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SKIN & CO ROMA Truffle Therapy Line- Review


About two months ago in my April Ipsy bag I received a sample size bottle of the Skin & Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner. I was in the market for something new because until this point I hadn’t really found anything I liked as far as a toner goes. The sample size bottle contained enough for about a week. So I used it for the week and lets just say after this I went to the website and used my Ipsy coupon to order the cleansing foam, the face toner and the citrus amaro facial oil.

This has helped my skin so much with my breakouts and pore size as well as how oily my skin gets during the day. I have been using this once sometimes twice a day as a regimen and when I skip a few days I really notice the difference.

Skin & Co. has a few different lines but so far I have only tried part of the Truffle Therapy Line. Starting in Umbria, Italy with the “Truffle Formula” the families grandmother Giuseppina opened up the “La Galleria” in 1952. In 2013 Skin & Co is launched in the USA and now has over 300K customers. They also offer a pretty sweet rewards program when you sign up that you can earn 1 pt for every dollar spent, for starting and account and for referring a friend. These points can be redeemed for different gifts all the way up to money off of your next order!

Here is what I got in my most recent order!

 Everything comes nicely packaged wrapped in tissue paper followed by plastic.

This is what the Face Toner and Cleansing Foam look like.

This is the Truffle Therapy Serum- New to me.

And finally the Cream to go with all of the Truffle Therapy line that I have.

Now for the best part of ordering from this company!img_6395


With any purchase of $69 or more you get 5 free deluxe size samples with a fun travel bag! And then to top it off they send even more samples! This is a great way to get customers to try different things and to keep them coming back!

My summer bag came with the Umbrian Truffle lotion, Rosemary and Verbena shower gel, the Truffle Therapy cream, the Truffle Therapy Cleansing Oil and the Citrus Amaro Hand Cream.

The remaining items were all other samples that come with each order.


Now for the Review

After using this regimen for the last couple of days (now including the Serum and Cream) I have noticed such a difference! My skin is smooth and supple and there is much more moisture to my skin. My pores don’t seem to look as large around my problem area’s in my T zone, and because I now have so much more moisture to my skin my make up applies so much smoother and I don’t get as oily during the day.

I would totally recommend this to a friend. The Truffle Therapy line is said to be good for all skin types and is very gentle. The cleansing foam doesn’t stay super foamy on the face when you work it in to the skin so if you enjoy a frothy cleanser that leaves a nice and think foam on the face this won’t be for you. I enjoy that this is very light weight and doesn’t feel like I have added heavy layers to my skin. Plus in the morning my skin feels AMAZING! It’s hydrated and full  of life! And not to mention the smell is heavenly! It’s earthy with a subtle sweetness that just makes this feel and seem so luxurious without the crazy price tag!

Now this isn’t drug store pricing what so ever but compared to other very pricy brands I feel this is very reasonable considering the quality of the product you are receiving. The other great thing about this is that once you join the rewards program and email list you get all kinds of coupon codes for 15-20% off which makes for some nice money off.

I am looking forward to trying the Truffle Therapy Ultra Pure Facial Oil when it comes back into stock.


Leave me a comment if you have tried this line or plan on trying it soon!


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