TJ Maxx Haul : August 2018

Let’s be honest, I am a shopaholic and Tj Maxx is one of my biggest vices!

It takes all of my conscious effort not to apply for their rewards credit card because we all know how bad that could end up being. But I do love spending some time at TJ Maxx digging through different area’s to see what I can find. And I wanted to share one of my more recent hauls!


I am such a stationary junkie it’s not even funny! Love stationary, journals, note pads, note books, pens, pencils, holders, paper clips, sticky notes, etc. You name it when it comes to stationary and I love it! So when I found this absolutely adorable top binding spiral note book I couldn’t resist! I also love the quote create your own happiness because a lot of times in life we need to work harder at this than we know. I like having the daily reminder staring right at me when I open this up each day!


So sticking with my stationary theme I also got a super cute planner for next year. This one is from the same company I got my planner from last year. This is the one I like to use most when meal planning and working on my grocery list. I love how it has not only a monthly calendar lay out in the beginning but it also has a weekly lay out with nice room to write out recipes!


And guess what?! Another floral note book! Why, you may ask? Well because I wanted it that’s why! Haha! I am so in love with the current floral trend that I have been taking full advantage of it! I love the pinks and blues and purples! I don’t have a use for this note book just yet but I know I can find one!


Next up is one of the rare finds I have come across when shopping at TJ Maxx. It’s a weekly meal planer with a magnet on the back of it which is perfect for the refrigerator. I use these all the time to help my husband know what the dinner plan is so that we don’t have two different things planned especially when he beats me home most nights. I love these so much but I have the hardest time finding them. I even looked up the company that makes it online and it’s like they don’t make them any more, which would explain why it’s at TJ Maxx. But any time I see these I will always purchase them because they make our household run much smoother!

img_1236I know another stationary item….what can I say! This is a fun rainbow desk calendar that I actually like to hang on the wall to help plan out my work outs and to help me “X” off the days as I do them! I haven’t been the greatest at sticking to anything but this is a fun way to write it all out and keep track!


About a year ago I wrote a whole post on the importance of a hand written thank you note and ever since then I have tried to keep thank you notes with me and take time to write them out. I’m not the best at it but I do try. When I came across these thank you notes in the clearance section and I couldn’t resist. Pink and glitter! I mean these just scream ME! so These are my new set of thank you cards I have for the coming year!


I couldn’t resist these key chains that were also in the clearance section! These matching key chains are for my best friend and I. With her birthday coming up I wanting to find some cute things to give her on the day of!


This month one of our dogs turned 3 years old! She is my husbands dog through and through and every year we celebrate her birthday! When I was wondering through the dog section I came across these sweet treats and I thought it couldn’t be more perfect for both of our dogs (we have a girl and a boy). Because they don’t comprehend sharing very well (haha) I made sure to get one for each of them. These actually smelled like birthday cake and our little furbabies loved them so much!


The last thing I picked up was these dish gloves because I have a bad tendency for tearing holes in the tips  because of my fake nails. So any time I can find a cute pair I like to get them and plus I have been doing more of a natural nail recently and now I have a new set to start with so I don’t have to worry about tearing more holes in the fingers! Plus with them being pink my husband won’t touch them!

That concludes my TJ Maxx haul and all of the fun finds I picked up! I love TJ Maxx and I swear when my best friend and I are together it’s not a complete day until we have gone to TJ Maxx! Do you like shopping at TJ Maxx or Home Goods? What are some of your favorite finds? I hope you enjoyed my haul this time!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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TJ Maxx HAUL!!!!



For one reason or another I have felt compelled to do some silly shopping at TJ Maxx! And by silly shopping I mean shopping for nothing that I need but for the pure fact that I wanted to SHOP!!!

Who else has those days where you just want to shop so you go and find cool things that you know you’ll use but don’t really need well that is what I did!!!

Check out the cute things I got!!!

These cute planners and note books!!! I love planners and note books of all kinds!!! And how cute are these! The floral print is just adorable! And I actually bought the floral planner and note book separately and didn’t realize they matched until I got home! The unicorn one I am saving to give to my best friend for her birthday coming up in September!

Now tell me how anyone could pass up these cute bags!!! The top bag is a light pink make up bag that is actually nicely large and holds everything I need when I’m traveling! (leave me a comment or message if you want to see my what I pack in travel make up). The adorable macaroon bag is made for holding all kinds of cord and different odds and ends while traveling! I am headed into the fall season when I will be traveling some for some different things and this is going to come in sooooo handy when keeping my cords and head phones and what not all organized!

These are a few odds and ends that I found and again couldn’t resist! The far right is a huge tote type bag that is great for the beach or a picnic or even just as a simple over night bag! And of course it has one of my favorite quotes on it! I also found these amazing smelling watermelon scented facial cleansing clothes. I had run out of my normal face wipes and needed some in a pinch and found these in the beauty section and I am so impressed! The clothes or wipes are very large and there are 60 in the back for $4. And when they smell delicious I couldn’t help myself! And the final thing I found was this adorable jewelry holder that I plan on giving to my best friend for her birthday as well! I thought it was incredibly cute and it says “embrace your inner unicorn”! How cute!!!

Well that is all that I have hauled recently from TJ Maxx! Look for more on how I like to use all of my different note books!!!


Keep an eye out for what’s coming up around the curve!



Monthly Meal Planning July 2017

Planning ahead will help you save money in the long run and will also help with making sure you eat healthier and stay on track with your goals!

I will show you how I go about planning for my husband and I for a full month, my grocery list and how I stick to it! I started this a couple of months ago so that I could better budget and so far we have saved so much money by not throwing away as much food because we are using most everything we have!


I Started with a Simple Planner

img_6398I’m pretty sure I got this on sale at Target and bought it because I liked the color…little did I know I would use it as much as I do!

The nice thing about planners like this are the different formats for each month and tabs that identify each month. There is a large grid calendar to designate events on each day but the part I take advantage of most is the larger sections for each day that spans each week in two pages. If what I just said doesn’t make sense here is a visual!

img_6399These large spacing for each day makes it ideal for writing in recipes and what different ingredients I will need as well as what sides I plan on making with the main course. I also like to put in different instructions that I might need specific to each different recipe.

Now I find most all my recipes on pintrest because it’s the easiest place to find simple recipe’s for the week night. And I find it more fun to look through pictures of food rather than to look through website after website looking for different meals that sound good.

Being that it is summer time I have found a lot of different marinade recipes because we are doing a lot of barbequing. With the marinades I try to make sure that I can get them done the night before if not the Sunday before the week starts.

img_6400This is a photo of a couple of the recipe’s that are our favorite! Now this is from the previous month of June but once we find things we like I tend to put them in from month to month. We still get variety but we also get to have our favorites! On this particular week I had two different marinades, two crock pot meals (when my husband was working nights) and one easy meal that we dumb in a pan and back in the oven.

I found all of these on Pinterest! All are easy and don’t require a lot of ingredients or prep-work ahead of time.

Once I have gotten my whole month planned out M-F (I don’t plan the weekends just because of doing different things and not always being home to cook- we usually rely on left overs on the weekend or we wing it) I begin to make my list!

I make two different lists! The first is for all of the ingredients needed to make all of the different meals I have planned. Then the second is what I will actually need when I go to the grocery store. While I am working out my second list I go through my pantry and freezer and look to see what all I already have. This makes it far more efficient when I go shopping to only buy things that I need and therefore help me to stick to my meal planning for dinners. With this I don’t plan on the large items I will need because I plan to buy those things anyway; items like chicken, onions, potatoes, eggs, ect. I do a lot of my shopping at Costco so the large items that we use a lot of I make sure to purchase in bulk.

Now sometimes I will make a third list for perishable items that I can’t buy a month ahead of time or that won’t be easy to keep until we use them and that is the list I make for about half way through the month. Usually this is the smallest list because it only will have perishable items or simple things I forgot from earlier.

I have been doing this for about 5 months now and it’s been the biggest money saver! My husband and I actually stick to our planned meals and I don’t find us wasting money on buying things for breakfast/ lunch/dinner that we don’t need or that aren’t on the menu.

The other nice thing I have found with planning monthly is you can move different nights around and it doesn’t totally ruin your meal planning!

I hope you find this helpful for your budgeting and meal planning! This is really just a brief overview of what I do each month! If you want more in depth please leave a comment or message!

Keep an eye out for what is up around the curve!

Day One!

This is the start. The start I needed to get things going and to try and make my life better in more ways than one!

There are so many cliché quotes I could paste across this but that’s not really what I am here to do! I want to be honest and to really show you the true me in all my entirety no matter how scary it might be!

Today marks a start to an endless journey that I hope will push me beyond the comfort zone I have fallen into and to push me to achieve and strive for more for myself!

So you may ask how day one went…well let me give you a bit of a run down!

Started off being woken up by my cats knocking over my ironing board….I being home alone thought I was about to get murdered….in broad daylight….I can be paranoid at times! This all happened 5 minutes BEFRORE my alarm goes off!!!! REALLY!!?? Yep that is what Monday started like for me. Oh well though I have made a goal and a commitment to myself that I am going to make this my Day One! My Starting Point!!

So I changed my clothes, put on a bra and got to my work out! I have made myself a schedule to start out and stick to so that I can make sure I am improving each and every week and working toward my end goal!!!

I start my workout and guess what!!!! My chunky butt got so winded in the first 15 minutes I could barely breathe and decided to stop. But I did get that 15 minutes in!

So the question is do I kick myself for not finishing the dance video?!?!?!?! Or should I be proud of the fact that I am making a choice to make my life better and to work harder???

The decision is yours.

But I’ll tell you I was pretty damn proud of myself for pushing for those 15 minutes and pushing to sweat and start working harder! Because after all we have to start somewhere!

Now remember today is Monday….and not just Monday but Monday the 1st…..I work in the banking world and for anyone else who does this they understand what this means! Prepare for battle! Put on your war paint, your relax fit pants and your most comfortable shoes because this day is about to OWN you!

Well before I even get to work I remember…oh ya I didn’t pack my lunch….missed step #1…..then I realize, oh ya I didn’t grab breakfast….then crap, I didn’t leave a check to pay rent….shoot, I didn’t make coffee either! You may ask what I did with the rest of my morning after just 15 minutes of working out well let me tell you….I was watching Peoples Court because that show is hilarious and I now know everything I could possibly need if I’m ever in small claims court!

Well I make it to work and guess what…my out of shape self now has a back ache….and YES after 15 mins of cardio workout I gave myself a back ache! Judge me if you’d like but I have to make a start and this is it!!!!

So through the pain and fake laughs at the number of times people admire the pet rock collection we have I have made it through my day! I get home check the mail and all is right with my world for the night! Not!!!! I forgot to stop and pick up my husbands 4-wheeler tire from getting fixed….

So what is the moral of this incredibly whinny and wonderful story I just told you………

No matter what you get thrown at you in a day you must make a start and work hard sometimes harder than ever to make it better than what it seems! Can you quit…sure but the question is should you quit??


Keep pushing and striving for better! Make your Day One and get on it! Get started on a better you no matter what!


Your cliché quote for the day….

Cliche Quotes


It’s Only the Beginning

I have contemplated this for some time now. To create or not to create…isn’t that the question…

Welcome to the Curvy E Chronicles!!!


This is going to be full of fun excitement and maybe some boring times but if you want to follow along on my different life adventures welcome!!!

Day One!

I am counting May 1st 2017 as Day One!

Day One of starting a healthier lifestyle.

Day One of putting my thoughts out to the world.

Day One of carrying out a dream I have had for some time!

Day One of working toward being the best version of ME possible!


Welcome to my Day One!


“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyways.” – John Wayne

john wayne