Growth I Have Seen In Myself

As I have shared a lot of the reason I have this blog is not only a creative outlet but also to help me document moments in my life that have changed me to help me become a happier and healthier me! Sometimes it isn’t the until a challenge presents itself when growth is seen and it’s surprisingContinue reading “Growth I Have Seen In Myself”

Two Years of Bliss….HAHA

I can hardly believe that my husband and I have been married for two years! I know this is just a blink on our journey of life together but time really does fly when your having fun. Or so they say! I do have to say that I am incredibly lucky each and every dayContinue reading “Two Years of Bliss….HAHA”

Where Did June Go?

This month has been slipping by! It’s been one busy week after another with work and I have been struggling to keep up with my posting schedule. I’m hopping to jump back into it all this week and refocus on this and make my posting much more consistent. But in the mean time Curvy EContinue reading “Where Did June Go?”

Taking a Step Back

This weekend has been so refreshing! I normally hoard all f my vacation time at work. Don’t ask me why but it’s one of those things that I just don’t like to take time off unless it’s absolutely for something. But over the last three years I have learned that this is really unhealthy andContinue reading “Taking a Step Back”

Time Flies — Over the Winter Blahs

I feel like I have been completely swamped with work and have completely forgotten about keeping up on my posts! We recently have been down a person at work and it’s caused for more of a work load put on me. Thankfully it hasn’t been stressful but just a lot of work and the day’sContinue reading “Time Flies — Over the Winter Blahs”

Whirlwind Weeks : Nov. 15th, 2017

Every time I feel like I am getting caught up on things and really knocking out my to do list life happens, work happens and my Netflix and Hulu accounts happen! Ok so maybe the last thing is just my procrastination at it’s finest but I know I’m not alone in that! So I haveContinue reading “Whirlwind Weeks : Nov. 15th, 2017”