Mini Rant : October 20, 2017

I feel I can’t be alone in this but USPS is driving me crazy!!!!!!

I get monthly subscriptions as you can see from my different reviews here on the blog. This month is no different except that it has taken almost all month to get two of them!!!

Quite literally two of my boxes have gone from our local hub to across the state and then back again to the hub here and spending days at a time in these different spots! I would understand if these were new things or coming from somewhere weird but to have to travel across the state twice is down right ridiculous!!

Watching the tracking information on my two boxes has been about the death of me because I am excitedly waiting to that I can show you all of the cool things I get! But by the time I get them it’s the end of the month and too late to actually try things in a timely manner and be able to review it in time! I’m hoping that this doesn’t become a pattern but I guess we will see as the holiday season is picking up!


But really does any one else deal with this trouble in the US and with USPS?! I really want to call and ask why this is a thing! And then I have also wondered if getting a PO Box near our local hub would make my life easier. What are your thoughts? Does anyone else find it easier? Comment and let me know!

Grow UP & Get OVER IT!


I don’t understand where we lost the ability to be happy for another person when they succeed. I am watching a group of grown adults tear down one individual because they don’t like how she “treated” another person. However they fail to realized that each and every story has two sides, two versions of the truth and that we are all second hand in the information given. So my question is when did, second hand information become grounds to openly hate another individual? I don’t recall that ever being something that is acceptable.

I can understand personal differences. I can understand differences of opinion. And I can understand those being reasons not to be friends with someone but since when do you have to be friends with every person…last I checked never!

The worst part about all of this is that this is supposed to be a some what professional organization. But they lack everything professional!!!!!!

I’ll tell you about professionalism! Professionalism is going above and beyond for a person who has slandered me, my name and everything I stand for because it’s more important for people to see that I can be professional in a situation when it’s called for. Because in my mind my reputation is more important than being petty about things that have happened in the past.

The past is in the past for a reason. Leave it there! How is an organization supposed to grow when they can’t take a step forward into the new year into the future into the coming things. As cliché as this might be living in the past gets you no where and sitting there pondering everything about it does nothing but fester the open wound. It becomes an infection that will eat away everything that surrounds it!

I know better than anyone else that all of this is easier said than done. TRUST ME! I have dealt with my fair share of drama, mean girls and just down right rude people. But I never let them change how I looked at myself. Yes it was frustrating and yes there were day’s I wanted to disappear. It’s hard and it hurts! But how do we grow as people? How do we grow as individuals? We learn from the pain, we learn that when times get hard you have to get down and dirty to pull yourself above. Not pull others down to your mud hole that you may have wallowed in.

I find it sad and down right appalling that I in my short 23 years have learned that I have to see things from both sides of the tracks, from post sides of the story, from a different perspective all together, but women twice my senior, old enough to be my mother and some old enough to be my grandmother, cannot look past their own hurt feelings and vanity to put things in the past and step forward.

This is why I have titled this rant GROW UP & GET OVER IT! Because that’s exactly what needs to happen here! At what point do you lift the heaviness from your heart and from your life and move forward! I will tell you the steps are much liter and your next steps feel like you are floating into your future!