365 Days To The Moon and Back



My husband and I just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on July 31st!

It’s been crazy to think that a year has come and gone so quickly and all of the things that have happened in just a year!

We have moved 4 times!

We have added to our family (a furbaby)!

We made our first big purchase together-A new car!

All of these big events that have all happened just in one year!

How could it really be already a year?

I have asked myself this the last couple of days! A lot of people say time flies when your having fun and I can agree with that but how does time fly through the hard times?

We have had our experience with hard times starting in the first 6 months of marriage because of family letting us down, because of work not being all that we hoped for, for having to say good bye to our sweet fur babies for a couple of months before we could finally bring them back home! And as I reflect on this first year of marriage I am so thankful that through all of our good times and all of our bad times we have always stuck by each other as a team!

Because we are a team! Teamwork requires sacrifice. Team work requires trust and most importantly teamwork requires to people who put the other above themselves!

I have to say I feel so luck to have found my teammate for life. He loves me unconditionally, he pushes me when I need to be pushed, he questions me sometimes when I need to be, and he is there for me when I need him to hear me out.

Above all I couldn’t be happier to have him as my husband! And I have to remind myself daily to show him how much I appreciate him!

Another thing we have decided we will do for all years to come is yearly photos on or around our anniversary and here are some from this year…Year One!

Posting Schedule!

I have been struggling with finding a working posting schedule and because of this I haven’t been as active as I have wanted to! But I am working hard to find what will work for me and how to keep up on the different things I do! This blog is growing and with growing comes some growing pains! I will eventually figure out a working schedule! But until then thank you for your patience with the different posts coming your way!

What will Be in 23!!

So over the weekend I turned 23!!

YAY! Happy Birthday to me! Woohoo!

But for some reason 23 is really hitting me very weirdly. I can’t quite describe it but I just can’t help but feel like now I really have to be an adult.

Now I really have to get my stuff together.

Now I have to start planning for future adult things like houses, cars, babies, and retirement.

I don’t know if this is because it’s hitting me that I’ve been out of high school for 5 years or that this is my first birthday that I’m married or what but it just feels weird!

Maybe I am older and therefore wiser?…….


That’s a funny joke!

I am excited for this year though! I am going into this working toward a happier and healthier me!

I want to strive for mental clarity.

I want to strive for emotional intelligence.

I want to strive for physical strength.

So let the next year begin and let 23 be the best one yet!

After all I have so much to be thankful for!




Keep an eye out for what’s up around the curve!

Up Around The Curve

Where oh where has Courtney  been!

I have been MIA for some time! Almost a month to be exact and it’s to not really any excuse other than the fact that I have been making excuse for myself . And that really isn’t ok! But like I said before I won’t accept defeat only change!!!!

So let the change begin!

I started by changing the look of the Curvy E Chronicles! Let me know in the comments what you think of our new design, style and cover page! I am also going to incorporate more of the things that I love and that inspire me! So not only will I be documenting and keeping track of my journey to be happier and healthier me but I will also be including beauty and fashion and all sorts of adventures that fill my life to the brim!

So while I have been away things have been happening both good and bad!

img_6318We added a new baby to our little family! And yes I mean fur baby! The little blue heeler pup on the right is Colt! He is such a little ham and so fully of energy! img_6353Perfect for our older pup Copper who needed a friend to keep her company while my husband and I are at work! And let me tell you they sure do cause some mischief! But all in good fun!

I also went more blonde with my hair because after all “Blondes have more fun right!” img_6319

And with summer starting to be in full swing how can I not take advantage off all the fun there is with having fun bright hair and some fun bright make up! Along with all of that fun we have been doing a lot of home improvement projects for our rental home (I will include photos as things get finished)! My most favorite project that we finished was our fire pit because that means more and more bonfires and ROASTING MARSHMALLOWS! img_6307


(this isn’t our fire pit) This picture is actually from my sisters house warming party that has been two years in the making! It was so much fun to celebrate with her and her husband on their house finally being complete with all of the renovations that it needed! I’m so happy for them!

On a not so great note the night I was headed out to my sisters for her house warming party I got hit and smashed up the front end of my car :(! Thankfully everyone was ok and just the vehicles were damaged but still sad because now I am having to wait for my car to get fixed and all the while driving my dad’s which isn’t all bad but I just miss my car! img_6295Most recently my mom and sister made the trip to Texas to visit my little brother at Shepard Air Force Base! I wish I could have gone but they look like they had and amazing time!

And finally to round out my life update for everyone so that this isn’t insanely long we had Fathers day weekend this last weekend and it was a great one! My husband and I spent the day shopping and just hanging out and then my dad came in and spent some time with us on Sunday and we made the best steak dinner! I couldn’t have been happier to spend some quality time with my family!!!!

Now that we have gotten through information overload I will do my best to keep up on all the things that I am doing and start to share more and more with you on what I am up to and all the fashion and beauty this girl can get too!!!

Keep an eye out for what’s around the curve!

It’s Only the Beginning

I have contemplated this for some time now. To create or not to create…isn’t that the question…

Welcome to the Curvy E Chronicles!!!


This is going to be full of fun excitement and maybe some boring times but if you want to follow along on my different life adventures welcome!!!

Day One!

I am counting May 1st 2017 as Day One!

Day One of starting a healthier lifestyle.

Day One of putting my thoughts out to the world.

Day One of carrying out a dream I have had for some time!

Day One of working toward being the best version of ME possible!


Welcome to my Day One!


“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyways.” – John Wayne

john wayne