Where do I even begin. The last few weeks have been really challenging to find my creative energy. I have felt blocked and bogged down. I can’t tell you if it’s a creative block, a mental block, a lack of inspiration…maybe it’s all of the above. Anyhow this block has kept me from writing andContinue reading “Blocked”

Take Off The Mask

Halloween. A day of fantasy, dress up, pretending and all out fun! I love each year to see what everyone comes up with for costume idea’s and I love watching all of the colorful, dark and mysterious make up tutorials that flood social media! But the thing is when I look at Halloween it hasContinue reading “Take Off The Mask”

Take a Moment…

This month I am skipping wedding Wednesday. Partly because I have forgotten what topic I wanted to cover (forgot to write it down) and partly because I think at some point we all need the reminder that we need to slow down and take a moment. I think we sometimes forget that even in theContinue reading “Take a Moment…”

Book of The Month : September 2018

When I made my Barnes & Noble order back in June I stumbled across this newer release that looked perfect for what I have been in to reading currently and with a title like Girl, Wash Your Face,  how could I not be drawn in! Even in reading the Introduction for the book I wasContinue reading “Book of The Month : September 2018”

Book of the Month : August 2018

I hope you all are enjoying this series as much as I am! I have had a lot of serious and self empowerment books but I promise I will start to include some other fiction that I also enjoy reading just stay tuned! This months book is Begin Again by Leeana Tankersley. I found thisContinue reading “Book of the Month : August 2018”

Book of the Month : July 2018

 I hope you all are loving book of the month as much as I am! I have found it so nice to take some time away and get caught up on some much needed reading! The book this month is one I found in the sale bin at Barnes and Noble. The light blue cover and titleContinue reading “Book of the Month : July 2018”

Book of the Month : June 2018

  I really am loving being able to do this new series that is also so beneficial to me and my mental health! After all the Curvy E Chronicles is about a journey to a happier, healthier me! This month’s book is Kind is the New Classy by Candace Cameron Bure. A friend of mineContinue reading “Book of the Month : June 2018”

Book of the Month : May 2018

So I want to start a new series going into the second year of the Curvy E Chronicles! On the first Friday of every month I want to highlight a book I am reading! I am trying really hard to read more and spend more time on making a better me! I started this blogContinue reading “Book of the Month : May 2018”

Change is Never Easy

To make a change is never easy. Especially when the change you are wanting to make is something that is apart of the way you are. Growing up I had learned to be out spoken, bull headed and out there or maybe I was just that way. I didn’t want to be walked over byContinue reading “Change is Never Easy”