Time Flies — Over the Winter Blahs

I feel like I have been completely swamped with work and have completely forgotten about keeping up on my posts! We recently have been down a person at work and it’s caused for more of a work load put on me. Thankfully it hasn’t been stressful but just a lot of work and the day’s are going by very, very quickly so before I know it I’m headed out the door home to do house work or just sit and relax for that matter!

I have felt a little lost because I haven’t had the time to meal prep or even blog prep (I try to do them at the same time on a slow day) and this is driving me crazy because the control freak in me doesn’t like not having a plan for things!

But the nice thing about spring coming in is that it means time for spring cleaning and taking the time to really organize and plan things out! This is my goal this next weekend it so organize my desk and to organize my makeup collection and my closet. I will say if I took a photo of the current hazard zone that is in my office/beauty room you all would be horrified by the sight! I like to be super organized and super put together on the outside but sometimes my inner dwelling is a disaster! But that’s just the controlled chaos that I like to go in and organize! So now that I am out of the winter blahs the organizing is started and in full force.

I don’t know about any of you but I seem to get dragged down in the winter time. The short day’s, the gray skies, the constant cold! I find myself not in the mood to self start and not in the mood to do anything but the regular house work-you know dishes, laundry, sweeping and mopping. I just feel well


But with daylight savings having just come and gone I am so ready with the nicer weather just around the corner and the lighter days coming that means time to get things started and going and organized!!

I also need to get back on the workout grind! I know I can do it because I was sticking to it so well in January until I fell and was out for a short time but I just haven’t gotten back to it. I know I can and I know I will but I need to get back started! I need to stick with it! I need it for me!

So with spring weather let the fun begin and let the organizing start!


Any how that is a simple update on my absence! But never fear there is much more to come! March subscriptions are already starting to come in and I want to get up my everyday make up routine (we will see if I can accomplish this) but never the less more to come and even better coming up on one year of the Curvy E Chronicles!!!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

Disappeared For a Week

Was MIA for the last week. The even worse part is I have no good reason for being gone.

It was mostly a mental block of not being able to find the right thoughts to put into words.

I have been trying to plan and have things set to go ahead of time but last week was just one of those weeks I couldn’t seem to get set up or planned ahead of time.

Some weeks just end up being slump weeks and last week was one of those.

Hoping to dive right back in with keeping up regular posts.


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve.


Whirlwind Weeks : Nov. 15th, 2017

Every time I feel like I am getting caught up on things and really knocking out my to do list life happens, work happens and my Netflix and Hulu accounts happen! Ok so maybe the last thing is just my procrastination at it’s finest but I know I’m not alone in that!

So I have fallen behind again in my blogging and I know I need to work harder at it because I want to keep interesting content coming and I know this is the best way for me to express my creative juices! I feel like my real adult job has been taking so much of my energy recently that I haven’t even had a chance to really put thoughts into words and that bugs me!!

I find that my big kid job no matter how much I love it really is just there to fuel my other hobbies and well really my passions! And I find it incredibly hard when my big kid job causes me to stress over things I cannot control and I put my hobbies and passions on hold because I am trying to deal with my “big kid job”. So I am working on taking a step back and really putting balance into my life!

The more I grow up, the more I find that it’s more important to enjoy the things you do. Whether that be the work you do every day or just the hobbies that you enjoy. And I want to work more on doing more of the things that I love! Which includes this blog, makeup, fashion, rodeo and turning my attention toward things I know I want to improve about myself.

Away with the stress and negative crap of my “big kid job” after all it’s just a job and it will not define me!

My goal is to continue to do more of the things I love and leave the rest in the dust!

Lets end the year strong so that we can look to start a new year even stronger!

Playing Catch Up!

They say time flies when your having fun! As much as I love to agree with this I find that I have lost track of posting and writing and putting up some fun content!

But I have some fun stuff coming up around the curve and so great things planned for the fall and winter season!

I hope you love to follow along on this curvy adventure!

Please share any feedback and ideas you have for this growing blog!

And better yet there is now a FACEBOOK page!! Please like and follow!

Posting Schedule!

I have been struggling with finding a working posting schedule and because of this I haven’t been as active as I have wanted to! But I am working hard to find what will work for me and how to keep up on the different things I do! This blog is growing and with growing comes some growing pains! I will eventually figure out a working schedule! But until then thank you for your patience with the different posts coming your way!