Posh Mark Haul : September 2018

I am so excited to bring up another Posh Mark haul for you all! If you haven’t had a chance to check our Posh Mark you need to! It’s an incredible sight to find all kinds of great deals on! Over the last couple months I have found a few of these great deals andContinue reading “Posh Mark Haul : September 2018”

Posh Mark Haul : July 2018

I am so excited I can bring you my second haul from Posh Mark! Some of these items were ones that I had been watching for a little while waiting for them to drop in price before I made the purchase and a couple of them just happened to drop the price not long afterContinue reading “Posh Mark Haul : July 2018”

Poshmark Haul!

If you haven’t heard of Poshmark you are a lucky soul because once you download the app and start shopping it’s addicting and the deals are amazing! Poshmark is a community of people who are buying and selling the latest and greatest fashions. I had seen a lot of adds for them and what finallyContinue reading “Poshmark Haul!”