New at ColourPop

ColourPop is a USA made company based out of L.A., California that makes high quality affordable make up!! I have been ordering from them for years now and they quickly became one of my favorite makeup brands!

I love all of their new launches and I’m always get excited to see what they will come out with next!

One of their newest launches is their new:

Lux Lipsticks

Their PR packages when out early enough to be able to watch all of my favorite YouTuber’s review and swatch all of the colors, giving me a good idea of what I wanted to buy. This round I did only buy 4 just to make sure I loved them as much as I thought I would and that way I could get a feel for the formula and shades. To get free shipping I tossed in an eye shadow to put me over the $30!

A little bit about these lipsticks from the ColourPop website:

 “Our exclusive LUX blend of Acai, Jojoba and Pomegranate Seed butters hydrate and keep your lips looking fresh AF. Natural antioxidants protect your lips from environmental stressors and premature aging.”

The packaging itself is also so lux! These lipsticks feel like they should be in a high end boutique but have a drugstore price! The rose gold tube really fits with the sophisticated look of these lipsticks. I was so impressed when I first opened these beauties! I don’t know how else to explain how lux these feel than that they feel heavier and more prominent than your average drugstore lipstick.

And to top it off they are only $7 each!

Now for the shades!

Stone Fox


Stone Fox is a peachy pinky nude. The website lists it as a pale pink but with my pale skin down it comes out more peachy than true pink. This is a beautiful nude and something I am stretching out of my comfort zone having. While I am much paler I struggle wearing this color because I feel like it washes me out. I think in the summer when I have more of a tan I might like it a bit more. I am bound and determined though to wear this color more and push past my comfort zone.

Money Side Up


Money Side Up has quickly become one of my favorites even making it into my every day lipstick bag. This to me is the perfect every day pink shade. It’s not so bright that it makes you feel bold and it’s not so pale that you don’t feel like your face is being washed out! It’s seriously the perfect pink! This one to me is the my lips but better color! The ColourPop website describes this as a bubblegum pink but I would say it’s more of a muted bubble gum pink.



This is another everyday shade for me! Ghosted is darker than Money Side Up but is still a beautiful medium rose shade. It’s deep enough to add just a bit more mystery but not so deep that your making a statement with a bold lip! I have been really loving this color and it also is getting a lot of use.

What If


I want to apologize for my lip swatch on this one as I did a terrible job and my lips were some what stained and raw from lip swatching one of my monthly subscriptions. However, What If is very bold and bright! It’s a stand out shade that makes a statement. Described as a cool tone fuchsia this color is fun and perfect for the up coming spring weather! I can’t wait to wear this one a bit more over the spring and summer!


All and all these lipsticks are Amazing!! The formula is like no other I have ever tried and I have been wearing these almost daily. The difference I have seen in my lips is incredible with the softness and my dry lips are completely gone! I can’t wait to get more of these in different shades and I highly, highly recommend these!! The quality is like no other and the price point can’t be beat!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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My New Favorite Lip Gloss!

I am slowly but surely getting in on the glossy lip trend! I think mostly because now that I am older I have the money to afford nicer lip gloss that isn’t sticky, tacky or full of chunky glitter that makes me look like I am 5! That’s not to say I don’t like glitter in my gloss I just like subtle glitter now.

So for my work Christmas party I won a Sephora gift card and I got another one as part of the Secret Santa gift exchange that we did as a group. So this meant I was getting something new and something I wouldn’t normally splurge on!

So off I went to the closes Sephora on my day off to go and see what on my wish list I would buy…(there is a lot on my wish list-adulting/bills suck). After wandering the store for probably about 20 minutes looking through all of the options I had thought of I decided I was going to get a new lip product…surprised…..if you have read some of my other posts your probably not surprise that this would be what I would be drawn too!




Please let us take a moment for the beauty that is Marc Jacobs gloss…




Isn’t it just beautiful! This is the Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lipgloss in the shade “Allow Me”, retail price $28. This is a rosy color with the ever so slight gold glittery flip to it! I probably swatched this 3 times before I finally decided this was the one for me! Just because there were so many choices and I wanted to make sure I picked one I would use a lot considering the price point.


The swatch is stunning and so very, very pigmented! I was actually a little surprise that this was as pigmented as it was considering that it was a gloss. But to be totally honest I had never actually swatched one of these glosses because I never thought I would own one. One of my favorite YouTuber’s loves the shade “Sugar Sugar” which is more if a nude color and I think if I ever get another shade of this gloss I will get that one.

This gloss however is incredible! It applies amazingly on it’s own and layers even better to many of the liquid lipsticks and matte lipsticks I already have in my collection! The formula is very smooth and comfortable to wear. It’s not sticky or tacky and last quite awhile even through drinking and eating. I am so impressed and totally understand the hefty price tag.


This is just the gloss on my lips. It’s almost a my lips but glossier color and I am in love! Look at that shine! I do have my selfie light on it to brighten the photo but this is just beautiful!

img_7448This is with the gloss applied over my favorite new lip color from my December Ipsy by OFRA. They both are pinky colors but I mean just look at how nicely it blends with the lip color! I am so excited to keep using this gloss.

The other reason I was so keen to getting a lip product that was higher end was because I know it will last a long time and not be something that I totally use every day like a foundation or concealer that tends to disappear pretty quickly (even though I have been using this every day haha).


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SLMissGlam Package!

I have the best husband in the world and he got me a new glam brush book from SLMISSGLAM for our anniversary and I couldn’t be more excited!

img_6477I mean look at how cute all of this is!!!

 Stephanie Lewis the face behind SL Miss Glam is so sweet and really knows how to take care of her customers. She not only personally signed the card that came with my order but she also included some extra pretty awesome goodies!

Here is a look at the inside of my brush book and the extras I received! I will break down the brushes in the book in later posts.

Each part of the book also has a flag to protect the brushes and with adorable quotes on them to start you off in a good mood each day when your getting ready!

Seriously though! How Cute are these!!!!?

So this is my Pink Glam Brush Book! I also got some pretty awesome extra’s and I’m going to include those now!

The Sparkle Every Day Blending Sponge

This is like the beauty blender but better!!! They are so soft to begin with and once wet they are even better! I love using them for applying foundation and concealer and any creams for that matter! I will so be ordering more of these in the future!

The Powder Plush and The Expert Face Brushes

These two brushes are amazing! I use the powder plush for all over powder on my face and I love the expert face for bronzer! These brushes are so high quality and amazing for blending! I love how my bronzer applies so smoothly and flawlessly!

The Ipsy Addition Blending Brush

I got this in one of my first Ipsy Bag’s and I fell in love! Since then I have been saving and waiting until I can get the opportunity to buy my own brush book!


I absolutely love my SLMISSGLAM purchase and I can’t wait to show you more about the book and even use them in a tutorial!

Sephora PLAY! Review : June 2017

In a Summer State of Mind

Sephora PLAY!: June 2017

Similar to Ipsy this is also a monthly subscription bag that is $10 and comes with 5 deluxe size samples (and even some full size). This bag also comes with a sample fragrance each month.

This subscription bag comes with products based of your PLAY! profile which you create when you first sign up. It also comes with the PLAY! Book with tips, tricks and beauty advise, the PLAY! PASS that you can redeem for 50 points in Sephora and a one on one tutorial, and the PLAY! DATE which is a monthly meet up to discuss tips and tricks for the products in the bag that month.

Now to see what was in my June Bag!

img_6336The bags are cute but not really practical for use beyond when the items come in them.

img_6337BVLGARI- Omina Crystalline Perfume

This one I actually enjoyed! According to the Sephora website it has notes of bamboo, nashi, lotus flower, and balsa wood and it has an airy, radiant and feminine style. And it really does have the airy smell. I wore it to work one day and loved it! And I’m not one to normally wear perfume.





Benefit- The Pore-fissional Face Primer

A cult favorite but not for me! I have used this in the past and with my oily skin type it isn’t very friendly and ends up clogging my pores instead of blurring them and I end up a hot greasy mess by lunch time. I will be passing this on to a friend.


Kat Von D Ever Lasting Liquid Lipstick- Lovesick ( a mauve nude)

Before I get to carried away let’s just take a look at this sad, heart breaking site. I don’t know when or how this happened but my cap came broken!!!! I am sooooo bummed!!!! But nothing alittle bit of tape couldn’t help me out with!

I haven’t had the chance to try Kat Von D before so this was a nice treat in my box! It swatches beautiful and is a gorgeous cool tone mauve. I love this color!!! And it wears so nicely! But make sure to bring it with for touch ups. I made this mistake and after eating lunch it was pretty much gone off of my lips. Other than the wear time not being great the formula is extremely smooth and comfortable.



Coola- Makeup Setting Spray with SPF 30

What a genius idea!? SPF in a setting spray! Brilliant…..Kind of….. I have been using this the last few days and it sets my make up really well. Nothing moves! However there is definitely a weird sticky feeling to the face and an odd finish. The other things that is a kind of off-putting about this setting spray is the SMELL! Now the directions do say to close your eyes tight and to hold your breath….FOLLOW THESE!!!! If you inhale within the first 30 seconds after you spray this stuff it will BURN!!! And it is the most unpleasant sensation. And to be quite honest the smell after spraying is unpleasant as well. It definitely has the smell of sunscreen but like the cheap stuff our parents used when we were kids. This also left some spots on my face where the mist wasn’t as fine. I will keep trying it but I don’t know that I would purchase a full size of this. img_6341


KLORANE Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

According to the Sephora website this was an Allure Best of Beauty winner for 2016. And I can see why!!! This stuff is AMAZING!!! At first I wasn’t sure because when it comes out in a very strong white cast! I will admit I may not have shaken this enough but it was very strong white cast. Now that I have blonde hair I don’t notice it as much but I’m not sure how those with dark hair would fair with this. Now to the best part…. I am on day three and haven’t had to touch up my hair with any more product!!!!!!!!!! DAY THREE PEOPLE!!! That is a miracle for my oily head!!!! It doesn’t even hint at being oily or having that gross “I have too much dry shampoo in my hair” look. And the volume is just an added bonus! img_6343I will for sure be buying this in the full size!


VERB Sea Salt Spray

The claims for this spray is that it is formulated to take “landlocked hair to the beach for loose, languid curls.” And it does exactly that! I personally don’t buy things like this for my hair because mine tends to loosen up naturally but it will still look like tighter curls that have just relaxed rather than beach waves. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I did spary this on my hair and I think I may have used too much for my first time but with in minutes my hair started to loosen up and gave the soft loose beachy look that is super on trend. Now that I have short hair I have a feeling I will be using this all summer long! And I will say this deluxe size sample will last me through the summer!!! Not to mention it smells GREAT!!!

Well that’s all for my Sephora PLAY! for June! Thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment me a comment if you found this helpful or if you subscribe as well and let me know what you got in your June bag!

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Ipsy Review: June 2017

Ipsy Review: June 2017

For those of you who don’t know about this subscription bag it is  $10 and contain 5 deluxe size samples (and sometimes full size products)  each month.

Ipsy starts with a beauty quiz that asks you questions about different things you like as well as your different features (i.e. Blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin). Each month you also can review the products your received; so if you love something you let them know and if you hate something you let them know!



This was the June Bag Design! It is a nice cloth bag, made out of a sturdy material with the adorable lips on the front! Really cute for summer!

The Kokie Nail Polish in Gone Rio  & BioRepublic Skincare Aloe Rescue Revitalizing Fiber Mask and Green Tea Detox Purifying Fiber Mask.

I am not a huge fan of nail polish because I get my nails done professionally so this I will rehome to a good friend. I had the option of this color and another blue color and I wish I would have gotten the blue because it was very unique and I probably would have kept it.

I haven’t tried the masks yet but I love any kind of fiber fask mask! They are fun for a pamper night with a glass of wine and a bubble bath!

Luna by Luna Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Jace

This color is gorgeous in the crease and gives such a beautiful wash of peachy color. As you can see the swatch is hard to see on my hand but this shadow is very pigmented! The only down side is a lot of kick back when dipping my brush in which isn’t all that much of a down side!

theBalm Cosmetics Balm Springs Blush

This blush is very pretty and very pigmented! I love the color which is just right for my skin tone! The only think I don’t like about getting theBlam products is the sample pan size is so small it’s hard to get any kind of brush in the pan; especially like this one with it being a blush.

NYX Professional Makeup Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflé

Talk about an interesting texture! Super soft and smooth! The color is fun and gives a light wash of color for both the cheeks and the lips. When applied to the cheeks the product blends out very easily with the fingers and looks very soft. I will surely be using this double duty product!


Thanks for stopping in for my June Ipsy Review!

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