Wedding Wednesday : February 2018

It’s that time!

Here is February’s Wedding Wednesday!

This Wednesday’s topic is the top 5 reasons why it’s important to have a wedding website!

In today’s age of technology I think it’s extremely important to have a wedding website. The most common place that offers a free website that you can design is (to be totally honest I don’t know of any others). They make for an easy way of setting up a website with different style options and different area’s of focus for your wedding. I had a great time when I started mine! It was nice to customize all of the different aspects of the sight to be most similar to your wedding style. It also gives the options of what you want to prioritize about your wedding!

So now for the top 5 reasons to have a wedding website!

1. Introducing You & Your Significant Other as a Couple

On the website one of the main sections is the “Our Story” section.  This is a nice and easy way to let your friends and family that you haven’t see in awhile about how you met this new important person in your life! I find this can become a repetitive chore when you have a bunch of family and friends that you haven’t seen in some time and haven’t had the chance to meet your significant other. It also allows you to in detail go over how the proposal went and all the beautiful pictures to a mass amount of family and friends all at once! This will help you save time and breath when it comes to the big day and everyone wanting to ask you all of these burning questions. This part will probably be the most time consuming but so worth it and I found it fun to upload photo along with it so that everyone could see how much we had grown and changed as a couple leading up to our wedding day.

2. Sharing Important Information with Guests

This is one of the easiest ways to share important information with your guests. Things like time, place, directions, hotel accommodations, registry, etc. It’s nice and conveniently all in one place! It also makes it so that you don’t have to send 5 different little slips of paper in your actual invitations that people can easily loose. You just print off your beautiful invitations and put your wedding website link on the bottom and list “please visit our website for further information”. I know not everyone like Grandma Sue us the internet but any more these day’s if you aren’t using the computer then you are practically in the stone age so this makes it really nice for you to direct all of the questions your guests have to the website rather than having Aunt Patty calling you ten times leading up to the big day asking where to book a room.

3. Most Registries Can Link-Up to Your Website

I thought this was probably the coolest thing about having a wedding website! We only did one registry at Bed Bath and Beyond because by the time we finished that it was so overwhelming that we didn’t want to even attempt another store! My husband also wasn’t the most enthusiastic when it came to picking things out unless he got to use the price/scan gun. However when it came time I was able to link our registry online with our wedding website and let me just tell you how easy this was for some of our out of town family! By having them linked many of our friends and family could do their shopping online and have the gifts send right to our front door! I mean how great is that! They also could choose to have it gift wrapped or just sent to us! We probably got about 1/3 of our wedding gifts via the website! I was so shocked because I didn’t realize this was a feature until our first couple of gifts showed up! But I thought how convenient for our out of town family! I think people also liked the idea of the online registry because they could purchase gifts two months prior to the wedding which gave them flexibility when it came to having money for the gifts. I know I appreciate this aspect being a guest at a wedding so that if I need time to plan for a purchase I have that time.

4. RSVP Tracking!

This feature was a life saver for me. The website offers a way of adding in your guest list and allowing for RSVP information. It was nice and easy for guests to list who was coming and by name if they were brining a plus one or their kiddo’s and it was nice to have a ball park idea of how many people we were expecting to come on our big day. I was pleasantly surprised with how many people we had not only RSVP but also show up! We sent/gave out about 150 invites including out of town family expecting about half to show up and we ended up with almost 120 people RSVP’d. Now some of this was because we started inviting people by verbal invites and I didn’t always take into account how many kiddo’s or plus ones we would have but I will say this was the best ball park I could have had when it came to food and drinks and being prepared for the day. I was totally surprised with how many people we had come to our wedding and I was glad we had a centralized spot to keep track. The nice thing about the RSVP feature as well was that you could add and subtract people out as time went one. So if someone said they would make it and then had something come up and couldn’t you could take out their RSVP and for all of the traditional mailed in RSVP’s you can add them in to keep track all in one place.


5. Count Down to the Big Day

The other great thing about this website service is that at the very top is the daily count down to the big day! It makes it easy when you are six months or so out from the big day to be able to see easily the number of days left. I found this very convenient  when people would inevitably ask me this question and thankfully I could easily pull up the website and it would have the days left. The other thing I absolutely loved about the website was that it was easy to share on my social media’s to let friends and family know that way as well.


I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful when planning for your big day and getting ready for all of the fun and festive times coming a head! I know I found it so beneficial to my planning process to have the website and for my out of town family to keep up on all of the fun and changes that came up along the way!

A wedding is an exciting time hopefully you find this helpful!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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Welcome to Wedding Wednesday : January 2018

New Series for 2018!

To kick off my first new series for 2018 once a month we will have a Wedding Wednesday to highlight some key things to help with planning a wedding and things leading up to the big day as well as gift ideas and different bridal formalities!

Last year I had the opportunity to coordinate my first wedding and as busy as it was I learned so much and was pleased that at the end of the night everything went as smoothly as could have been asked for! My bride and groom were happily married and nothing burned to the ground! That’s pretty good in my book!

This year I have one wedding set already that I am very excited for the simplistic backyard wedding among the bride and groom’s close family and friends! I am very excited to add another day of coordinating under my belt!

One thing I really can’t emphasize enough is the fact that I am by no means a professional wedding planner! I am a day of amateur coordinator. I like to think of myself as the person that will take all of you hard work, planning and vision and make it a reality! I also like to do some amateur photography on the side but that’s for an entirely different post!

My goal is to help my friends have the most magical and amazing day because there is no need to have stress on a day that is supposed to be happy and full of so much love!

So you just got engaged! It’s exciting, it’s a rush, it’s an amazing and happy time!

Then come all the questions…when, where, how many people, what colors, who do you have for this, that, and the other….it’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out!!

I know I would (and almost did) !

But I want to let you know it’s ok to put those things off for a short period of time! Enjoy being engaged and the short time this will be compared to the life time you are about to spend together with your significant other! Just know you don’t have to have it all figured out right away! It’s practically impossible!

So for our first Wedding Wednesday here are 5 important items to take care of right out of the gate.

1. Date!

Probably one of the most important parts to planning and finding out how your planning experience is going to be is by picking a date. By picking a date this give you an idea of a time frame for planning and can help you structure your to-do lists so they become to-done lists and the big day is a breeze! The other thing to think about when picking a date is when you want your anniversary to be every year. As strange as it might sound picking certain times of the year as well as avoiding certain times of the year should be considered by both you and your future spouse to avoid anniversary conflicts. It might seem like the farthest thing from your mind but it really does help later on in the marriage.

2. Location, location, location.

Picking a location, venue, place, area, park, church, field, barn, hotel, meeting hall, space; where ever fits your fancy to have your ceremony and reception is also a key component to the planning process. Wedding venue’s tend to fill up quickly and often are booked out a year in advance, so if you are looking to plan a wedding in 6-12 months the options can become limited when if comes to picking a wedding venue, especially if you have your heart set on one particular venue. Picking a location also will play into the date option because once you pick a date you have to find the availability of the venue. Now location and date could always switch places for first and second in order of importance because it’s possible you have a date but it ends up that the venue doesn’t have that available but has something close to it. So these two items walk hand in hand.

3. Budget 

Your might ask why this isn’t first. Well in my mind you budgets can be some what flexible for the pure fact that once you have the date and place the rest can all be added or subtracted as needed. For me the biggest parts of the budget need to be the money spent on a beautiful location and a photographer. The photos you take this day need a beautiful backdrop and will the most vivid memories you have from the very special day when you look back in 20 years. These are the memories you will hold on to for the rest of your life and the moments caught in time. There isn’t going to be a redo or a do over so having these amazing memories captured to last forever is in my opinion the most  important part of the day. When it comes to flowers and dresses and catering and décor there are many DIY options and many simplistic options that can help to cut costs.

4. Photographer

Photographers like venue’s book up quickly so finding the right one for you and making sure they are available for you big day is a challenge all on it’s own. But to me this is also one of the biggest things to really nail down. With a photographer you want to find someone’s work that you love as well as some one who you connect well with. Price point can also be a concern in this one. When I got married the one thing I really wanted was to look for someone who would give me either a disk or a jump drive of the photo’s that I could then print myself- this is usually considered rights to the images. This to me is worth the price because then you get to print the photos for anything you want! We added them to Christmas cards, thank you cards, social media and I was able to print my family photos at my own pace and at the sizes I wanted! I had the best photographer if I do say so myself who exceeded all of my expectations and now I have the best memories to look back on!

5. Style/Concept/Esthetic

One of the final important things to nail down in the beginning is what kind of wedding you want. Do you want vintage, rustic, shabby chic, western, modern, theatrical, ethereal, fairytail, traditional?   The list of options goes on and on! Picking something that represents you and your soon to be spouse is going to make the day that much more special. It also helps if you keep this idea in mind all along so that when you pick your venue and your photographer. By having your style planned out it makes the rest of the planning process much easier and helps to direct your focus to the different options that you want to make sure are apart of your big day! The style will also play into the colors you choose for your wedding so that it is complimentary to esthetic as a whole.


These are brief explanations for these 5 important and key things to thing about but it’s a place to start. I found these to be the most helpful for me when I went to plan my wedding two years ago and I hope you find these steps helpful for you in your beginning stages of planning! If you are a bride to be congratulations-it’s going to go by so quickly but it’s going to be so much fun!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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The Wedding Advent Calendar!


It’s wedding season full tilt!

The other day I found myself in need of a gift idea for a bridal shower for a friend and I couldn’t think of what to get her! I wanted it to be something sentimental that wasn’t from her gift registry because that’s what the wedding day is for. Plus I found this to be a fun alternative to traditional bridal shower gifts!

From the many different idea’s behind the wedding advent I decided to make a fun spin on it and do the 12 Day Count town (similar to the 12 days of Christmas) and making it a wedding day emergency kit (all the little things people don’t always think about for the big day)



First we will start with the supplies you will need to wrap the gifts and present them!

I purchases a majority of my supplies between TJMaxx and Wal-Mart.

  • décor box
  • wrapping paper
  • sticky numbers
  • tags to label each dat
  • note cards to go with each day
  • bags to put items in
  • a card for the bride

Next well move into the different items for the wedding day survival kit!

Most of these things I got at the Dollar Store or at the travel section at Wal-Mart.

  • Large bag for carrying all the emergency items and then some
  • a journal
  • a pen
  • baby powder
  • face wipes
  • Q-tips
  • Band-Aids
  • lint roller
  • wrinkle release
  • Tide-to-Go
  • Kleenex
  • Tylenol
  • Eye drops
  • compact mirror
  • safety pins
  • sewing kit
  • lotion
  • deodorant
  • hairspary
  • bobbi pins
  • dry shampoo
  • nail kit
  • clear polish
  • hand sanitizer
  • mouth wash
  • lip balm
  • small wine bottles or a big one
  • face sheet mask

Now each day will be something fun to open and I will break down the days and what I put with each not for each day.

12 Days to Wedding

A Journal and pen to keep track of all the last minute details or even your vows. Write it down so you don’t forget.



11 Days to Wedding

Baby powder or in this case Gold Bond and Make up wipes- to help img_6591with any sticky, sweaty or messy situation!




10 Days to Wedding

Band-Aids or First aid kit and Q-Tips for any slips or misses, accidents or boo boo’s from your make img_6592up to your shoes.


9 Days to Wedding

A lint roller for so nothing is too clingy, wrinkle release to smooth out any of those pesky lines and Tide-to-Go because we img_6593all know white is no ones friend!




8 Days to Wedding

Kleenex and Tylenol. To dry your happy tears and for the hang over we img_6594all know you will have that morning!


7 Days to Wedding

Eye drops and a mirror! To keep your eyes from being to red from those img_6595happy tears and a mirror for any of those touch ups!



6 Days to Wedding

Safety pins and a sewing kit. Anything can happen and you want to be prepared to sew, pin or even staple anyone into their dress if need be on the big day. Dead serious though we had to sew my sisterimg_6596 into her dress on my wedding day!


5 Days to Wedding

Some lotion and deodorant. Just to make sure there is no ashy legs, rough knees or elbows and we all know your gonna sweatimg_6597– it’s natural- so just to keep you fresh and FUN!


4 Days to Wedding

Ahhh! So close it’s almost here! Now I know someone will be doing your hair but it never fails that they are long go and your in need of a touch up so here is your img_6602saving grace hair spray, dry shampoo and bobbi pins!


3 Days to Wedding

Now I know your not the biggest nail person but this is a day when your hands are gonna get photographed more than you even realize so img_6600here’s a few things to keep ’em clean and sparkly neat- Clear nail polish and a nail kit. I added the hand sanitizer just for good measure! Ya never know when something or someone weird wants to hold your hand!

2 Days to Wedding!

It’s almost here! Can it really be! Well to keep your funky breath fresh and img_6601those lips ready for that kiss that seals the deal here is some chapstick!

1 Day to Wedding!

It’s the night before the big day! Are you ready!? Can you believe that it’s finally here! You get to start your forever tomorrow! So to help you relax and unwind on this amazing night here is aimg_6603 couple of things to pamper yourself! A sheet mask to help to give you glowing skin and a few bottles of wine to help ease your nerves.


I hope your ready to marry your best friend and love of your life!




I can’t wait to give this gift to her this coming weekend! I will try to update this post with a photo of the finished product when I get everything all wrapped and put together into the box!

I hope you enjoy this Wedding Wednesday gift idea for the next bridal shower you are headed to! Each Wedding Advent Calendar is different but this is my fun take on one!


Keep an eye out for what is up around the curve!




5 Questions Every Bride Should be Asked

With wedding season in full swing I have been asked to help with a couple of weddings this summer and the planner in me has been going crazy in the best most creative way possible!


Disclaimer! I am by no means a professional in this area and I don’t market myself as such. I merely just like to help people and friends plan for their big days because I know how stressful it can be and how nice it is to have someone to handle all of the details so that the bride can enjoy her big and special day! Because quiet frankly there is nothing worse than worrying about the little minor details on the big day when it should be about sharing your love with one another and with the friends and family you have asked to join you on your special day!

So here are 5 questions that every planner or day of coordinator should ask her bride!


1. Describe your perfect wedding day

This is something really key to ask any bride when going into coordinating her big day! She has a dream and you want to help her make that dream happen. It’s also nice to have a big over all picture that can then be narrowed down and tweaked as time goes on. Not to mention this will help you greatly with being able to deliver everything she is expecting. Which brings up to question 2…


 2. What are you expectations for me (the wedding coordinator)?

This to me is one of the most important questions to ask any bride! You want to make sure there are clear expectation set for the big day! There is nothing worse than getting there on the day of and things not going according to the brides plans! A bride works very hard to plan all of the details from beginning to end of her wedding and wants it to go perfectly and smoothly and that ultimately is what a coordinator is there to do! Relive stress from the bride and make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be and when they are supposed to be.


 3. How comfortable are you with change?

So ultimately there needs to be a plan B for just about everything on the wedding day no matter what it is! And I am a firm believer in a plan B if things can’t or won’t go according to plan A. I feel this questions also goes hand in hand with the previous two questions because brides do put in a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears into making this day everything they have dreamed about. But as we all well now not everything will go perfectly! So that is where I like to ask how comfortable the bride is with change. I want to put feelers out there to make sure that if all else fails she is ok with my creative expression to help make her day great or if we need to make extra plans to make sure that everything she wants happens flawlessly.


4. Important people to keep track of

It really does take a small army to put together a wedding and when you are creating things from scratch similar to the wedding I am helping with it is essential to have a list of people to help you get the big day put together. It really is impossible to for one person to do everything at a wedding when it comes to décor, scheduling, keeping everyone on track and wrangling bridal party, family and guests. My bride was already prepared with this and this last weekend when we went and toured the venue.


5. What is the most important part of the wedding day to you?

The final of my top 5 here is to ask your bride what really is the most important part of her big day for her. For me I was more concerned about the photos we got and having a stress free day. For my bride she doesn’t want to  have to worry about anything and to make sure that we stay on track. So it’s important that I stay very organized and ready for anything that might come up in the day. I want to make sure that time management is the forefront and focus for our day and that it’s fun and enjoyable for all involved!


I hope these are some helpful questions to both coordinators and brides alike to make sure that their big day runs smoothly and goes off without a hitch!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Keep an eye out for what is up around the curve!