2019 Bucket List

In the fall I stumbled across a super cute idea of doing a bucket list of items for the fall and I wanted to keep this going for each season! I didn’t get a chance to put a winter one together but I thought it would be awesome to put together one for the new … More 2019 Bucket List

My Budget Book

If you ever want an eye opening experience into where your money goes I suggest tracking it your spending in writing! This might seem tedious but it really can tell you a lot about your spending habits and also helps you take a long hard look what you need to do to help you become … More My Budget Book

TJ Maxx HAUL!!!!

    For one reason or another I have felt compelled to do some silly shopping at TJ Maxx! And by silly shopping I mean shopping for nothing that I need but for the pure fact that I wanted to SHOP!!! Who else has those days where you just want to shop so you go … More TJ Maxx HAUL!!!!