Colour Pop Haul : July 2019

Boy this has been a long time coming!!! I have not ordered from Colour Pop in….well gosh I don’t know how long! But I am so excited to show you what I have hauled this time! Get ready….because I don’t think your ready…ok maybe you’re ready…. Lets dive into this haul! The first things IContinue reading “Colour Pop Haul : July 2019”

Colour Pop Haul : November 2018

I think this could almost be a monthly post on it’s own given how much I love Colour Pop, how affordable they are and how often then have some amazing sales! But if I got a box every month my husband may question my sanity! This most recent haul was the first time I trulyContinue reading “Colour Pop Haul : November 2018”

Colour Pop Haul : September 2018

Yes you are seeing that correctly! I placed another order on They were running a special with buy one get one free Super Shock Shadow’s with also new shades! How could I not make an order!? Especially when free shipping only takes $30! Lets get into what I ordered! I should mention I alsoContinue reading “Colour Pop Haul : September 2018”

Colour Pop Haul! : August 2018

Should this be any surprise?! I don’t think so! So a little while ago Colour Pop dropped even more amazing goodies and I just couldn’t pass them up so I made another order! Lets dive in and see what I got! All Star Matte and Blur Primer So finally Color Pop has come out withContinue reading “Colour Pop Haul! : August 2018”