on her Instagram and the title grabbed me, it sounded like the perfect book for me! So a week later I took a trip to Barnes & Noble to find my next book of the month.

Now when I was looking through the sections at Barnes & Noble I really honestly thought that this book would be in the self empowerment area. So I spent about 30 minutes looking through each shelf and each section but couldn’t find it! I was about to be really bummed because then I would have to order online and wait for it to come in and well I really wanted to get started on it so I didn’t want to have to wait (instant gratification moment here). But I asked for help and they pointed me in the direction of the religion section. This kind of caught me off guard just because that wasn’t my first thought when I wanted to pick up this book but either way I found it and I was excited to start reading it.

This brings me to my first point with this book. It is very heavy with versus from the Bible and Candace talking about her faith as a Christian. Now this can be too much and a turn off for some, but for me I appreciate her outlook through out the entire book and how she shares her faith with the reader; agreeing to disagree and knowing what is important to her might not be important to others. It’s not preachy or forceful it’s just about her. And the reason I wanted to highlight this as a first point in because I know everyone has their own religious views and sometimes a book like this isn’t going to be a good fit for everyone so just a heads up.

Now with that being said I want to share one of the many quotes I found in the book that just stood out to me to be so real and true and amazing!


“Opinions are just that: opinions. They are personal, but a person is always far more than their intellectual stances, and every person is always worthy of respect, even if we don’t agree with their views.”

How powerful is that statement!

The world we live in today is all to quick to judge and to hate just because another individual shares a different belief or opinion. I just don’t understand where we lost the ability to agree to disagree. Having a civilized conversation about two apposing sides is almost unheard of any more which is sad but isn’t that where ideas are form and if we all agreed wouldn’t this make life boring?

I mean after all having different opinions is what allows us to be unique and individual.

The real skill is when you can respect another opinion even if you don’t agree with it or believe.

I am absolutely loving this book and think it has so many great points on being a kind and classy person! If we all took a moment to put kindness first and lead with a kind heart imagine how much of the world we can change!

I don’t want to spoil anymore of the book but just know it’s worth the read!

What should I read next? I’m looking for any great book recommendations if you have them! Comment below!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Book of the Month : May 2018

So I want to start a new series going into the second year of the Curvy E Chronicles!

On the first Friday of every month I want to highlight a book I am reading! I am trying really hard to read more and spend more time on making a better me! I started this blog one year ago to help keep myself accountable for making a happier healthier me and I think reading some good books is another step in the right direction!

This month I am reading Taking Aim by Eva Shockey.


I got this book as a gift for Christmas from my brother and I am just now getting around to reading it! I was really excited to start reading this because the main inspiration on the book cover is “Daring to be different, happier and healthier in the great outdoors.” That in itself is all I want in life so what a perfect start to this new series!

For those who don’t know Eva Shockey is a female hunter, conservationist, and television and social media phenomenon. She defies the stereotype that hunting is only for men.

Now you might not know much about hunting or the lifestyle but this book isn’t about just that, its about making a difference and daring to challenge the status quo. It’s about believing in yourself and trusting God’s plan. It’s about working hard and having the patience to know that in time all will work out!

I haven’t finished the book just yet but I have to say I am enjoying it! The message that Eva delivers is a strong one about being confident in yourself and remembering that you have so much to offer!


What books are you all reading right now? Do you have a favorite that I should read?

Let me know because my goal is to read one new book each month.


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When the Day’s Pass By

This week seems to have been going by like crazy!

Each day I feel like it’s four o’clock in the afternoon before I know it and it’s almost quitting time, then heading home to cook dinner and attempt to accomplish something before going to bed.

Before I know it, a whole week has gone by and I haven’t taken the time to just sit and put out a few thoughts!

Do you ever find this happening to you?

Do you ever feel like for no apparent reason you are already at the next weekend and didn’t realize it?

Do you think-Wow?! How is it already Friday again?

I personally look forward to Friday every week because that is the end of my week and I look forward to having time off with my husband. But there are times that this almost feels like it just flies by too fast.

Day’s begin to blur together. Remembering distinct differences about each day goes away. Finding the shinning moment in each day disappears.

The more I think about that it makes me sad, because I know there are so many beautiful things that happen just in a day that I need to focus more on. I need to pick out the beautiful moments, the shinning moments, the ones that make each day unique.

Wish for the next weekend and for the next Friday to come is no way to live. Because in fact you aren’t living-you are wishing your precious time away.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to wish my time away! I want to spend every moment embracing all there is to live and be happy about!

Today I stumbled upon a post with a link to a song called:

“Fear is a Liar” By Zach Williams

I played it twice over and all I thought was that I really needed to hear this song today. Doubt and fear are heavy things to carry around with you every day. This morning I for some reason was just having a rough time. I was down on myself I was just plain down. I couldn’t tell you one particular reason or anything specific that was getting to me. But after listening to this song I just couldn’t help but look at myself and think-do you really have anything to be down about? I had no real answer for my question.

But the more I thought about it, the more I just came to realize that I needed to slow down. I need to take a moment and “smell the roses”.

So I guess my whole point is that all too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of what we “should” do or what is “socially acceptable” and we focus less on what the really important things are that are right in from of us. We let the fear of the unknown consume us and keep us from straying off to “smell the roses”.


I know it is easier said than done to not live in fear of what could be, might be or could have been but that is what I am going to try and accomplish! Starting today I am going to take a moment each morning and evening to thing about the one important thing in my day that stands out and that makes me smile, laugh or just feel good!

I know not everyday can be great but I know I can make every day great!!

The Best Part of Valentines Day

So many people I know loath the holiday that is

Valentines Day

I used to be one of these people.

I thought that Valentines was a holiday spent with a significant other getting notes and chocolates and flowers and surprises and all of the lovey, dovey, gooey, mushy stuff we all see in the mass media. But the truth of the matter is that’s not realistic! We all want it to be and for some it might be but for a vast majority nothing is really how it looks on TV.

In my years of adolescents I always seemed to have this unrealistic expectation that my current crush would somehow know all I wanted was a single rose just to let me know they liked me. Or I thought maybe I would finally find Mr. Right. Each year I was disappointed to get cookies from and a card from my mom and brother! Some years it would crush me as I watched my friends and their boyfriends spend time and effort and a lot of money for our age to surprise and dote on each other. I just wanted what they had! Why couldn’t someone love me enough to do those special things for me!


Boy, if I could go back now and tell my tween/teenage self to be patient because there would come a time when I realized that I wouldn’t need the chocolates, the cards, the flowers, the stuffed animals, the cookies and that I had the best valentines in the world growing up!


In my adult life I have changed my out look on Valentines day (and all holiday’s for that matter). I have decided that it’s about celebrating the love I have for all of the people in my life! The material items aren’t the important part of day’s like today! The important thing is spending time with the ones I love even if it’s a simple phone call, a text or even just a few moments together in a day.

Being a wife, a daughter, a sister, a best friend…that is where the love in my life is! And I challenge everyone to look at Valentines day differently and remember that it’s not about just having a significant other! It’s about having the ones your closest to close to you!

It’s all a matter of perspective!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

Twenty : Eighteen

Can you believe it’s already a new year?!

I feel like time just keeps flying by in the blink of an eye and I can’t seem to wrap my brain around it! But as crazy as it seems a new year brings for new beginnings, new goals and new trials.

Now I know any day can be considered a day to start a new beginning but for some reason we all look for the big one, the new start, the official start…some sort of for sure starting point. I am horribly guilty of this. I put things off until Monday or until the first of the month or until the first of the year and, well, it’s just not the right way of going about things.

But none the less I have done it to myself again…. I have waited until the first of the year to get started on my goals. I have waiting to finally put myself first and make a commitment to bettering myself. When I initially started this blog in May I thought that I would be committed and that I would stop doing this to myself but I slipped right back into bad habits and setting ridiculous expectations that I wasn’t meeting. I was frustrated, discouraged and disappointed in myself but yet I still kept falling back into the vicious cycle of waiting for the next day. And even though I am back at waiting until the next day I am finally going to make a promise to myself (and I have recruited my husband to help me) that I will stick with bettering myself no matter what! If I fall back or if something doesn’t work I will keep pushing so that I can keep on track!

I owe it to myself!

I am setting goals! I am going to keep track! I am going to make myself the happiest I can be!

Watch me!

So to prepare I have started with a new planner for 2018. I want to get off on the right foot! I have also created a workout calendar. I am starting my meal planning and food prep again. I am making a separate journal and planner just for blogging. I am going to make this year just that much better!

This is the year I am going to change my life!

I am still working on a list of specific goals for myself for this up coming year but so far I feel like I am getting started on the right foot by working to hold myself accountable. Change is hard for anyone but it is a must because that is how we grow as people and humans!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!





I am so overwhelmed that there are 25 people in the world who like to read what I have to say and like to follow along on my crazy journey of life!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to follow along and to be apart of my every changing and ever growing journey to a happier and healthier me! I have found that this has been an amazing experience just putting thoughts down and also sharing my loves, passions and hobbies!


Thank you thank you thank you!


5 Days of Thankful : Day 5

To round out my 5 Days of Thankful I am thankful for this life.

It might seem cliche but I really am thankful for the hand I have been dealt in life. I have grown and been made stronger each and every day. Even when I think I am down and out I know there is always something that I will pull me through. I know that when I feel like I want to give up there will be something that I can reach for.

Recently I have been in a slump… more stressed than I should be…cranky over little things and just straight struggling to get through the day. I have been down on myself and it has affected every part of me!

So this week has been nice to sit and really think about the things I am thankful for because it reminds me of all of the reasons I have to smile, all of the growth I have made in my life and all the change that is still yet to come.

I have to remember to be thankful for the change in life! With out it I wouldn’t be where I am today and I wouldn’t be as fortunate as I have been. Remembering to be thankful for everything… the people who come and go within my life, my husband, the little things, my family, and most of all this crazy life I am living!

So on this final day of thankful I hope I have inspired you to remember all of the things you are thankful for and when things seems to be not going right that you take a minute and remember to be thankful! It can be challenging to come out of a slump but taking a few quick moments to write down, think of or remember all of the things you are thankful for will make all the difference in your mood!

Be thankful and have a fantastic weekend!