Let’s Do This Thing : 2020

Wow, it’s been a while! The last, oh I don’t know, six months…..have been a whirlwind. From getting through the third trimester, going through hell at my job and giving birth to my beautiful baby girl 2019 has been nothing short of the toughest but most amazing year of my life. The phrase “what doesn’tContinue reading “Let’s Do This Thing : 2020”

Where Did June Go?

This month has been slipping by! It’s been one busy week after another with work and I have been struggling to keep up with my posting schedule. I’m hopping to jump back into it all this week and refocus on this and make my posting much more consistent. But in the mean time Curvy EContinue reading “Where Did June Go?”

Curvy E Chronicles: Year 1

I can’t believe it’s already been one year since I started the Curvy E Chronicles. A lot has changed in just one year. We¬†have grown to almost 100 followers. I have fallen off of the healthier, happier me wagon more times than I care to admit. We have added new series! We have had 1617Continue reading “Curvy E Chronicles: Year 1”