Favorite Holiday Recipe’s : November 2018

Holy smokes! How is it already the holiday season?! I cannot believe this week is already Thanksgiving and today marks 36 days until Christmas! I don’t know about you but I have some serious shopping to get done! But I wanted to take a day and share a few of my favorite holiday recipes!

All of these will be links to the blogs that own them. I have stumbled across all of these different recipes via Facebook or Pinterest. These images don’t belong to me but share the direct link to the owner.

Quick and easy Crock pot Cinnamon Roll Casserole. It is the perfect breakfast casserole to throw together in minutes. Cinnamon rolls just got easier!

This is my favorite way to start the morning during the holidays. The smell of cinnamon is my favorite and just gives me that true homey feeling of the holidays.

For Thanksgiving dinner I started making these mashed potatoes last year and they are by far my favorite. The recipe is from The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is for

Delicious, Creamy Mashed Potatoes.

mashed pot 076

My family loved these and we barley had any left overs!

For desert I have made this pie for the last few years and it’s my favorite alternative to the original classic.

Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie

Image result for cinnamon roll apple pie

This is my favorite warm or cold! I absolutely love it!

The final recipe I want to share is actually something I have created myself. I’m sure there is probably a pro recipe out there for this but I haven’t been able to find anything quite like it.

Spiced Apple Toddy

For this I take local apple cider and heat it up in a sauce pan over low heat. I don’t want it to boil but just heat up. I then add a pinch of cinnamon and let it settle in.

In and empty mug I add in 1 shot of Crown Royal Apple Whiskey.

I then  pour in the warmed apple cider until the glass is about 2/3’s full.

Next I fill the cup up the rest of they way with ginger ale to give it a nice bubble and fizz.

Sometimes I’ll top it with a bit of whip cream too but most days just the drink and it’s delicious!


What are some of your favorite holiday recipes? Do you have family tradition recipes that you share every year? What is your favorite family tradition you have? Leave me a comment and let me know!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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Meal Prep Week 2!

Sorry this is so late! It’s been a crazy week at work!

So here we are for Week 2 of meal prepping and I think I’m killing it so far! Lets dive right in!


This week I decided to make egg cups for a bit more protein and to change it up a bit to satisfy my savory craving. I kept them very simple and easy.


Onion, mushrooms, ham and eggs

img_7458img_7460These are super duper easy! I get out my muffin tins and spray them with a non stick cooking spray. Then I cute up my options for this set it was ham, mushrooms and onions.

I find that lunch meat cut up is the easiest for me to add to my cups. Once I have all of the options added in I put one egg for every cup into a bowl and whisk them together with some seasoning before dumbing them in on top of all the other goodies in the tin.

From here I cook these at 400 degrees for 15 mins and presto:img_7475Yummy breakfast prep for the week. These bad boys are full of protein and are so easy to reheat and eat on the go! I eat 4 every morning that help fill me up and keep me full until lunch time which is nice because with my job I sometimes don’t get to lunch until 1pm or after.


Lunch Time!

This week I decided on salad! Since we did warm food I was thinking I would change it up and do something that I can add a little more variety too. Plus I really like salads and adding all types of different things together to make something super yummy! So here is this weeks salad:


Starting with wide mouth quart size mason jars makes it the easiest for stacking in ingredients and making the cool layers that you see on Pinterest.

I started with veggies and meat. My salads this week had onions, mushrooms, ham, cucumbers and cheese:

I also added in the dried cranberries and almonds for a small bit of sweet and crunch for the salad as well. Then once I layered in all of that good stuff I added the lettuce last on top. img_7469This completed the jars! Easy and done in less than an hour. I didn’t add the dressing to the jar because where I work I can dumb everything into a bowl or on a plate and add dressing after the fact. I also added a few crotons just because I love them and the crunch keeps salads interesting! All things in moderation isn’t bad! I also picked up two new dressings to try

And let me tell you both of these are amazing! They taste amazing and are a healthy choice for adding on top of the salad. And by picking out two different kinds this is another way of adding variety when I can!

The final product:img_7470I mean how awesome and pinterest worthy does these look! And I have enjoyed them all week!


Well that concludes week two of meal prepping! I am going to be trying to keep up on this more and more as I go along on my fitness journey!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Week One : Meal Prep

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So it’s time for week one of meal prepping!

I have found that prepping food ahead of time really makes all of the difference. It takes away the stress of having to find/make something in the morning when I am most likely already running late because I lost track of time and it takes away the possibility of making a bad choice for lunch by having healthy foods and meals made ahead of time!

Breakfast this week was our recipe of the week-    Honey Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

I haven’t been very adventurous with different overnight oat recipes because I really do like sticking with the original one I had found but this one I think is my new favorite!

I store mine in mason jars because #1 it’s cute and #2 the glass helps to keep food better for longer.

I modified the recipe to be easier for me and it still turned out amazing! I added everything including the chopped apples (not pictured) into a bowl and mixed it together. I also doubled the recipe to make sure I had enough for a whole week (I also think I will add more just because doubling didn’t give me quite enough for 5 days). I’m also a big baby and use the vanilla almond milk and the vanilla yogurt because I like that it is slightly more sweet and I think over time I will slowly adjust my taste buds to like the plain. But for now I am going to be a big baby and use the vanilla flavors.

Finished product! I added a little more almond milk to the top because I know the oats will soak it up over night just to add more too it since the double recipe didn’t make enough for 5 days.

P.S. This recipe is amazing! My new favorite! The apples give a slight crunch and the honey and cinnamon make it just the right amount of sweet and delicious!

Next up is Lunches for the week!

There is no recipe for this one just using what I had and adding it together to make enough for my lunches. I find the one pan meals to me my favorite ways to meal prep and this is kind of close to that.

I start off with the veggies. I found this big bag at Grocery Outlet for $6. The bag doesn’t give instructions for roasting in the oven but I justimg_7372 dump them out frozen on a pan I have put some cooking spray on and season them with this No Salt Seasoning:


I really enjoy putting this an all kinds of things to add flavor but without the added salt! It really does make a difference when you try to consume less salt because you won’t retain water as much and you won’t bloat as much either!

So I cook my veggies on 400 degrees for about 30-40 minutes. I usually set a time for 30 minutes, after they have been in the oven for a few and then I take a few extra to pull them out because I am usually multi-tasking while prepping everything. This usually is enough time for the veggies to get nice and cooked and to come out half roasted and half steamed, meaning not totally mushy and some crunch still left! Just right in my book! Then I move on to the chicken.


Normally I would cook a chicken breast for each day of the week but I was running short and needed to keep some for dinner that night so I went with 4. I cook the breasts from frozen at 400 degrees for 1 hour. For this week I sprinkled a home made ranch seasoning that my sister had made for me and then put a small amount of avocado oil on top of that. An hour was the perfect amount of time for these to cook and get cooked all the way through which was nice!





Last but not least I cut up some cucumbers partly because they were on sale at the grocery store 3 for $1 and partly because they sounded so good! So I bought 3 and cut them up to split between my lunches each day.



The last and final step is to package everything up so that it’s all ready to grab and go in the mornings when you are busy rushing out the door (or maybe that’s just me).




First I wanted to show the containers I got. These are cheap and easy to store food in for weekly mean prep. I think they were $3 for a set of three at Wal-Mart and they have two different compartments for different foods.img_7387



As you can see here it was easy peasy and I got this all done within a couple of hours. While the veggies and chicken were cookie I worked on my over night oats which was nice and made my life that much easier.


For the most part I do a lot of my shopping at Costco just because I can get the bulk food that will last my husband and I at least one month. I like to do this kind of prep along with dinner prep once a month so that I’m not shopping every week spending money on things I most likely won’t use.

I hope you enjoyed this! I am going to try and make this something that I post weekly or every two weeks so that you can see the different recipe’s I find and try for yummy healthy eating! Food can be good and good for you!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!