Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection : Dark Magic Palette

The final in my Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection tutorials is coming up today with the Dark Magic palette! This was the most adventurous palette for me and I  am super excited with out this came out. When I watched other tutorials on YouTube most people when with the green and blue but I had a lot of fun just playing with the greens.





Lets dive into this tutorial!

Starting with the usual base I have prepped my eyes with concealer and setting powder to help the shadows blend better. I also made sure to start with my eyes first due to the dark shades so that if there was fall out I would get any on my foundation and have to start my face all over.


This hair do might look familiar-I was taking photos for my wedding Wednesday at the same time as I was doing this make up look.

And before I forget-The Dark Magic Palette!


Please don’t mind the fact that this looks beat up already. I accidentally got my nail in the Poof Shade and I of course had to swatch all of the shinny shades before I actually put it on my eye. Now for the look.

I started with the shade SHHH which is a nice cool tone soft brown color. This doesn’t really show up later on in the look but it’s really nice to create a soft bas to blend the other colors on.

Next I went in with the shade Potion. This is such a unique shade and I was slightly afraid to use it just because of how bright it looked in the pan but it actually applied to the eye softer and not as bright as it seems in the pan. This is a split pee soup green but in the crease it adds a nice depth to the crease.

In this next step you can see that I am starting to try and create what is called a halo eye look. This is where you take the darker shades on both the inner and outer corner and keep the bright colors in the center of the eye. I took the shade Inside Job which is this stunning dark emerald green and put this on my inner and outer corner connecting it ever so slightly in the middle. This can be a process for sure because you have to make sure to go back in and blend out these darker colors so you don’t create harsh lines. I had a fluffy brush with both Potion and SHHH on it that I went back I with multiple times to blend, blend and blend some more.

Now for my favorite part…shimmer! For this halo I eye I wanted to give two shimmers in the palette a try so I started with Trickery on the inner and outer corner just over the top of Inside Job. In this set of photos you can see in the top when I just applied them shimmer and then this bottom photo where I used Inside Job and SHHH to blend this into the crease for a smooth transition.

The center of the show for this one is this icy silver shade called Power Cut. This is a beautiful shade. I was partly hoping it had some more pop to it but none the less it is still stunning on the lid. By adding this bright pop to the center of the lid it really makes the eyes stand out and brings the attention to the center of the eye.

The final step was to take some of Temptress which is a very rich matte black on a definer brush and to create a shadow wing. I don’t normally do a wing in general so this was a big of a strange addition for me but I really like how it turned out. This matte black is also one of the most pigmented and dark shadows I have seen.

Here is the final look:



Even though this is strongly out of my comfort zone I am so happy with how this turned out! I love the smokiness and the shine of the silver! I have always been afraid of playing with greens and I find that these actually come out amazing! I hope you enjoy this look!

This is also the last of my Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection tutorials….for now that is! I hope you have enjoyed this series! It’s been so fun to try new things and really push outside of my comfort zone! Please leave me a comment and let me know if there are any other looks you want to see.

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection : Armed and Gorgeous Palette

And we are now coming to part three of my Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection Palette tutorials!

This Friday we are taking a look at the Armed and Gorgeous Palette.


This is more of a unique color scheme with lots of gold and orange. The pop of green is a lot of fun as well. For me, this palette was a stretch outside my comfort zone. I find it fun to play around with these kind of colors just because it’s forcing me to think outside of my box and do something different! So I played around and this is the look I came up with! I hope you enjoy it!




img_2660For the look today I started off with my full face already on just because I was getting ready for work and was running kind of late, so it was easier to have my face on and then quickly do my eyes!


The easiest transition shade in this palette to start with is called Access. This is a yellowy orange shade that is bright and really starts the look off with a pop and warmth!



Next up I used a couple more transition shades to help deepen the crease and the outer corner. I for some reason forgot to take a photo when I used the deeper shade but none the less I did add it in to the lower crease for depth which you’ll be able to see later on. So first I used Secure which is a deeper orange shade to add in more warmth and then followed it up with Smooth Criminal which is a warm, warm brown to add in that little bit of depth to the outer corner before I went in with shimmer shades.


I had some fun with the shimmer shades in this look and really tried to make a gradient effect over the whole lid. I started with Classified on the outer third of my lid going over those shades we had already laid down. This shimmery gold has some deeper green and gold reflect to it and comes off almost like and aged gold.


Of all the shades in this palette this one is probably my favorite! In the center of the lid I laid down Gilt Trip. This is the most flattering fold on my skin tone and the one I like to use when I’m creating gold looks! The shade is softer than the other two in the palette and has so much shine I love it! I will note all of these shimmer shades I did apply wet.


My inner corner is slightly tricky for me-I tend to get build up for some reason- so I don’t always like to apply shadow way down into the inner corner but this really just complimented the look. I used the shade VIP; a stark white shimmer shade to help with the gradient and to really brighten up the look! Because it is so stark white I did tap some of Gilt Trip over the top of the just to calm it down.


The final step I took with this look was to take some of the shade Prowl on a fluffy brush and not only deepen up the outer corner some more but also to run a small amount of it through the crease to help the shimmer shades blend nicely into the crease. I thought about adding in some green to it but was scared to because I was heading to work and I felt like the green would make it too much of a bold look to wear for work.

Here is the final look!



This was very much a different look for me but I really like the end result! I feel like these particular shades really pulled out the blue I have in my eyes and make them slightly less green than they normally are. I’m hoping to try to play with this one some more and add in some of that beautiful green color!

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial! And I’ll be back next Friday with my final vault collection tutorial!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Colour Pop Haul : November 2018

I think this could almost be a monthly post on it’s own given how much I love Colour Pop, how affordable they are and how often then have some amazing sales! But if I got a box every month my husband may question my sanity!

This most recent haul was the first time I truly could say I was purchasing make up for a good cause because Colour Pop partnered with Make-A-Wish to grant a wish to a young lady named Delilah. She had the opportunity to create a collection three lippies and four super shock shadows. The best part is a portion of all of the sales from this collection goes back to Make-A-Wish.

I mean when would be  better time to purchase come new lippies and shadows than when some of the money goes to a great cause!

I also picked up a few other things that I was in need of- so lets dive in!

The lip bundle was called Strength.

It came with two glosses and an ultra satin lip.

Starting with the bottom swatch we have New Day which a really beautiful clear gloss with gold glitter flip. The thing I love the most about their glitter glosses is that there is no grit to them they are all smooth and not stick even. This one I have loved putting in the center of my lips on top of a matte liquid lip to give the impression that my lips are fuller and I absolutely love it!

The middle shade is called Wish. This isn’t a color I would normally buy for myself just because it’s a warm light caramel color. On my skin tone it’s looks kind of like a muddy brown but I figure it will for sure put me out of my comfort zone and be something fun to try for the fall season!

The top gloss shade is called JJ which I believe is to honor Delilah’s sister who was with her through her entire journey being sick. This is probably my favorite of all the lippies just because it’s the most wearable. I also love that this is a my lips but better kind of gloss. It’s got just enough pigment to give the slightest wash of color and make my lips look super glossy!


Now for these stunning Super Shock Shadow’s! This quad was called Journey.

Each of these shade is so beautiful and fun! They all have amazing sparkle and shine to them and I am impressed with how wearable all of these shades are!

Starting from the top swatch we have DJ. This one is Delilah’s initials and she really wanted to have them as apart of the collection. This shade is a very vibrant copper shade! It’s stunning all over the lid and has so much sparkle and shine I absolutely love this for fall!

Next we have the shade Cherish. This is one of my favorites from the set. It is this beautiful light bronze shade with tones of silver glitter in it. This is stunning on the lid and makes such a statement! I fell in love with it when I applied this. Definitely a show stopping shade!

The third shade there is this stunning and adventurous shade called Warrior. This has a black base with teal pigment as well as lots of teal glitter mixed in as well. I love that this is made to represent the warrior in all those who are battling childhood cancer. This shade is great for creating deep blue smokey eyes and adds that pop of sparkle!

The last shade in the quad is called Okay. This is my other favorite shade because it’s the perfect gold shade for my skin tone. It’s got a softness to it with a tone of silver glitter that just makes my lids pop! This has been my go to shade recently for all over the lid with many of my looks! I also love the message Delilah had when naming this shade when she was in pain or going through hard times that she would tell herself that she would be OK!

Along with this amazing collection I also picked up a few other things to try out!

I picked up the Brow Boss Gel in the shade Light Brown. I was a little afraid that blonde would be to light for my brows just because my natural hair color is actual more of a dishwater blonde so it’s got a lot of natural darkness to it. I really like this brow gel however because it holds my brows in place and really makes for an easy morning routine. I still define the edges of my brows with a pencil but then I just run this through and I’m done. Super easy and I love it!

I also got another shade of the No Filter Concealer. I wanted to get another shade darker than the one I currently have just because it seemed to be still  a little too light for me. This is the shade 8 which is more of a yellow undertone which I don’t entire mind because it’s light enough you can’t see the major yellow undertone. I have been enjoying using this and mixing it with the shade 6 I currently have. This concealer is one of my favorites!

It was a smaller haul this time but one I really love and I hope you enjoyed too! They currently have a sale going and it’s taking all of my will power not to make un order! Anyone else have this problem?? Leave me a comment and let me know if you have gotten any of Colour Pop’s recent launches!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Jaclyn Hill x Morphe : Ring The Alarm Palette

I’m so excited for Part 2 of this series of tutorials using the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault collection palettes. This Friday I am going to be doing a look with the Ring the Alarm palette.


This palette is a warm tone girls dream! I personally never though of myself as a warm tone lover just because I used to be so afraid to work with oranges or orangey browns but I find that with each new palette I get the more I’m in love with using beautiful warm shades!

Lets get into todays look!

                                    Before                                         After

This look turned out so beautiful and it’s one of my favorites!


As always you want to start with a nice prepped eye area. This day I actually did my whole face make up first. For the most part I do start with my face first and then move on to my eyes.

The first shade I went in with was Rush. This is a great transition shade because it’s not overly bright and it brings a lot of warmth to the crease. I was a little afraid that this might come out to orange but I really, really love how it turns out in the crease.

Next up is the shade Mugshot. This shade doesn’t look much different than Rush but in fact it is deeper. I love to add this into the crease as well as on the otter corner just to start building that color up there for darker colors later.

This next shade is probably my favorite shade amongst all of these palettes! It’s called Framed. It’s the perfect deep reddish, cranberry color that I die for! I am in love with it and it blends beautifully in the crease! I feel like a color like this is essential to all of my eye looks and really makes my green eyes pop! It’s really one of my favorites!

Now for the lid shade! This shade is stunning! I do apply all of the shimmer shades wet just because for me it really gives that full metallic look and applies like a dream on the lids! This shade is called Lolli. It is the most beautiful rose shade with lots of gold in it. This is the type of shade I would totally cover my body in every day if it were acceptable… When wetted it comes out like liquid rose gold on my lid and I’m living for it!

The last thing I like to do is making sure that my lids are blended well I like to go back in along the edge of the lid shade with Framed just to make sure it’s blended and then I go in with Secret on a definer brush along my outer corner lash line on both the top and the bottom. It just helps to define that outer area and gives my eye a nice smokey look.


And with that the look is complete!





I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Jaclyn Hill x Morphe : Bling Boss Palette

I am so excited to finally be getting around to showing you my tutorials using each Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection palette! By far my favorite of the four palettes is the Bling Boss Palette! I love the purple color story and these are some of my favorite colors to use with my green eyes to make them stand out.


I have tried all the shades in this palette for a few different looks and each of them is stunning with great pigment and beautiful shimmer in the shimmer shades. I will say that the Berry Treasure shade in the bottom right hand corner does have a slight sparkle but that doesn’t show up when you blend it on to the eye. It does however give it more of that berry feel rather than a traditional black.

But now for the tutorial!

Before                                                             After

So let’s get started!

P.S. I only show how I completed my eye’s not my face. If you’d like to know how I got about my face make up recently leave me a comment and I can see about creating a post for that!


To start I primed my lids with a bit of concealer. My go to at this moment in time is my Colour Pop No Filter concealer. I then set it with translucent powder and my favorite and holy grail powder is the Coty Airspun Loose Setting  Powder! This stuff is a miracle and works fantastically at a very in expensive price tag.

To start out this look with the Bling Boss palette I start using the shade Hush Hush in the crease to give a nice and soft transition. I like to use this color because it really helps all other colors build on top of it.

Next I jump into the gorgeous berry shade called Rockstar. This is so much my shade I can’t even tell you how much I love shades like this! There is just enough purple and just enough red and just enough burgundy and it’s just perfection! I try to defuse this one out quite a bit because the next shade I go in with will intensify this color more.

This is another shade I am just swooning over! Mystic is a deeper version of Rockstar and blends out so stunning! I used this to help deepen the outer edges of this look to give my eye some more dimension.  I love how well these all marry together and create this amazing berry smokey eye.

To finish off the look I apply this stunning shimmer shade called Glitz & Glam. In the pan this looks like it’s got a pink shift to it but on the lid it seems to be almost a liquid golden champagne. I find it to be stunning! I do use all of the shimmer shades wet because I find they just have so much more shine to them.

Once I have applied my lid shade I go back in and touch up a little bit in the crease with both Rockstar and Mystic just to make sure that it’s all blended and looks beautiful! The finished look is this amazing purple, berry, burgundy smokey eye that I swoon over for days! This has been my favorite go to look recently.




I absolutely love this palette and I feel really luck to have gotten the good quality palette even though there were reported inconsistencies. I have loved using this one and I’m hoping to work on using that bright pop of purple into a look eventually!

I hope you enjoy this look!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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SL Miss Glam- New Brush Book

One of my favorite beauty brands and beauty brand owner is SL Miss Glam owned by Stephanie Lewis based out of Canada! She is just a ray of sunlight and every time she posts it’s always so full of fun, life, and glitter!

Most recently she came out with a new collection called the Petite Designer Collection and I couldn’t resist getting my hands on the adorable and beautiful Coffee Latte Brush Book! 

I mean how cute is this…!?


I also have the Pink Glam Brush Book from her line and the size comparison is very evident. This one is much more compact even with the same size brushes and I really appreciate how this is easier to travel with!

The actual brushes themselves are adorable! The pattern on the book also matches the pattern on the handle of the brushes and actual bristles of the brushes are the prettiest pink and blue! I just love this collection!



I also love that each place in the book has a nice protective flap to keep the brushes safe while in the book. The other sweet touch in each of these books are the quotes that are on the underside of each flap! They always have something fun or inspiring listed on them. These particular quotes are all in relation to coffee and lattes! My favorite! I also love that these are funny quotes that Stephanie uses all the time in her video’s and social media platforms.


With each brush book there are a lot of face brushes. For me this is nice because face brushes are usually the most expensive and it’s nice for me to have options of different face brushes to use in order to see what I like for applying different products.


The selection for eye brushes isn’t as many as the face brushes but the ones she does include in the books are really nice for creating just about any go to every day look. I wouldn’t use these for a detailed or intricate look but these are definitely enough to get me through any trip I might be taking!


I love that the fan brushes come in a nice plastic holder just so that they stay protected through any kind of travel!


But really how cute are these brushes with all of the pink and blue and coffee décor on them! I’m in love! This is such and incredible set to travel with!


Please let me know if you want to see more of a break down with each individual brush in the set! I didn’t get a chance to really get nice photo’s of all of the different brushes in the set but the group shots turned out incredibly! I really love the SL Miss Glam brand and all of the adorable products she sells! One thing I’m still needing to get is the Sparkle Every Day make up bag which I have been eyeballing for some time but just haven’t taken the time to get!

I hope you enjoy this short little review! Again let me know if you want to see a break down of each brush!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Morphe Haul Pt.2 : September 2018

Alright who is ready for Part 2 of our Morphe Haul?

So to my surprise just after Jaclyn Hill and Morphe announced the launch of the Vault collection palettes they also came out with the Master Collection Brush set!


Yes my heart skipped a beat and I almost passed out!

Yes I probably don’t need any more brushes and yes this might seem excessive to add to my collection but I honestly couldn’t resist! These brushes are beautiful and honestly this just helps so I’m not having to wash brushes every week!

So for this collection there were three options:

  • The Master Collection – 24 brushes for $165
  • The Master Face Collection- 5 face brushes for $58
  • The Master Eye Collection- 8 eye brushes for $48

There was also the option to buy the glitter carrying cases separately. But as you can imagine these sold out quickly as the quantity was limited.

I got the full collection along with a few other items on my wish list. So lets dive right in!


Can we just have a moment for this brush holder?…

If you are a sparkle lover like I am then you are having my same reaction! This set is incredible!

They also came in really nice and protected packaging.


Now lets take a look at the brushes!


We’ll start with the face brushes as these are the bigger brushes and have the most difference to them.



JH 01

This first brush is a huge powder brush! I love how fluffy this one is and how soft it feels. This brush is similar to one that they have in the Elite collection. I love to use this for dusting powder all over my face, dusting off excess powder or blending all of my powders on my face together. These big fat brushes are some of my favorites!




JH 02

I’m pretty sure I have a similar brush from Morphe like this one but it’s still a fantastic bronzer brush. The nice thing about this one is that not only is it slightly tapered it also is big and diffuses bronzer nicely around the face.




JH 03

I love that this set came with a foundation brush- even though it’s similar to the Morphe M439 this one is a little bit longer bristles. I normally am not the type to apply my foundation with a brush but this one is really nice to use for foundation.




JH 04

I love to use this brush for blush! It’s got a nice angle to it on the end that makes it really nice for sweeping color onto the cheeks.




JH 05

This brush is one that Jaclyn put a lot of time and effort into developing and she say’s it’s the perfect contour brush. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet for that but it is a really nice brush, soft and compact. In the photo it looks more compact just because I have just taken it out of the package and I hadn’t had a chance to fluff it out. I am excited to give this a go.



JH 06

Now this brush is a different one for me. I need to re-watch Jaclyn’s video to remember the exact use for this one but I’m not sure what exactly I will use it for just yet. This is a really nice brush with a flexible tapered end to it.




JH 07

Boujie! This brush is what I like to call the boujie brush because it’s made specifically to sweep away back from under the eyes. Now I’m sure it can be used for anything else but for what it was created for  I just giggle at because that’s just an extra brush that isn’t totally necessary. But I’ll use it anyway!



JH 08

This cute little thing is the smaller version of the JH 03 foundation brush and is really nice for blending out concealer if your looking for a brush to do that. I personally love using a sponge but this is a really nice option as well!




JH 09

AHHH! The coveted highlighter brush! This is the exact brush as the Morphe M510, just labeled in her collection. And honestly when a brush is as great as this there’s not need to change it! I would have been shocked if she hadn’t added this one to her collection! I am so in love with this highlighting brush this is the 3rd one I will own.



JH 10

A unique brush for sure this one is really nice for cleaning up contour with loose powder, contour the nose, and as Jaclyn uses it to help keep eyeshadow where you want it without ruining your foundation!





All of these face brushes are really high quality and easy to use. I love adding face brushes to my collection from sets like these because most often it’s far more expensive to buy them individually or on their own than it is to buy the full set.

Now for the eye brushes!


With these I can break them into three groups-blending, pencil and definer brushes.

Top L-JH30 and JH31 below; Top R-JH32; Bottom L-JH33; Bottom R-JH34 and JH 35 below.

The blending brushes are probably my favorite. Jaclyn is a really big fan of natural hair when it comes to blending out eyeshadow and I have found that these brushes really pack on pigment and make for a beautiful blown out smoky eye. Each of these provides a different job but I really love each of them. I really like that some of these are made with longer bristles because it makes for a super blown out look!

Top L- JH36; Top R-JH37; Center-JH38; Bottom L-JH39; Bottom R-JH40

This group of pencil brushes offered some additions to my collection that I haven’t tried before. Jaclyn uses these a lot to either be precise or to smoke out the lower lash line. I personally haven’t been very adventurous with my bottom lash line just because it’s not a technique that I am particularly comfortable with but my goal with these new tools is try it out more often and really see what I can do to accomplish a fun blown out smoky eye look! That and now I can start adding more pops of color on my lower lash line!

Left- JH41; Top R-JH42; Bottom R- JH 43

The final three brushes in the eye brushes are what I would like to call the definers of the set. The JH 41 is created very similar to the Mac 242 which is a cult favorite for packing shadow on the lid, and I do have to say it’s super nice and really packs the color on! The JH 42 is a really small flat shader that is super nice for highlighting the inner corners or highlight the brow bone. The petite nature of this brush really makes it fit nicely in the inner corners and all of those tight places for detail work. The final brush in the collection is the JH43 which is a flat definer brush. This one is really nice for adding color the lash line both upper and lower or making any kind of defined line.

Over all this collection would be great for any one who is looking for a high quality set of brushes that will take care of every aspect of the make up journey. I know I will get use out of each and every one of these brushes and I am excited to continue to use this whole set! I highly recommend Morphe brushes as they are really nice and this set not only covers everything but is super pretty to look at!

Now while I was making an order I decided to add a few extra items I had been wanting to try so I thought I would share those extras with you all!

I have heard rave reviews about these sponges so I decided to finally give them a try. These sponges are only $7 each which is a big difference from the $20 for a beauty blender. I have been using these since I got them and I love them! They get pretty big with water and make for super easy make up application! I have loved using both of them! I have found the darker one is my favorite for foundation because it allows for more surface coverage! But I really love both of these and they don’t seem to soak up a lot of product. I will be buying more of these in the future!



Another item I have wanted to try out for some time is one of their brush cleaning solids partly because I’ve wanted to see how well it works and partly because I am out of my Sigma brush cleaner. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and really give this a shot but it smells amazing! It has the most soft sweet coconut smell that I have been loving!




And of course the final item I got was another continuous setting spray mist. I absolutely love this stuff ! If you haven’t tried it yet now is as good a time as any to jump on the ban wagon! It’s incredible!




And with that I conclude my Morphe Haul Pt. 2. I really love this brush collection and everything I got in in this shipment! I always love adding to my collection and getting high quality items that I know will last! I hope you enjoyed this part two of my haul!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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Morphe Haul Pt. 1: September 2018

If you follow along with anything in the world of make up and beauty I’m sure you have seen or heard about the launch of the Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection in collaboration with Morphe Cosmetics! The reviews have been good, bad and indifferent but I have been a huge fan of Jaclyn Hill for a long time so I had to pick these up and review them! She is one of the first You Tubers I ever started watching and she has been someone I admire in the beauty community!

So lets take a look at this gorgeous new collection!

The outside packaging is really nice and clean looking! The palettes came wrapped in double bubble wrap which I totally appreciate. I wanted to show in a photo how nicely they took care with packaging! There is nothing more comforting knowing they are taking the time to make sure they make it to me in one piece!



The palette collection is housed in this sturdy cardboard box that provides a ribbon to help with easy removal of the palettes. I really like how this displays the palettes as well because you can see the names of each palette as each one is a different color story. There are also some colored confetti to help differentiate between each palette but that is hard to see in my photos.




Now we will dive into each palette! A couple of the palettes for me are stretch to play with because they are colors outside of my comfort zone! I’m not the most adventurous with “unconventional” colors but I like that I can restrict myself to using only one palette and therefore try out new looks! So lets get into these beautiful palettes!

Armed and Gorgeous


Oranges, yellows and gold’s oh my! This one has a fantastic pop of green in it along with some spectacular sparkle and I absolutely love it! This is one I have to stretch with because I’m not the most adept with using yellow’s and oranges or greens for that matter!

Dark Magic


I have to say this is the most out there palette for me and I haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet but I really love the different shades of green with the pop of blue and the spectacular silver! I am hoping to post a look with each palette!

Ring the Alarm


Hello comfort zone! This has been the palette I have used the most since I got these in the mail and I absolutely love it! It’s stunning! The only problem I’m having with this one is that the shimmers are more subtle than I was expecting. Now this could easily be attributed to the inconsistency’s in the palettes but it also might just be how the shadow is supposed to be. Regardless I still love this palette.

Bling Boss


By far my favorite palette of the bunch! The cranberries, the red, the pop of purple along with the stunning shimmer lid shades! It’s just a stunning palette! I have only dipped into this one once but it’s everything I could have wanted! I love it! I can’t wait to show you all a look I create with this palette!


I’m in love with this whole collection! Even though there are some inconsistencies that have been reported I don’t feel like I got bad palettes by any means. I love each of them and I am excited to really jump out of my comfort zone!




The final item I got was the Morphe Continuous Spray Setting Mist! This is my first time trying this out and I have to say I am hooked! It’s incredible! I don’t know if I have loved a setting spray so much before! If you haven’t tried this put it on your wish list or in your cart and pull the trigger! It’s incredible!



This wraps up the first part of my recent Morphe haul! I have another one coming up for you! I am also really excited to start playing with the fun colors and to post some fun looks for you!

Have you tried out these palettes? What do you think about them? Leave me a comment!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Colour Pop Haul : September 2018

Yes you are seeing that correctly! I placed another order on Colourpop.com.

They were running a special with buy one get one free Super Shock Shadow’s with also new shades! How could I not make an order!? Especially when free shipping only takes $30! Lets get into what I ordered!


I should mention I also picked up a couple of items that were on last call clearance. I will touch on those first!

Pressed Powder Highlight in Taffy

Like I said this was in the last call section and was on sale. I couldn’t resist picking this up with the beautiful peachy pink color and the soft golden shimmer. I wasn’t sure how this would show up on my skin but thought if anything it would be a nice blush topper. To my surprise I actually can use it as a highlighter very lightly and without it looking crazy! This has be beautiful during the summer and looks great on top of blush as well.

Ultra Satin Lip in Canoodle

Such a pretty, pretty shade. This is just dark enough to not be an everyday shade for me but it’s the prefect transition shade into the fall and dark lips. The satin formula is one of my favorites and wears so nicely and comfortably. I am just now starting to break this out and wear this as I transition into the fall make up.

Now for the some Super Shock Shadows!

All of these were new shades and I think a couple of them were limited edition but I can’t remember-I will link the ones I can!

Force Behavior- Ultra Glitter

This one must have been limited edition or sold out because I cannot find it on the website. It is a very pretty neutral glitter shade with a soft rosey/champagne hue and lots of gold and champagne glitter! A staple in any collection!

Fringe-Ultra Glitter

This is another stunning lid shade that has that pretty soft champagne gold color. I love these for an all over the lid color and really just adding sparkle to any look. This one is just a stunning everyday for me!

Polly- Ultra Glitter

This one is still in stock! Finally! This is a stunning pink shade and my swatch really doesn’t do it justice! I love the peachy pink color and there is a lot of pink and gold glitter in this one as well. This reminds me a lot of an older shade that I have in my collection that I can’t think of the name on. A really beautiful pink shade!

Paisley – Ultra Glitter

This is a more sheer formula. The color is an golden ivory with champagne and pink glitter. I really like this shade because it adds a lot shimmer and glitter with out too much pigment which is nice to add on top of other shadows. This is also really nice for a highlight as well.

Twitterpated- Ultra Glitter

This was probably one of the shades I was most excited for because it’s everything I love to put on my eyes! This is that perfect pink and gold shade that makes your lids a nice soft rose gold hue. I have been using this so much since I got it and I absolutely love how stunning this comes off on the eyes! This is a must for any collection!

6 AM- Metalic

This one I believe was limited edition and out side of my comfort zone quite a bit. I’m not normally a bright orange wearer but this is really pretty. When I saw it online I was drawn to it because of the golden flip it had and I think this will be really beautiful for the fall and then again to bring in a pop of color in the spring time!

Ladybird – Ultra Glitter

I am in love with this shade! And to top it off they sent me two by accident so I won’t run out any time soon! This is a stunning ivory shade with lots of silver glitter in it and makes it the most perfect bright pop of shimmer on the lids. It’s one of those shades that I will be using a lot of!

Six In The City- Ultra Metallic

I believe this was another limited edition shade that doesn’t show up on the website any more but I absolutely love it! The swatch photo doesn’t show how truly metallic this shade it but it’s a very pretty rosey pink with gold flip to it. This one is similar to Twitterpated but more on the metallic side rather than the glitter side. This is another one of my favorites! This one did get sent to me separately from the other shadows because the original shade that was sent out to me was the wrong one which I will put photo’s of below. The nice thing was Colour Pop was on it and sent me out the correct shade right away which I appreciated! So I basically got 2 additional free shadows which I’m not complaining about and the additional shade which I don’t know the actual name of is super fun and will be definitely something that puts me out of my comfort zone!

I think I will use this during the holiday’s and love it!

That wraps up my ColourPop haul for September! I am excited to see what they come out with for the fall season and I know I will most likely be submitting another order soon because I am running low on my foundation because it’s become my everyday foundation.

I hope you enjoy this and let me know if you have gotten anything recently from ColourPop!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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Sephora Haul : August 2018

For my birthday my best friend got me a gift card for Sephora so I waited until I found a few things I really wanted and then made a small order! I thought I would share with you all what I got and the great deal I got on a couple of items!

So lets jump right in!

img_1414Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation-Shade Snow

I finally got the right shade of this foundation and I couldn’t be more happy with it! I will say this still has a yellow undertone to it but from watching different reviews of different Too Faced face products it sounds like most of their foundations and concealers are much more yellow based even when they claim to have neutral undertones. I do love this foundation however and it’s been a go to for the summer especially when I’m headed out somewhere in the heat and I know I need my face to stay all day!

Too Faced Melted Latex- Shade: Peek-a-Boo

When I ventured on to my Sephora App they were have a sale on the Melted Matte and Melted Latex lippies and I got them for only $10 each so of course I got two different shades! I really do like these latex lippies because you get the pay off of a lipstick with the shinny of a gloss. The one thing I have learned I need to do with all of these however is line my lips other wise they tend to bleed outside of my lip line which as we all know “ain’t cute”. But for more than half off I couldn’t pass these up!

Too Faced Melted Latex- Shade: But First, Lipstick

Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss- Shade: Pure Peach

I have really been into glossy lips the last few months and I had wanted to try one of these when they originally launched but I just couldn’t see myself spending $19 on a lip gloss so I passed. Well when I got the gift card I thought now was a good time to give it a shot because I wasn’t really spending my own money on it. I do really like this gloss but the scent it slightly over powering. The shade is really flattering for me and I love to use it as a topper for some of my lighter lip colors! It’s not sticky and leaves my lips feeling nice after I have worn it for some time. I am happy I purchased this but I don’t think I would repurchase this or any of the other colors.

Tatcha- The Deep Cleanse

I had some points saved up so with the purchase I made I decided to give this a shot as one of the 100 point perks. I have heard such great reviews about Tatcha skin care and I thought it would be nice to give a try. This product has a mild exfoliant in it which I have found really helps get my skin clean! I have really liked using this and even though it’s a sample size there is quite a bit in there to use. I have really liked it and I may look at getting a full size!

But that concludes my most recent Sephora haul! I know it wasn’t much but I thought I would share regardless! I really have been loving using all of these products! If you like seeing Sephora hauls even if they are small like this post and I will look at doing more of them when I can!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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