Sephora VIB Sale : Wish List

I am incredibly late to the game here but I wanted to share some of my wish list items for the Sephora Spring VIB sale! This year I’m only getting to shop as Beauty Insider starting on 4/23 (tomorrow) but I still have some things I’m hoping to get and some items I’ll be dreamingContinue reading “Sephora VIB Sale : Wish List”

TJ Maxx Haul : November 2018

Yes I know I have a problem…shhh don’t tell my husband! It’s coming up on that time of year where all of the holiday decorations are out and even though I am strongly against decorating before the day after Thanksgiving I am finally starting to accept that there are holiday decorations out in all ofContinue reading “TJ Maxx Haul : November 2018”

Posh Mark Haul : September 2018

I am so excited to bring up another Posh Mark haul for you all! If you haven’t had a chance to check our Posh Mark you need to! It’s an incredible sight to find all kinds of great deals on! Over the last couple months I have found a few of these great deals andContinue reading “Posh Mark Haul : September 2018”

Just Fab Haul : September 2018

Just Fab is such a fun site and I love all of the options for shoes that they offer! If you haven’t heard of Just Fab or want any more information on how it all works I will link my first haul here, so you can check it out and get all the details! IContinue reading “Just Fab Haul : September 2018”

TJ Maxx Haul : August 2018

Let’s be honest, I am a shopaholic and Tj Maxx is one of my biggest vices! It takes all of my conscious effort not to apply for their rewards credit card because we all know how bad that could end up being. But I do love spending some time at TJ Maxx digging through differentContinue reading “TJ Maxx Haul : August 2018”

Poshmark Haul!

If you haven’t heard of Poshmark you are a lucky soul because once you download the app and start shopping it’s addicting and the deals are amazing! Poshmark is a community of people who are buying and selling the latest and greatest fashions. I had seen a lot of adds for them and what finallyContinue reading “Poshmark Haul!”

Good Will Finds : Thrifty Thursday

This past weekend my best friend and I adventured to Good Will to do some shopping and to see what deals and steals we could find! I was really surprised that I walked out spending $34.76 and with 5 new dresses for the spring and summer! When going to second hand stores I never knowContinue reading “Good Will Finds : Thrifty Thursday”