Colour Pop Haul : July 2019

Boy this has been a long time coming!!! I have not ordered from Colour Pop in….well gosh I don’t know how long! But I am so excited to show you what I have hauled this time! Get ready….because I don’t think your ready…ok maybe you’re ready…. Lets dive into this haul! The first things IContinue reading “Colour Pop Haul : July 2019”

Colour Pop Haul : November 2018

I think this could almost be a monthly post on it’s own given how much I love Colour Pop, how affordable they are and how often then have some amazing sales! But if I got a box every month my husband may question my sanity! This most recent haul was the first time I trulyContinue reading “Colour Pop Haul : November 2018”

Colour Pop Haul : September 2018

Yes you are seeing that correctly! I placed another order on They were running a special with buy one get one free Super Shock Shadow’s with also new shades! How could I not make an order!? Especially when free shipping only takes $30! Lets get into what I ordered! I should mention I alsoContinue reading “Colour Pop Haul : September 2018”

Make Up Tutorial : Full Face Colour Pop

With the latest launches from Colour Pop I now have the ability to share with you an one brand tutorial! I am so excited to bring on another tutorial and with such and affordable brand! So lets get started! As with anything you will want to moisturize your skin before applying anything thing else. IContinue reading “Make Up Tutorial : Full Face Colour Pop”

Colour Pop Haul! : August 2018

Should this be any surprise?! I don’t think so! So a little while ago Colour Pop dropped even more amazing goodies and I just couldn’t pass them up so I made another order! Lets dive in and see what I got! All Star Matte and Blur Primer So finally Color Pop has come out withContinue reading “Colour Pop Haul! : August 2018”

Colour Pop Haul : July 2018

Yes it is another Colour Pop Haul! What can I say! They have been dropping so many awesome products I couldn’t help but make a few orders! So here is my most recent haul and review on the items I got! Fortune Eyeshadow Palette This palette is the sister to the Fame palette that IContinue reading “Colour Pop Haul : July 2018”

My Everyday, Go To Make Up Look

I finally got around to putting this together and I really hope you enjoy! This has been my go to make up look recently that I wear to work or just on days when I don’t have the creative juices flowing! (P.S. I am by no means a professional I just have a love forContinue reading “My Everyday, Go To Make Up Look”

New at ColourPop

ColourPop is a USA made company based out of L.A., California that makes high quality¬†affordable make up!! I have been ordering from them for years now and they quickly became one of my favorite makeup brands! I love all of their new launches and I’m always get excited to see what they will come outContinue reading “New at ColourPop”