Leading Like A Queen

This weekend I am heading into the Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant to help out for the 3rd year in a row. I am so excited and looking forward to seeing old friends and making a few new ones along the way!

When it comes to this time of year I am always reminded of how important it is to keep those honest, true and amazing values in the forefront of the mind when it comes to being a rodeo queen.

What are these values? That is a great question! And one I want to dive more into.

Over the past few weeks I have been talking with a few old friends, mentors, advisors, and people who work so hard to keep our rodeo queen world alive and with each person I talked to, the conversation seemed to be the same and there was always the same question asked.

What happened to the girls who have a true love and passion for the sport of rodeo, for being a great role model and for touching the lives of so many in just one short year?

Not only are associations seeing less and less girls come out to compete but there is also a disconnect in what it takes to be the best rodeo queen a girl can be. I have also seen the unfortunate side of some young women who are going into competition with the wrong mindset.

It is so important to remember that holding a title no matter what title is valuable and comes with great responsibility. And yes  I know how cliché that sounds but I feel like this has been forgotten. It’s your responsibility to remember that there is always a set of eyes on you and whether they are the eyes of a six year old in admiration or the eyes of a 65 year old in proudness or the eyes of a peer waiting for you to fail, there is always someone watching you. So when those eyes are on you or even when they are not be a leader of self. Lead yourself toward those values that make you not only unique but that make you the best version of yourself you can be. Values like; compassion, patience, flexibility, hard working; be a leader.

Recently through my job I had the opportunity to take a course on leadership and the biggest and most important theme throughout the whole course was to be a leader of others you must first be a leader of self!

I want those words to sink in:

To be a leader of others you must first be a leader of self.

Those words ring so true in all facets of life, not only in the work place. (And to be honest being a rodeo queen is just a job with a wide open work place) Leadership is so important to remember why you wanted to be a rodeo queen in the first place and what it really means. Because if you are leading yourself everyday you are choosing how you respond to each and every situation you are put into and with that choice of response you are also in turn choosing the out come.

Being a representative for our great sport is about be apart of something bigger than yourself and using your time to make a difference.

To be blunt it’s not about you as the title holder.

It’s about so much more. You are there to served not be served. You are there to work hard not get a free pass. You are at work not on vacation. You are always a role model even when no one is looking.

Remember that!

When someone said, “Be like a pineapple! Stand tall and wear your crown!”, I thought what a funny thing to compare to but what a real symbol of being a queen! Stand tall and lead like a queen. Even if it’s just leading yourself!

I’m hoping that I can bring so much more about personal leadership to all aspiring rodeo queens in the future. Maybe a new series? Maybe a clinic? Who knows! You’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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An Open Letter To My Sash Sister

Dear Sash Sister,

I hope your doing well!

I feel like it’s been so long since we last saw each other! I have missed you and the time img_2096we spent together. A year goes by so fast but every adventure over the year wouldn’t be the same for me without you there, along for the ride. From one destination to the next, luncheons to late night talks, posed photo’s to silly faces and miles upon miles, we shared so many smiles, laughs and maybe even a few tears. We grew together over the year supporting, challenging and encouraging one another to be the best versions of ourselves and to remember the bigger picture when things got tough.


I remember all of the times laughing so hard our guts hurt, we started to wheeze and clap our hands like seals all because of one phrase or joke that would last throughout the rest of the year as OUR inside joke. I  remember all of the hugs when it had been too long between appearances and we finally were reunited and “it felt so good”. I remember miscommunications leading to silly disputes and periods of silence between us. I remember walking the many, many circles in warm up just chatting and laughing and checking out a cowboy or two. I remember staying out too late staring at the stars talking about what we wanted in life and what was next after our year. I remember the dances that always ended in stepped on toes and wall flower dance moves (because Shake and Bake isn’t just for dinner).  It’s hard to forget all of those good times!

I didn’t believe I would meet friends like you and I didn’t believe that this really would be so life changing. But it really has been! Because of my time with you my  self img_2102confidence has grown. I have found my voice. I have learned a new perspective. I have tried things I normally would have passed by. I have experienced life to the fullest because you said, “Come on! Let’s Go!”. I have been to places I never would have dreamed of because of your crazy ideas!

I know we haven’t talked much and it’s hard to keep in touch now that we are out in the wide open world but I want you to know I am creepy stalking you on Facebook and Instagram, I’m loving your photo’s and posts, I’m praying for you in goodimg_1863 times and bad, I’m your biggest fan from afar and want nothing but the best for you. I want you to know that I love you and think of you often. I want you to know that I am always here for you when your in my neck of the woods and need a couch to crash on. I want you to know I am always down to grab a late dinner, an early coffee, watch your next run when I can, watch you marry the love of your life (we all knew he wasn’t your cousin) (see there’s another inside joke), be there when you’re brining a mini-you into the world, be there when you need me most because we are sisters!


When our predecessors said “This is going to be the best year of your life!,” we all know we didn’t totally believe them. But looking back it really was the best time of our lives! Nothing can replace the year we had together! Now we just sit back and reminisce on the good old days. To quote the song “Good Old Days” by Macklemore

“I wish somebody would have told me babe, Some day, these will be the good old days…

Someday soon, your whole life’s gonna change, You’ll miss the magic of these good old days.”


Love always,

Your Sash Sister


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Doing Good Feel’s Good

Growing up in a small rural community volunteering was something that always seemed to stay a priority in my life. A lot of this I think came from watching my mom stay so involved with many different organizations, committees and what not and I think a partial bit came from being involved in 4-H from a young age all the way into being an adult.  We always made time to volunteer here an there and do what we could to make a difference.

But one thing I can always remember is that doing good things for people always made me feel good. I always got such joy from trying to make a difference in our small community. I know how much work goes into different events and that a lot of time these events are put on by volunteers who go unpaid and often without thanks for their hard work and commitment. You might remember that a few months ago I shared a post on the power of a hand written thank you note and now I want to share a little bit about a project I recently worked on with an amazing group of women that will forever make me grateful for being raised volunteering.

Doing good feels good!

When I’m talking about doing good things, I’m talking about doing something that you won’t get any return on, something that has nothing in it for you, something that you happen to be passionate about progressing and something you want to see grow and make a difference. Being selfless, being kind and being humble.

Unfortunately in our world today kindness and selflessness aren’t common character traits. We have become all too often focused on “WIFM” or What’s In it For Me. I know I myself am guilty of thinking this way at times. Thinking why would I pitch in for that, why would I help with that, what’s the point no one will notice anyway. But that’s not the point. I pitch in because it’s helping someone else out, I help because it’s needed to make events and project successful and it’s not about being noticed! I have to remind myself of this sometimes when I get the attitude of “WIFM”. I have to remember that I can make a difference even if it’s just a small one anything I do will make a difference!

The Big Project!

Just over a year ago I had this idea! I was so excited about it! I ran it past the people in charge of the program and they gave the ok while being included in the design process. Awesome! Now it was time to design and get the funds needed!

In 2017 I started a project to help out the Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo Queen Pageant. I held the title in 2015 and it was one of the best years of my life! The friends you meet, the memories you make, the moments you cherish all can happen in just one year as a rodeo queen and that year for me was by far one of the best! I still have times when I reminisce on the weekends spent with my rodeo family and the times we had and all of the innocent shenanigans we could get into. It was definitely a year to remember and it opened up a lot of doors for me in ways I didn’t think would be possible!

So this project was started to help out a program that had really done so much for me and 10 other young women. I wanted to give back and to help change the next girls life just as mine had been changed from my year. The program was entering it’s 10th year in 2017 and has continued to grow exponentially. I had watched it grow for years prior to trying out and I want to see it continue on to be one of the best options for aspiring young women to represent the sport of rodeo and their hometown.

After 10 years the perpetual chaps that the queens have worn throughout their year were starting to look tired and weathered.


Now I am the first to say that this photo isn’t the best but it gives you a general idea of what these looked like. Tired and weathered yes but still in pretty good shape even for being used for 10 straight summers.

It was time for a change and an upgrade! I reached out to the 10 other young ladies to hold the title and with a years time and reminding we got the money we needed for the beautiful chaps we had designed.

The Story Behind the Design

The city of Spokane is famous for many things but one thing in particular is the nickname it carries “The Lilac City” for the beautiful lilacs that bloom each May. The stunning purple and white colors transform our city when they are in bloom and these colors are ones many MSIR queen’s have used over the years. So I couldn’t think of a more perfect color combination to bring into this new design even paying homage to the old pair that would be retired. Next with the help of the creative genius of the amazing woman constructing these beautiful works of art we added 3D lilac’s to stand out even more in a way that would be totally recognizable and unique to MSIR.

The other awesome feature we had for this pair of chaps was a back belt that is made to be interchangeable. This was an important detail to me so that each lady from here on out not only had a pair of chaps that fit them but also a keepsake from their year that they will take with them for years to come! This back belt can be designed to each young ladies liking but could include their name and the year they served as Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo Queen. There is also a perpetual back belt that reads Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo Queen for the in between times when the young ladies are getting their personal belt made for the chaps each year!

What makes these even more special is the attention to detail that Prairie Leather Designs took to make these chaps not only one of a kind but a stand out set. She added set stones to each of the lilac flowers and along the leg of the chaps.  She also added in some small detail green stones to the leaves that are placed next to the lilacs. Its the fine details like these that makes these chaps all that much more special.

So I know by now the suspense has to be killing you on what these beautiful babies look like!

Without further ado:




Each time I look at these I am just so impressed with how beautiful they are! I remember when I first saw them in person I held back tears. I was overwhelmed by the stunning details and the care and hard work put into a one of a kind pair of chaps that will be well used, well loved and our ladies will be well noticed in!

And your probably wondering who the lucky lady that gets to wear them in their debut this year in 2018?

Meet Mary Jane Lowry!


Pictured Left to Right: Jamie (Cutshall) Clark, Myself, Mary Jane Lowry and Katherine Merck.

She is humble, kind and has a heart for service! I couldn’t think of any one better to wear these chaps in their first year and I am excited to watch her year unfold!

This photo is three of the 5 contributors to this amazing project and I am so beyond thankful for the amazing women who not only helped with this project but who jumped at the opportunity to help out a growing program.

Special thank you to the 4 ladies that joined me in the journey and project:

MSIR 2010 : Emily (Houger) Dingman

MSIR 2011 : Jamie (Cutshall) Clark

MSIR 2013: Macy LaValley

MSIR 2014: Katherine Merck

I can’t explain how incredible each of these ladies are and how they made their year impactful to everyone around them! Their generosity is helping this program continue  to be one of the best! I can’t say thank you enough to them!

This post is coming finished just in time for the coronation fundraiser this Saturday that will help Mary Jane with expenses during her year!

Doing Good Feels Good!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye for what might be up around the curve!

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Leather & Lace, Boots & Bling, It’s a Cowgirl Thing

It’s that time of year again.

It’s the time when the city of lights turns into Cowboy Town! 

It’s time for the 

Miss Rodeo America Pageant

and the

Wrangler National Finals

Who is ready and excited! I know I am! Currently I’m waiting on my connecting flight down to the sunny Las Vegas. And I thought there couldn’t be a more perfect time to post about all of the fun and festivities coming up for this next week! If you follow along you’ll get all of the updates and all the details I can manage as 31 beautiful young ladies including our very own Washingtonian Crystal Hart as they compete for the title of Miss Rodeo America! 


This stunning beauty will get to walk across the National stage and make everyone in Washington proud-even though I know that she has already made so many of us very proud of her after an amazing year of traveling the country to represent Washington and the professional sport of rodeo! Starting tomorrow Crystal won’t have access to her phone so you can follow along here, the Curvy E Chronicles Instagram and Facebook the Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant Instagram and Facebook and the Miss Rodeo America social medias. 

I am excited to follow Crystals journey through the pageant over the next week and highlight all of the fun and happenings. 

A couple of ways you can show your support from home for Crystal if you can’t make it down to Las Vegas are:

  • Change your profile photo on any of your social medias to a photo of you and Crystal or to one of Crystal to show her how much she is loved while she is down in Vegas. 


  • You can send her emails and words of encouragement at mrapmedia@missrodeoamerica.com with Washington in the subject line. Just hearing from you while she goes through this busy next week will keep her spirits up and help her succeed! 


This photo is being shared from the Miss Rodeo America Facebook page.


  • Anther cool thing is that the Fashion show happening on Friday and the Coronation which will take place on Sunday will be broad cast live on the Wrangler Network so tune in at 12 pm on Friday and 10:30 am on Sunday. 


These photos are being shared from the Miss Rodeo America Facebook page.

  • And finally another cool thing that I found on the Miss Rodeo America Monthly News letter said that there would be Facebook Live feed of Horsemanship on Monday and the Justin Boot Parade Saturday at Cowboy Christmas in the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

Again I am so excited to be following along on this journey and I will be posting about all of the fun I am having on the trip as well! After all it is Las Vegas! 


Until next time, keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

The Power of Two Words

There are many combinations of two words that can make an impression on a person but the two I want to talk about today are


These two words seem so simple. They seem so routine. They seem so automatic.

But think  about the last time you said these two words and meant them whole heartedly?

Think about the last time you told someone that you genuinely appreciate all of the hard work they put in to a group, an organization, a project, anything! Most often people pour their hearts and souls into this type of work and often go without these two simple words.


I know I myself am guilty of not using these two simple words to show my true appreciation for people and all that they do. And recently I found myself perplexed because I hadn’t received these two simple words. My feelings were hurt because no one said two simple, two routine, two automatic words to me.

After this small moment of a selfish pity party I had, I came to realize that I myself hadn’t said it either! How could I expect these two simple words when I was guilty of keeping them all to myself.

Now when I talk about saying something so simple as


I mean to say it from your heart. I mean to say it like you truly mean it. And I mean to actually SAY it! OUT LOUD! Or even take the time to hand write a personal note. We are all to often found stuck behind some form of screen and forget the impact taking the two minutes of our day to hand write a note saying


And how much this can mean!

As you all know from my last blog post I spent an awesome weekend volunteering at the Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant. I have loved to be more involved as time goes by and to meet new young ladies striving toward their goals and to see old friends reaching for that same goal makes my heart happy! I had the opportunity to choreograph the fashion show with the guidance and help of one of the board members and it was so incredibly rewarding to watch 11 young ladies take the stage and radiate beauty, grace and poise in fun fashionable western trends and end the evening in their western elegance. I couldn’t have been more proud of all of them for getting out there and trusting me to teach them a few small steps and to just have fun!

And last night when I got home from work and checked my mail I found this personally address envelope. Now I wasn’t surprised I got this because I knew they would be mailed out but it was what was on the inside of the card that surprised me.

img_6983This personal THANK YOU was everything but simple, routine and automatic! There was meaning behind it. There was genuine kindness in each hand written note. And this inspired me to write a few THANK YOU notes of my own.

Because I want to say




I appreciate the people that I got to work with! I appreciate all of the hard work they put in to make a program grow and take off. And I want to sprinkle these two words like glitter over the people who’s hard work isn’t totally recognized, people who volunteer their time, people who help grow the next generation.

Do not discount the impact a hand written THANK YOU card can have.

So here is my challenge to you! To each of you who read this!

Go out and find yourself a small box of thank you cards and leave them in your bag, your purse, your car-any where easily handy and next time you really want someone to know how much you appreciate them take two minutes and write it down, write it out, or even say it genuinely out loud!

The power of these two simple, routine and automatic words in the right context can make such a profound impact! And really what is two minutes of your time.


 img_6987Keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

2018 Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant

Today I am headed down to the 2018 Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant! I couldn’t be more excited to be heading back as the social media specialist and assisting with the fashion show!

Each year I have attended the pageant it’s incredible to watch young women from around the state come and show their hearts and souls to all of us there helping, watching and volunteering.  Unlike most other pageants after 3 days of competition these ladies walk away with life long friends and a slew of experience that will go with them for the rest of their life! The hard work and dedication they put in is something to be admired! I know first hand how much time and effort goes in to these types of contests and what kind of courage it takes to put yourself out there.

So without further ado I would like to introduce you to the young ladies competing! This year there are six Miss Rodeo Washington Contestants and two Miss Teen Rodeo Washington Contestants. I wish them all luck on this amazing and once in a life time opportunity!

(I do not own these photo and they have come from the Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant Facebook page)

Miss Contestants













Teen Contestants





Starting today these ladies will compete in a number of different area’s including multiple interviews, a written test, answering on stage questions, impromptu speaking and most importantly demonstrating their abilities on horse back.

I will be looking forward to sharing some of the experience and behind the scenes of the pageant with the world via my Facebook and Instagram both on Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant and on Curvy E Chronicles!

Thank you for stopping by and keep eye out for what might be up around the curve!

Judging : Rodeo : Royalty : Old Friends : New Places

This last weekend I was asked to come down and judge the queen contest at the Ritzville Rodeo! I was truly honored to try something new in my retirement from the queen world. This was something new for me and I really learned a lot as well was able to share my knowledge with other young and aspiring queens!

Having never judged a contest before I was going in with an open mind and an open heart hoping that I could help these young women grow and achieve their dreams of representing rodeo and the agriculture industry.

I did get to meet two amazing and bright young women. Both had a heart and passion for the sport and their home town which speaks volumes! Not to mention having the courage to put themselves out in front of a crowd to not only speak but to also ride a pre determined pattern and present a flag and themselves horse back!

I was proud of how hard both had worked and after the scores were tallied and everything was said and done, the board of directors decided they would bring back the old tradition of having a queen and princess. These made for a great opportunity for both of the young women who tried out and now they have a year to grow, learn and represent what means so much to them!

After the judging I decided I would hang out and stay for the rodeo considering I had never been and there were a lot of old friends I hadn’t seen in a long time!! I couldn’t be more blessed with such an amazing rodeo family after all of these years!

Here are just a few photos from the night helping with grand entry and hanging with friends!!!

I had the best time and I can’t wait to go back next year even just to hangout!!!

There is another pageant coming up that I will be judging in a couple of weeks so I will do a full judging follow up when I get through that one and let you all know how interesting it is and how I feel I have helped to improve each young woman I come in contact with!

Keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

My First Trip to Kitsap!


Last weekend I made a trip over the mountains and across the bridge to the Kitsap Co. Fair and PRCA Rodeo! In my rodeo queen career I hadn’t ever gotten the chance to make it over that far with other rodeo’s closer to me and with being a working adult (not all it’s cracked up to be). Any who I’m glad I finally had the chance to make it over!

My mom and sister came along on the adventure as well and it’s never a dull moment with the three of us! img_6710



My sister and I enjoy a little horsing around!!!

This was the first fair I had made it to for the summer and it didn’t disappoint! We were able to watch the end of the pie eating contest and visit the dog barn and the horse barn with so many miniature horses I couldn’t handle the cuteness! Not to mention we also say the miniature horse costume contest and I admire the creativity of those exhibitors!

We also ran into some amazing ladies that I am so lucky to call old and new friends!


Left to right; Miss Rodeo Canada Ali Mullin, Miss Rodeo Washington Crystal Hart, myself and my sister Jessica

After getting more than our fair share of fried food and sweet lemonade- we had tickets to the rodeo thanks to an amazing friend! And what a joy it was to watch!!!


It was a great performance and an honor to watch my good friend Crystal Hart Miss Rodeo Washington carry the American flag! It gives me chills every time I watch someone carry the colors horse back because it reminds me so much of how lucky I am to live in a country that I have the freedom to spectate at my favorite sport! And to hear everyone join in singing the anthem makes my heart sing!!! Not to mention my little brother is in the United State Air Force and I couldn’t be more proud of him and the country and flag he defends!

After the rodeo I got some more time to catch up with some good friends and to make some new ones along the way and I can’t wait for you all to see what is coming up on the Curvy E Chronicles!!!


I couldn’t feel more blessed to know these amazing and accomplished women who not only represent our sport but also are the leading role models for young girls in the western heritage! I can’t wait to follow along with them more as we come up not only on some more Washington Rodeo’s but some pageantry fun as well!

Much, much more rodeo adventures and rodeo queen coverage!

All in all I had an amazing time and an amazing weekend with family and friends and I will be heading back to Kitsap the next time I get the chance!!!!

Keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!