Work, Work, Work

Do you ever sit up Monday morning and just think…”Man I feel like I just left work! How can I already have to be heading back?” This has been me the last few weeks. I feel like I have been so absorbed with work and have been letting my day job run my life. Though … More Work, Work, Work

I’m Back!

Hello!! I just wanted to put out a big hello to all of my new followers! Thank you for taking time to check out the Curvy E Chronicles! My name is Courtney! I’m from a small town in Washington State and I have a love for all things food, adventure, beauty and SPARKLE! I am … More I’m Back!


Where do I even begin. The last few weeks have been really challenging to find my creative energy. I have felt blocked and bogged down. I can’t tell you if it’s a creative block, a mental block, a lack of inspiration…maybe it’s all of the above. Anyhow this block has kept me from writing and … More Blocked

Take Off The Mask

Halloween. A day of fantasy, dress up, pretending and all out fun! I love each year to see what everyone comes up with for costume idea’s and I love watching all of the colorful, dark and mysterious make up tutorials that flood social media! But the thing is when I look at Halloween it has … More Take Off The Mask

My Budget Book

If you ever want an eye opening experience into where your money goes I suggest tracking it your spending in writing! This might seem tedious but it really can tell you a lot about your spending habits and also helps you take a long hard look what you need to do to help you become … More My Budget Book